BlackBerry advocates The Martinez Brothers at BlackBerry World 2012

By Adam Zeis on 2 May 2012 12:11 pm EDT

During BlackBerry World 2012 we got a chance to chat with The Martinez Brothers. Steve and Chris are a DJ team and both BlackBerry users (and lovers). They were recently featured in a TV ad as part of the BeBold campaign and were the headling act at the BlackBerry World party this year at Universal Studios. The duo talked a bit about their BlackBerry use and how it helps in their career as well as what they think of BlackBerry 10. Take a few minutes and check out the full interview above. BeBold!

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BlackBerry advocates The Martinez Brothers at BlackBerry World 2012


This was the one commercial I did not like by RIM. Really didn't showcase the phone at all and the tag line "we need tools, not toys" seemed so weak.

I agree. And in all honesty, IMO even this interview should not have been posted.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a long time BlackBerry user. But they "just" saw the PlayBook? They know nothing really about the new OS and where RIM is heading? No idea what model they had before the 9900? I don't know. The commercial portrays them as BlackBerry loyalists. You figure they'd just be a little more educated on RIM and their products given the commercial they did. And RIM didn't give them a free PlayBook for doing the commercial?

I think stuff like this makes RIM look bad. Just my $0.02.

Why is RIM aligning themselves with these guys? Are they even popular DJs? Their youtube videos don't have that many views and they don't seem to know crap about the phones. Someone pls explain it to me. My only guess is that they're doing it for free whereas legit celebrities would cost bank.

I remember when people used to talk like this about Cee-lo, Outkast and The Black Eyed Peas and look where they are now. New talents deserve the opportunity as well. This guys are starting to become popular in the electronic music scene, they are very talented, real musicians and they work hard. let's just give them the opportunity :)

I dont know these guys but if you are djing at a Defected party at WMC thats pretty good. Even if they are opening acts, its good to see young talent up and coming.

I agree with you douglasfx, they have talent and im sure we will hear more about them.

I wish them success and I'm sure they are good at what they do. But they really shouldn't be poster boys for anything related to RIM marketing. If RIM wants to show support for being hip and cool, do it with people that can speak well about their products and have some knowledge of them.

I would love to see Deadmau5 promote Blackberries. Apparently he's a blackberry fan. I saw a video of him with a Bold 9900.

Martinez Brothers are great young and raw talent. Awesome to have them using the product. Deadmau5 is a whole different level, he's probably one of the biggest Canadian artist in the world right now.

Let's see what these DJs can do with Pacemaker. I want to hear some mixes from both.

Not too impressed with using DJs as someone who needs "Tools, not toys".

They should use the cops up in Canada who have the BlackBerry phone and PlayBook setup in their squad cars.

Sorry, but I hate these two guys. The come across as buffoons on the tv ad and the fact that I've never once heard of them doesn't help either.

Even though Blackberry users are in decline at the moment, there are still a plethora of celebrities to choose from who all still use Blackberries, if RIM wants to go down that route. If you were to look at market share for celebrities only, I bet Blackberry would probably own the lion's share of it. Why not align the brand with real celebrities rather than these two chumps (no offence)? For example, didn't I just see Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L Jackson toting iDevices in recent ads? I think so, and I believe those ads were very well received too.

Just some food for thought...

So far there's a lot of bad feedback on the guys. And I can see how people would interpret them as buffoons or a little bit strange. But I ran into these guys yesterday at the Party and the one thing that really stands out is their energy level. Why pay tons of cash to get a celebrity up on stage who is just going to do his usual performance. I've been to concerts of various artists, you can always tell who is actually having fun on stage. And these guys, they were all about bringing the right vibe to the people. And if they can get "Blackberry People" to dance and form circles and whatnot at a party, I think thats a pretty good outcome, as Blackberry People tend to be stereotyped as older business men from a past era.

