MasterCard releases NFC SDK, includes integration for BlackBerry 7

MasterCard NFC SDK now available
By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2012 04:18 pm EDT

While NFC is still expanding across the globe, MasterCard today took one huge step to help that process along. They've now released their Mobile PayPass UI SDK to developers and included with that, is support for BlackBerry 7 devices. The Mobile PayPass UI SDK includes all the tools needed to create contactless payment applications including:

  • API Code Libraries
  • API Specification Documentation
  • Developer Guide
  • Sample UI Application Code
  • White-Label Reference UI Application
  • Test Suite to Ensure Compliance and Apps

To date, there is over 70 devices out there approved by MasterCard as Mobile PayPass compatible devices and the list continues to grow. In addition to RIM devices being on the list, Samsung, Sony and HTC have all released NFC and MasterCard compatible devices with mobile payment transaction growth expected to reach $75B by 2013.

If you're a developer looking to get in on that, you'll find the press release and further info from MasterCard available below. Just please, no one create any more apps that allow me to buy McDonalds using my device. My stomach can no longer handle it.

MasterCard Releases Mobile PayPass Software Development Kit to Simplify Payment Application Creation
September 17, 2012

New Development Kit Makes It Easier for Issuers, Mobile Network Operators and Third Party Developers to Create NFC Payment Apps

Purchase, N.Y., September 17, 2012 – MasterCard continues to make payments simpler and more secure through the release of the Mobile MasterCard® PayPass™ User Interface Software Development Kit (UI SDK) for Android and BlackBerry OS 7 mobile operating systems. Free to license and available globally, this new toolkit helps issuers, mobile network operators and third party developers rapidly build innovative new mobile applications that give consumers the speed and convenience of PayPass Tap-and-Go™ contactless payments – directly from their smartphone.

The availability of NFC-equipped phones is rapidly increasing, with over 70 models already approved by MasterCard as Mobile PayPass compatible devices, and the growth of Mobile payment transactions is accelerating. According to Juniper Research, payments from NFC-equipped phones are expected to be responsible for sales exceeding $75 billion by 2013.

Prior to the launch of the Mobile MasterCard PayPass UI SDK, highly specialized skills were required to develop applications that could interface with the NFC capabilities in popular smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Sony Xperia S and RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900. Now, MasterCard is providing a programmer-friendly set of functions that make it easy for application developers to rapidly deliver payment apps to consumers – without having to become smart card programming experts.

“BMO’s vision is to be the bank that defines great customer experience,” said David Heatherly, Vice-President, Payment Products, BMO Bank of Montreal. “We fulfill that vision each and every day by continuing to innovate and by delivering products and services to our customers that are relevant in today’s market and offer a better payment experience. Last September, BMO became the only major Canadian bank to roll out a ‘Tap and Go’ payment solution for mobile phones using a Mobile PayPass tag. MasterCard’s UI SDK gives us the opportunity to continue to be a leader in this space as the technology supporting mobile payments evolves.”

MasterCard’s toolkit provides everything software developers need to quickly create contactless payment solutions for Android and BlackBerry users
  • API Code Libraries
  • API Specification Documentation
  • Developer Guide
  • Sample UI Application Code
  • White-Label Reference UI Application
  • Test Suite to Ensure Compliance and Apps
These tools help to rapidly integrate Mobile MasterCard PayPass into a proximity payment mobile UI application, a mobile banking application or a mobile wallet application. The White-Label Reference UI Application allows financial institutions to create a contactless mobile application within their own branded app. Along with a developer friendly toolkit, MasterCard has also streamlined the UI approval process so that customers can quickly and efficiently bring a Mobile MasterCard PayPass service to market.

“Consumers are gaining comfort and familiarity with mobile and contactless payments, requiring the financial institutions and mobile network operators that offer these services to ensure a consistent and positive experience,” said Mung Ki Woo, Group Executive, Mobile at MasterCard. “As we continue to lead the industry with mobile and contactless payments innovations, we saw an opportunity to simultaneously help our partners and improve the overall user experience. Our first-ever UI SDK provides smart tools and makes it easier for our partners to issue a complete contactless payment solution on mobile.”

Mobile PayPass UI SDK is available to developers of all levels including corporations, financial institutions, merchants, third party developers and more. For more information, please visit

Reader comments

MasterCard releases NFC SDK, includes integration for BlackBerry 7


So how will I be able to use nfc for payments? Like I have a BMO mastercard and a Canadian Tire MC, will they each need they're own different app? Isn't Mastercard just going to make they're own universal app? Where I can just pair my cards with the app?

The Russian mafia should be able to answer all your questions. For a fee payable via NFC of course. I am not sure I want all my credit cards and debit cards stored electronically on my smartphone. At least with physical cards I can choose which card(s) to carry at any particular venture outside the dwelling. Imagine your smartphone is stolen along with the electronic credit cards. How are you going to call the various credit card institutions to report the stolen cards?

You cancel your cards the same way you would if the physical card was stolen.
I would rather have sensitive credit card info on a BlackBerry than any other smart phone out there.

Bla1ze said, "Just please, no one create any more apps that allow me to buy McDonalds using my device. My stomach can no longer handle it."

I suppose that is one way to reduce the moderator count through diet. ;)

This is great news except for those who own the 9850/9860 as I do. What was the logic of not including and NFC attenna on the 9850? I am very satified with the 9850 accept for this oversight. My wife has the 9930 and will benefit from the advancements with NFC. It is this kind of backwards thinking which makes you glad that Balsillie (especially) and Lazaridis are no longer in charge and brings an appreciation for the way Heins is now running the organization and is changing the philosophy and thought pattern.

Maybe someone will come up with a way to include an antenna for the 9850. I know..........wishful thinking.

Never The Less, proud of RIM and they way the are bringing BlackBerry back to the head of the class where it belongs. Besides gaming, I get more done, faster and more efficiently on my BlackBerry then those who I know who own Iphone and Androids. But I sure would like to have had the NFC.

It would be nice for us 9850/9860 folks if there was a thought about us supporters in the form of an "upgrade" path to BB10. Or some kind of structured offer via our carriers who will have the 10.....

There will be a product that I am developing that will plug into any BB phone and turn it into a NFC device. It can be powered on and off to increase security, it will have a pin/password to activate, and will follow all the encryption requirements as required by vendors.

This is good news... But my credit cards are on lock-down for personal reasons not to be discussed. I locked them away. :P