Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez talk BlackBerry PlayBook on Ellen

By Adam Zeis on 16 Feb 2012 11:35 am EST

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony both took the stage on Ellen this past week to promote their new show, Q'Viva! (The Chosen). The show, which "goes straight to the core of Latin America and discovers your most authentic, genuine and talented entertainers", airs on Univision at 7pm Saturdays. So what does this mean for you? Not a whole lot ... but, Q'Viva! is sponsored by BlackBerry, so there were a few plugs (and a sweet give away) as the two chatted it up with Ellen. In the video above they talk on the BlackBerry PlayBook and how they've used it in various ways while making the show. To cap it all off, everyone in the audience walked away with a brand new PlayBook. Check out the video above, then swing by the link below for more info on Q'Viva!

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Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez talk BlackBerry PlayBook on Ellen


J-Lo not only endorses BlackBerry, she actually uses BlackBerry. She's always got her white BlackBerry everywhere she goes.

Now thats marketing, the more people have the Playbook in the hands the more developers will be attracted to the platform

That's right! It's about damn time RIM got out there and actively sold the PlayBook... it's a great device that's becoming even greater soon (I hear Feb. 21st) with OS 2.0!

This is nice and all, but too bad Ms. J-Lo can't watch this video on her 9810...When is Vimeo gonna support BB?

She sure can, but I didn't see her with one, I just heard her giving a few away and she suggested she used one. What's your beef anyway? Wouldn't Vimeo be a good thing on 9810...oh I am sorry you must be a RIM groupie.

Did you even read what I said? Go back re-read my comment and then try again on the device I mentioned. Or any OS 7 device for that matter.

Nice. Glad to see the publicity. I've always wondered why RIM doesn't capitalise on its strengths, like the fact that TONES of hollywood stars use blackberry, and also the security side of the blackberry, they should be preachin this a little more I think, get it back in peoples heads that security DOES matter and that blackberry is top-shelf when it comes to this.

RIM....are you watching.....thats called MARKETING. There are enough celebrities that use Blackberry products to advertise ......Take notes and BeBold in 2012

lol take note of what? you think JLO and Anthony did that on their own? Good lord it was a commercial. RIM is finally stepping up its marketing game

Happy to see this because friends of friends who touch one. Adds to second looks at the phones. This is a they hv one I'ma get one too country^

Many forget how big the Oprah endorsement of the 1st iPad was. Not saying this is the exact same, but I bet someone up there in Canada was thinking along those lines.

Ellen is kinda big here in the states with the Oprah demographic. All in all, good move all around.

I hate plugs like these. I cannot believe there exists the use of shameless plug marketing still in the States. With these smartphones and constant connection to the Internet I feel consumers review devices online more than ever and it makes me dislike the product more.

I dislike Apple so much because of their advertising. Their products do fulfill their users' needs, but their marketing is mostly misinformation and that's not something to support.

anyone notice the playbooks given away looked bigger then 7"? there is no way RIM has released their 10" version for J Lo and Ellen is there?