Prank your friends with Masked SMS for BlackBerry 10

Masked SMS
By James Richardson on 24 Jul 2014 05:10 am EDT

This one sure is good for a giggle. Masked SMS, for BlackBerry 10, allows you to send anonymous SMS messages to anyone in the world and you can choose the name that the recipient sees rather than your real name - sounds fun!

The reason that the app works worldwide with no high costs is because the message is actually sent via data rather than traditional SMS. This also ensures that the message will show up from 'the mask' instead of your mobile number.

On the downside there are some costs involved with this one. The app will initially set you back $0.99 and that gets you 5 messages, but after that you need to purchase message packs. These are priced below:

  • $0.99 - 5 SMS bundle 

  • $1.99 - 10 SMS bundle 

  • ‎$2.99 - 15 SMS bundle 

  • $3.99 - 20 SMS bundle 

  • ‎$4.99 - 28 SMS bundle 

  • $9.99 - 58 SMS bundle

So if you are going to use the app a lot it's going to cost you, but for your money you will get a great laugh as your buddies won't know who on earth is really messaging them. I've given Masked SMS a test run and it does the job, although it's not really my thing. It may well be yours though?

Features include:

  • Select recipient mobile number from "Contacts"

  • Choice desired "Mask" from "Green" or "Golden" list

  • Add private masks to the "Golden Masks" list

  • Online statistics: SMS available, SMS sent

  • Contact support directly from the application

  • Security and account protection

  • BBM integration

  • Check coverage function

  • Messages history

  • Sound effects

  • Automatic license key restore

  • Filter of unsupported carriers

  • NO advertisement.

If you give this one a go let us know how you find it, or are you put off by the pricing? I love the idea behind the app but I'm not too keen on purchasing packs after I have already paid to download the app. Discuss.

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Reader comments

Prank your friends with Masked SMS for BlackBerry 10


How is 99 cents expensive? Sounds like the perfect way to prank those NSA paranoid friends mwahahaa!

Posted via R115-Aramis.

Wonder how long this will last. Sounds like an app that could be used for stalking, harassing, bullying, etc. Can see this getting blocked by mobile users or even carriers.

Posted via CB10

What an incredibly stupid app. Put aside whether it is funny to prank a friend this way... there are quite a few uses of this app that are hardly a prank..

This stuff has been around forever, I had an app on my 9900 did the same thing, and allowed you to spoof caller ID as well. Cant recall the name..

Wow, people are already becoming disturbingly accustomed to never having privacy. Just because something gives one anonymity doesn't mean it should be banned. There used to be these things called payphones everywhere and everyone did not harass everyone else.

Yes they did, we did it all the times as kids. Besides back then we didn't have personal phones or texts message ability

Posted via CB10

You could use it to prank friends. If your 10, have a cell phone, and your parents credit card. It would result in one hell of a bill though.

Posted via CB10

It's funny because just last night I read in the forums someone looking for an app exactly like this lol.... might try it out sounds fun.

Posted via CB10

Haha as soon as I saw this article I thought "someone from the forum was asking for this app now here it is!"

Posted via CB10

Yay, another pointless app. I guess it's just not my cup of tea. Get all these devs a job at BlackBerry developing core apps and useful native apps... this is the next generation of business phones from BlackBerry and we don't have the ability to print? an LED that has the ability to change color but you have to download an app for it? That should be out of the box, it's useful! The Active Frames need to be useful! Most of the core apps could use a little help, they aren't terrible but they could be better. Chen needs to focus on software just as much as hardware, even more in my opinion. We have 5 phones out and 2 more on the way, that's good for now, they all have the same experience in terms of software, that's what we need to improve... more updates at a faster rate plz and thx.

Particulary dangerous in my opinion, I can use this, so I pretend I'm the owner of the company where I work and send a text to the general manager saying that he's fired, that sounds fun but on a mature view it should be restricted. I can use this app to "move" money from a place to another again pretending to be the owner and hijack the car on its way, so? What's your opinion about this?

Posted via CB10

Who the heck texts someone to tell them they are fired??? Your points are kinda uneducated..

Posted via R115-Aramis.

You know people with cars full of money bring driven somewhere, that entirely rely on sms lol?

