Manage your mobile tariff with Bill Angel from Carphone Warehouse

By James Richardson on 21 Jul 2012 12:59 pm EDT

Don't get the wrong end of the stick like Bla!ze did; the new Bill Angel app from Carphone Warehouse doesn't mean that they will pay your bill for you. What it will allow you to do though is keep an eye on your monthly tariff allowance and get notifications if you are near your limit. Perfect for those of us that don't want to exceed our allocated quota.

The application is free to download and it is then just a case of entering your allowances for phone calls, sms and data. You then set your monthly billing date and you have the option for notifications to alert you at either 90%, 100% or both.

If you are a heavy mobile user and either don't want to exceed your limit, or cant afford too, the Bill Angel app is perfect.

And that's it. Simple, yet effective.

More information/Download Bill Angel for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

Manage your mobile tariff with Bill Angel from Carphone Warehouse


this is a nice app, but lucky me my carrier provide me with full unlimited BIS and a three month unlimited text but limited calls plan. as i hardly call anyone except my girl, and does every communications either by email, text, bbm, fb, twitter or web, around $35/three months here is a good deal for me ^^

the problem is i tend to forget the billing date until i can't connect at all, lols.

Same here, windmobile, $40/month unlimited everything within the Home zone. Out of the zone is roaming, but I never usually leave the zone ever. :)

Thank you for the info, James. I would have liked to have had this app in a coupme of occasions in the past.
I just downloaded it and put it to use on both phones I have.