Have you the agility to master Marble Blast for BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 19 Jun 2013 10:54 am EDT

We've seen a few BlackBerry 10 games similar to Marble Blast but this one attracted me for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is free - which always is a good thing, and secondly it's bright beautiful colors. I'm a sucker for those.

The way the game works is simple. You control a cannon type thing in the center of the screen which fires colored balls. Around you is a winding track and along this track will come wave after wave of more colored balls. Your mission is to fire your ball at the corresponding balls as they move around the track. Get three or more in a row and the explode rewarding you with points.

As you move up the levels the speed of the moving balls increases and what you don't want to happen is for them to reach the end of the track or it will be game over.

As I mentioned before; the colors are stunning and accompanied with some beautiful relaxing background music the game really is a joy to play. It may look easy to start but it gets pretty hectic later on.

The game is an Android port so it does sometimes say there is a newer version available but just ignore that. So as it's free - if you have a BlackBerry Z10 (No Q10 support yet) go and give it a shot. I'm sure you will enjoy.

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Have you the agility to master Marble Blast for BlackBerry 10?


I'll stick with Sparkle. Trying to beat the first one before I go buy the 2nd one. Nice to know there's a free version of a game like this though.

Posted via CB10

Pretty sure that's a stolen app/ wasn't submit by the developer. Ezjoy is the developer.. marble blast in is app world /stolen 3times, search zuma to see more.

Seriously, app world has no respectable standards. Remove working functional apps like bittorque and downloads manager, and allow mass loads of stolen DUPLICATES. Search moto, try out the racing moto game.. which one is the realm one? Lol none of em! I'm supposed to trust app world lololololol

Yup, funny, cuz droidhen actually submits their apps to app world.. but that doesn't stop BlackBerry from letting some donkey* named lube from selling defender for 1.99, (with a thumbnail of defender II)

This was the only app I've downloaded which made me understand why people freak out about permissions.

I started receiving unrelated ads after installing this game.

Took not only deleting it but then a device reset to stop the ads. Very invasive, imo.

This was the only time I've experienced anything like that and I have TONS of apps & games.

This is how you CB10, son!

Had a port of this before.

This version prompts for update upon launch then crashes. If I cancel the update all is good

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Is this really a stolen app? I'll uninstall it. No need to be supporting shady apps.

Posted from my T-Mobile Z10, no longer on the Sprint Meh network.

Sparkle is totally worth the money if you like this type of game. I will stick to it as well for the time being.

Posted via CB10