Mastercard releases MoneySend application for BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2010 08:54 am EDT

Mastercard has finally released a version of their MoneySend application for BlackBerry devices. The application, is designed to make sending and receiving money from debit, credit, and prepaid Mastercard cards easier. It's not without it's minor flaws though. First, the application only works for the US. Secondly, your bank has to be on board for it to be supported. However, those issues aside it does offer some great features which could make it quite useful to some folks out there.

Features include:

  • Accept credit or debit card payments from anyone for free.
  • Send money to family members Sending fees apply.
  • Pay for informal goods and services.
  • Request money from people who owe you money.
  • Simplify your business or non-profit collection effort using Request Funds feature
  • View your MoneySend transaction history from your mobile phone

All in all, useful to some but for others maybe not so much. You can grab the application from BlackBerry App World. If you're looking to learn more you can hit the link below and head on over to the MoneySend website. It has plenty of details on support and how to get your services all set up.

Reader comments

Mastercard releases MoneySend application for BlackBerry


It would be horrible. You know. Besides western union/moneygram. Bastads want the money laundered FAST, that is, unless you are a cop/fbi and bait them :D

I can already do most of this through my bank free of fees. Some way, some how someone is always trying to fee up your $. Why waste your hard earned $ to make others $.

Come on man, wake up.

You think this app or OboPay's services/website just magically appeared out of thin air? Maybe you're 16 and don't yet understand that it costs money to run a business, which gets started to MAKE MONEY. Normally, a business provides a service to make it CONVENIENT to it's customers. Wow, imagine that...a BUSINESS that wants to MAKE MONEY for providing a CONVENIENCE. Unheard of.

I pay most of my bills online and I grow weary of clicking through multiple pages of flash graphics just to pay a bill.