Posted via CB from my LE

All custom masks are going through the approval, the app is for fun, but not for some dirty deeds :)

But personally I use it not for fun. I use it to send messages when I'm abroad, it is cheaper than roaming SMS provided by my carrier.

Sounds like you need WhatsApp or Viber. They also connect number to number and run off data, but much cheaper (ie essentially free). Just make sure your intended recipients also have it installed.

Posted via CB10

I was thinking in the context of apps that use your phone number. I prefer BBM but practically speaking fewer people have it. Some of my iFriends tried and got frustrated... long waits to be assigned a PIN, never worked, etc. So it's not always a realistic option. If I want to talk to them while overseas, I have to use something else. But yes, BBM when possible. :)

Posted via CB10

Why not , because it is getting boring. No leaks , No Fulltouch Flagships only ugly Passport to speak about *zzZZzzZZzzz*

It may not even be legal. It is, after all, illegal to spoof phone numbers for caller ID, not that there's much a victim of those calls can do about them, but even if this is legal, it violates the spirit of that rule. Ick. And, I agree, stoopid.

Posted via CB10

Pranks are essentially short-term lies at the expense of somebody else('s emotional state) , even though most get resolved pretty quick and relief takes over....

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". And it's negative counterpart starting with "Don't..."

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Come on BlackBerry ... this is embarrassing - drop this now! I can only hope Mr. Chen didn't approve this one...

Posted via CB10

Video description would be good. I think video description in the app world would be awesome (like a link to watch demos)

Posted via CB10

Smh..have a sense of humor, for crying out loud..theres 24 hours in a thinking a couple minutes here or there for a little entertainment doesn't hurt anyone or there productivity.

Posted via CB10

> LOL so true. Number 2 seller right beside iPhone fart app.
Hm... how many downloads has the fart iphone app? more than a million ? :)

Isn't there a lot of potential for this to be misused? Much concern over 'cyberbullying' etc in the UK.

Posted via CB10

Hey dudes, don't you have a normal sense of humour ? :) I see only thoughts about something illegal... for those who want to do something terrible there are plenty of tools on the Internet which allow to send anon SMS and they are legal. Is it a problem to insert another sim card and send dirty messages? Not at all!

Open your mind - make a good joke, prank with friends, congratulate somebody in an efficient way :)

An efficient way would be a mature way. There ARE enjoyable mature ways to do what you just described. To ignore the risk factors of this app, could potentially land some people into legal hot water.

Posted via CB10

This should be banned by @BlackBerry and all other platforms, very dangerous. Platforms should not look just builds but also for safety functionality . What if someone texted you that one of your family member is one of the passenger of a missing plane. You might have a heart attack.

Posted via CB10

Boo. Immature app for immature pranking at best. Dangerous app for stalkers/harrassers at worst.

Posted via CB10

revil-0-316, what if someone using Skype send anonymous SMS to somebody that one of his family member is one of the passenger of a missing plane ? Microsoft should destroy Skype, right ?

What if a phone number is used instead of a mask name? e.g. instead of writing James Bond you write "+12344567789" where this number is a contact number at the receiver's phone? will it display as the contact name?

>What if a phone number is used instead of a mask name? e.g. instead of writing James Bond you write "+12344567789" where this number is a contact number at the receiver's phone? will it display as the contact name?

It's not possible to use a telephone number as a mask :)

OK that makes sense. You certainly seem to have a vested interest in defending this thing. :)

Posted via CB10

2 JP Yow: "Sounds like you need WhatsApp or Viber. They also connect number to number and run off data, but much cheaper (ie essentially free). Just make sure your intended recipients also have it installed."

Many of my friends and family members use an old school nokia :) So that's not a case....

Not for me! If I'm messaging someone they will know it's me... plus, I think you can still message people 'annonomously' through the carrier if you really must....

From the mind of a mAnIaC

This is horrible and will be used to harass and abuse people.

I know most of you are completely naive, but this should not be allowed.

Posted via CB10

Imagine the field day spammers and their associated 'companies' could have? :(
We have enough of those here on the forums: click here and find out how Lucy lost 30 lbs in 30 minutes!


Holy crap you guys are whiney.

Nothing about this is new in any way; apps have been around since BBOS 7 allowing spoof of caller ID and txt.. And you'll notice that there are no widespread issues with 'stalking' or 'harassing' people via spoofed text and caller ID.

