Manage And Track Your Flights With FlightView For BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2009 06:48 pm EST
Manage And Track Your Flights With FlightViewer For BlackBerry Smartphones

Here is a great new app arrving just in time for holiday travel. FlightView was released today in BlackBerry App World it lets users track flights, manage their travel plans, and stay on top of national delays at major airports. Some great implmentation of information is present here considering you canuse the "in air" mapping to even see where, exactly your flight is and plan around any possible delays. Other key features include:

  • Weather the storm: An attractive map shows the plane en route and a radar weather overlay so users can anticipate any weather-related delays.
  • Effortlessly manage travel: FlightView integrates scheduled flights with BlackBerry's calendar, updating gate, arrival, and departure information in real-time-while preventing double booking.
  • Capture all the details: The easy-to-read notes feature lets travelers record important details of their trip, like reservation numbers, phone numbers and points of interest.
  • See the big picture: Frequent fliers can keep their eyes on trouble spots with an airport delay map with current radar weather overlay, showing delay statuses for the most trafficked airports across North America. A color coded system shows which airports' flights are on target and which are experiencing major or minor delays. 

FlightView makes great use of push services to ensure you always have the latest information in your hands when you need it most. At this time, only 8100 and 8300 series devices are supported but more are in the works and the application currently costs $4.99.

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Manage And Track Your Flights With FlightView For BlackBerry Smartphones


Add GPS mapping to the app!! I understand you can only raelly get a lock from a window seat, but I often open up SignalLoc to get a GPS lock and view the speed/altitude of the plane. From there, I can open Google Maps and see the plane's location over the (pre-cached) map.

It's way cool and acts a lot like JetBlue's plane status channel.

ummm, not to complain, but only the 8100 and 8300?

Who would design an app and not start with the most popular new phones? i.e. Bold, Bold2, Storm, Storm2

seems like a very nice application.too bad it is not compatible with the bold 2.not sure how many they will sell not being compatible with the newer devices.

As a representative of FlightView, I’m happy to share that the feature rich app (with status alerts, quick calendar entries, and user notes) for the Bold, Tour, and Curve 8900 will be available in a few weeks.

In the meantime, all BlackBerry users can do simple flight tracking on FlightView’s free, BlackBerry-friendly mobile site,

The Pearl and Curve have historically been the most popular models, which is why these apps were launched first.

Enjoy the app-- and safe travels!

"The Pearl and Curve have historically been the most popular models, which is why these apps were launched first."

Thats certianly an interesting way of looking at things. Any thoughts about Storm 2 support?

Well then why aren't new movies released on tape way before DVD and Blu-ray since VCRs have historically been more popular?

You're right, kneeman, guess I should return those newfangled VHS tapes I bought as holiday gifts this year... ;)

Curve and Pearl are still (and historically) two of the more popular models used by travelers, and the apps for all the rest will be rolled out soon.

Hi jbonc01, the app was free when the Palm Catalog was in beta and all apps were free. Now that the Palm Catalog is v1.0, the FlightView app is the same price as the FlightView app in BlackBerry App World ($4.99).

I purchased this app yesterday afternoon as my girlfriend was flying from North Carolina to Wisconsin today. Her flight from Asheville to Chicago was cancelled in early afternoon on the 18th yet, FlightView indicated that it was still scheduled. This morning, 21 minutes before her already cancelled flight was scheduled for departure, Flightview showed it to still be a go. It wasn't until an hour later that the screen said "Call airline". She was reticketed for this afternoon. After both "FlightStats" and the airline indicated that her flight had departed, "FlightView" still had the plane sitting on the ground. I dumped the application. I might as well have put $4.99 in a trash can and burned it. It would have been less frustrating!

We apologize that the status of your girlfriend’s flight to Chicago on the 22nd was not up-to-date when you checked on our app. Unfortunately, there was a bug in the depths of our data system which was not exposed until there were numerous cancellations due to the inclement weather along the east coast. The bug was rapidly investigated and fixed by Sunday.

Since the app isnt for the Bold 9700 I decided to try the website listed above. Apparently Allegiant Air is hard to track. Tried to track two flights and it says they dont exist. One just before it landed and one about to take off. Saved $5. Merry Christmas to me. Still it would be nice if the sight did what it said.

Sorry for your troubles-- what flight number were you trying to look up, specifically?

We can try to look into the problem to see why it happened.