Mariah Carey Uses a ColorWare BlackBerry Curve!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jun 2008 10:44 am EDT

Mariah Carey uses a ColorWare BlackBerry Curve

Last week we skipped our Friday Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting, so this week we've made up for it by running two. And this second BB sighting is pretty cool. It seems Mariah Carey isn't just rocking a BlackBerry Curve... she's kicked it up a notch and is sporting a ColorWare BlackBerry Curve.

In checking out ColorWare's website, it looks to be painted in the Concord purple color. Matches - VERY cool! Lots of celebs use BlackBerry smartphones, but it's not everyday we see a Celebrity BlackBerry user with a custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry. Good Work Mariah. You're now a certified CrackBerry Junkie. 

Question of the Week: What color would YOU custom paint your BlackBerry? Thanks to Michael for emailing this is in!

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Carlito's Way

I would have to go w/ the Boston Celtic Green & Gold.. since we are going to win the NBA championship!!!!


I'd get Ferrari Red. Mmmmmm


Jet black all the way. I'm plain


I'd paint it CB colors...with a CB logo...then show it off to Kevin and force him to buy it from me cause theirs no way he would let ME have a CB blackberry before him lmao!!


I want to color mine with blush and romance pink b/c I love the color pink!

Runell A

I painted mine gunmetal... so now I have a gunmetal berry


I would go for purple and black.


I dont have my BB yet but will soon and idk if I would be able to send in my curve and not have it for a few weeks, especially since I have Verizon I would have to send it. Oh well I guess Ill just have to say with the silver...