Don't be naive, just because you personally do not hear about it doesn't mean it's not happening and affecting many in bad situations

Posted via CB10

Don't be dramatic. You certainly don't need this app to harass anyone, and you can harass people using a plethora of other widely used communication methods- perhaps we should all cry foul on all methods of communication because someone potentially might be harassed. :p

Barracuda7772 , I can register a Skype name, something like "" and harass people by sending SMS from Skype, so according to you Skype is also a horrible application ? I can tell you that at Skype noone check the name you select. Guys at Masked SMS do review of each particular custom mask, so NO names of authorities, companies and similar things can be used. It's also not possible to spam using Masked SMS - you are allowed to send only 1 sms at a time.

I know you can abuse Skype. The difference being Skype has a legitimate use.

Masked SMS' sole purpose is to deceive people.

Posted via CB10

Not to deceive, but to prank, to flirt, to mess :)
It has the same anonymity level as your home internet. You can be Barracuda7772 on the forum, I can be Alex811 pretending that we are anonymous. But this is only until we cross the line and break the law. I can 100% assure you - there is no real anonymity in the telecommunications, if your are not a professional hacker/phreaker.

You phreak me out :-)

Go, spread some love instead. Many ways to make the world a better place. This is NOT.


For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
- Galatians 5:14 (KJV)

Shared from e-Mmanuel Bible Reader for BlackBerry 10

Pasted via CB chen

Great app imo. Good to see something more than a video game for entertainment. There's a lot of cynicism in the forum today.

Posted via CB10

It would be fun about 5 times, but not for $1. Somebody wants to try and make some easy money.

Posted via CB10

Thank you, I thought blackberry was about productivity......and here we have crackberry pushing planking/abuse apps

Posted via CB10

But what does the message show up as? Does it give you a # for somebody to text you? I was looking for an app like Burner that gives you a second # on your phone for texting and calling. I have a few rental properties and wanted to use the second # for an ad so I could "kill it" when the property was rented. I have found in the past when I used my real cell # that I would get annoying calls and texts for months after the ad was over and the apartment was rented.

If you want a temporary 2nd number, use Google voice and forward the calls to your cell if you'd like. Kill it anytime you want.

Posted via CB10

Not working in India. Messages are being sent but not with any mask. Interface is awesome.

Nice try by developer, but waiting for a update for my country.

Perfect app custom tailored for the growing ranks of tech-saavy criminals. The app vendor should be held criminally liable as an accessory before the fact in resulting kidnappings, assaults, & robberies. What r u guys thinking?

If that's the case then companies that make guns should be held responsible for people commit armed robberies? I've noticed that people on Crackberry are far too critical. Loosen up and stop being so quick to wrote something off because you can't personally find a use for it.

Posted via CB10

Your right, guns just make it a whole hell of a lot easier. Hare to imagine a drive by beating, never mind a knife sniper. That was an excellent point. Well thought out.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Hm... I'll ask you one question. Let's imaging you wanted to send an SMS about kidnapping to somebody. Would you pay for it by YOUR CREDIT CARD? Would you send it from YOUR BLACKBERRY (I believe you know that it is traceable up to several meters)? Seriously ? :))

Good job guys most of you should move to china or some dictatorship country coz you obviously hate anonymous posting. Prob you support ACTA, NSA, Government wiretap, patriot act, coz hell sending sms anonymously is some terrorist shit, osama and al quaeda used this stuff.

GG sheep. The media did a fucking good job brainwashing you. 20 years ago when there were no cell phones and everybody was using land lines to make a call you knew who was on the other side of the line.

You don't deserve freedom.


I could send a "funny" SMS to the ex-wife of my buddy saying I'm him and I'm coming over to rough her up a bit. Hey, I've been drinking and it sounds like a great idea at the time. Meanwhile, she gets nervous, runs out of the house and gets hit by a bus and there's another name in the obituaries. :(

I don't support gov't wiretaps or the NSA snooping around, I just know this app is NOT a good idea. For every 1000 laughs it gets from people, one person is going to somehow suffer and it could be in the worst way.

Freedom has nothing to do with it.

I'm disappointed that is promoting such a questionable app.