Keep up the good work guys!

when i see a music star like Liam or Noel Gallagher, Billy Corgan, Eddie Vedder, Scott Weiland, Anthony Kiedis, Billy joe Armstrong or James Hetfield pitching for blackberry, i will be impressed. although, the only one on that level who would sell-out and do it would be

heck, even is a known BB fan. get him in an ad.

I actually loved this ad. I think RIM should make more ads that are emotional and capture the imagination of people.

This is how you make people fall in love with the brand. Just read the comments of that video and you will see.

These kids always get negative feedback on this forum, and I really don't get it! Who cares if they are famous or not, what matters is somehow RIM heard about them and they even did a commercial... At least they are talking about blackberry! You won't find younger generation being proud of have a blackberry, this generation love apple and android they don't even know what blackberry means. So by once young people put bb name out there and they get attack by people in this forum, regardless if you heard about them or not they are down with bb,so I don't see a reason to be bash! I'm looking around many forums and I've not never seen the level of hate or bash between each other (meaning the same users finding some smart a** comment against they're own community) why even be sarcastic with some one who are just trying to help?? I think every community know about the attitude on this forum (including press) and that's why they some how find the way to bash RIM, the company may have part of the reason for being slow in execution... But I'm almost a 100% sure, they do it more just to buried little by little the blackberry costumers or community than RIM themselves!! This is unbelievable!! ( I think ya bash this kids because they last names are Martinez and not smith or some other American last name

Im sorry but these guys are tools. They cant speak other than saying things "like basically" "n stuff" "you know"

They play music i get it. They BBM with their fans. OK fine.

That commercial was among the worst RIM has put out and their have been some doozies.

I know im not these guys target market so if the dj twinks say BB is "kewl" it doesn't sway me in the least. If RIM pays these guys than its money well wasted IMO.

I got a chance to talk to them before their show; they're two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Kudos to RIM for choosing them.

I find it interesting that many people comment on how they don't know who the Martinez brothers are and lists artists that others may not know (I sure don't know many of the artists and bands that were highlighted on here). Just because you aren't familiar with them doesn't mean that other people aren't as well. People will always hide behind the anonymity of the internet but wouldn't have the balls to say any of the negative stuff they spew if the person was right in front of them.

I can't help but feel that comment was aimed at me, since I'm the one who listed off a bunch of artists. If you don't know oasis, smashing pumpkins, pearl Jam, STP, red hot chili Peppers, green day, Metallica or U2, then just give up.

I'm sorry but if you can't remember the old BB phone you used to have then you never had a Blackberry. These guy are tools nothing more.


Their constant head bobbing during the interview is highly annoying.

They mix music for a living. Unless they use the BB for mixing music...they are tools and not toys.

Wow what's with all the hate on the Martinez brothers?You guys.....tsk tsk.Thier life isnt about Blackberry,its about music and getting out there in the world.Not trolling on Crackberry.They use thier phone for a lot of things and Blackberry wanted to show off that even the busiest people (DJ's,doctors,entrepenuers) need a phone that's going to get the job done.

I watched the video...

It kind-of looks like these two lied to RIM about being BB lovers...

The M-bros said they used BB for 6 years and they couldn't name the phone they had before the 9900

They said the previous Bold and the the Bold before that. I doubt a lot of users know the number designations, and just the names. These guys aren't techies, at least not for things that don't relate to DJ stuff. Hopefully they will start using the Playbook and that new dj app they saw. You have to remember of over 77 million BB users, only 3 million are here, and half of those seem to be trolls, so there is a larger part of the BB user base that just use the devices, and aren't passionate about them like people here are.

i tried to watch the video but couldnt. RIM uses these nobodies to push the tools not toys slogan, yet most producers are rocking ipads and iphones as they have great music applications such as ableton controllers and more entry level stuff like algoriddims djay. RIM has none of this except a barebones dj app thats "coming". i just dont see the connection here between BB and these "cool" djs who clearly know nothing about the product and use it for nothing more than fb/twitter/IM all functions that are standard on any smarthpone.