It is good to know that such apps exist though. It pretty much defies the purpose of a "do not call" list.

Packed with ZeeTen goodness...

Agree on your comment as to why such a questionable app would be promoted

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Whoa whoa whoaaa wow that's a bit expensive. Reminds of of 123 spoof which allows you to change your caller ID. They charged if you wanted minutes BUT they allowed free 2 min calls. Which is technically all you need to prank someone. I call people with 911 or 666-666-6666 lol

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

I don't see how useful this app would be to prank anybody seeing as how the novelty of the prank is seeing or hearing the person's reaction. If they don't know it's you then they will never call or text you asking you about it so it defeats the purpose...

Furthermore, if i wanted to hide my number i can do that in my phone settings... for free.

Posted via CB10

Turn on your imagination :)
Office, open space area (people see each other). Send a message from Darth Vader like this: "Luke, I'm your father" to one guy, then to another and so on. Stuff like this :) Heck, I did it once - very funny :))))

Oh i see, most of the people i know or work with are too mature for that type of nonsense where they would look at it and simply delete it as a wrong number. I suppose if i was at dinner with my friend and his wife and texted as some girl asking him why didn't he call me the other night he would get a puzzled look and quietly delete it...once i tell him it was me he would probably punch me in the face...i guess it'd a fun app for high school kids....still expensive though.

Posted via CB10

> once i tell him it was me he would probably punch me in the face
And here the fun begins ;))))))
Sorry man, obviously the app isn't for you ;)
Expensive, well, I don't know. It depends. 58 SMS for the same price as a cigarette pack is expensive ? Moreover there are discounts for the SMS bundles at the application web-site.

Should be called Stalker SMS. Just saying. That's why there are packs to purchase, so it's not so easy for said stalkers.

Posted via CB10

I may have used this in high school... wait, we didn't have cell phones then! forget it, didn't need it then, too old for it now.


It's all fun and games until somebody gets seriously hurt or killed as a result of a prank from this app.

I'm all for a good laugh but this app has to be removed immediately.

You must be kidding ? Otherwise we have to remove :
* public email services - somebody can get killed because of anonymous email from gmail or hotmail.
* pre-paid sim cards - people can buy a sim card and send anonymous abusive sms
* services like Skype, Facebook - they can be used anonymously for blackmailing

And guess what? If you google for "mass sms", "bulk sms" , "anonymous sms" you will find hundreds of services on the Internet which allow to send SMS with a text name instead of the number. These services are provided by well known and respected companies.

I'll ask this one more time: Let's imaging you wanted to send an SMS about kidnapping to somebody. Would you pay for it by YOUR CREDIT CARD? Would you send it from YOUR BLACKBERRY (I believe you know that it is traceable up to several meters)?
There is no real anonymity in the telecommunication world, once you crossed the line - all your details, include name, credit card number and even physical location will be obtained by authorities.

Not cool and why would anyone want to pay to "prank"

I can also see evil uses for this like spam companies or perpetrators using it to send spam via sms.

BAD idea

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Spam - is a flooding with many copies of the same message. Masked SMS allows to send only 1 SMS to 1 recipient at a time (no recipients lists available there). I wish to see that spammer who use this tool for mass sending :))

Now the Nigerians have another scamming tool to use.

Dangerously stupid app.

Posted via CB10

Ergh, just bought and tested it - it actually works, sends it as whatever name you select. However it gives a link to the app's website with every text sent. I guess they have to do that for legal reasons? Either way wish I didn't buy it

Posted via CB10

Yes, exactly for legal reasons. It is not an advertisement. So all those guys worried about application misuse can calm down :) it's free and duz approximately the same thing.. just use your browser instead of an app =P

Posted via CB10

Yes, this is probably just a package for an online paid text service. These do precisely the same thing and have been around for some time.

[I]..Z10 using CB10[/I]

Cyber bullying\harassing just got a whole lot easier. Yes, this app could be used for a practical joke but to what end? You can't see the person if they are not in the same room to get a reaction. OK, so they are in the same room. You prank them. That was fun. What about the ones with malicious intent? The ones that would see this as a goldmine of pain and suffering for others? So, is it really worth the cost? Please BlackBerry, lose this questionable app. This is why apps need a flag button.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10