MAKO Surgical Corporation Deploys BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to Manage Mobile Investments

By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2013 10:10 am EDT

BlackBerry announced today that medical device company MAKO Surgical Corporation has chose BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 as their enterprise mobility management solution. MAKO employs a BYOD strategy in the workplace so using BES 10 to manage their BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices was an obvious choice due to the high level of security the software offers. 

Press Release

MAKO Surgical Corporation Deploys BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to Manage Mobile Investments

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 continues to gain traction for managing BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - August 01, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that MAKO Surgical Corporation (NASDAQ: MAKO) has chosen BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 as their single enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution because it provides the highest level of control required to handle all the mobile data requirements and security issues unique to the medical device manufacturing environment.

"MAKO Surgical Corp. is committed to the new BlackBerry 10 platform and we're very impressed with the unique enterprise benefits the platform brings to our organization," said Ernie Wittyngham, Senior Director of Information Technology at MAKO Surgical. "Having secure and reliable support provided by BlackBerry makes sense as BlackBerry is a trusted partner and has been for a long time."

Founded in 2004, MAKO Surgical Corp. is an innovative medical device company that markets both its RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System and proprietary RESTORIS® family of implants to surgeons for a procedure called MAKOplasty® knee resurfacing and total hip arthroplasty. The MAKOplasty® solution is comprised of technologies enabled by an intellectual property portfolio including more than 300 U.S. and foreign owned and licensed patents and patent applications. MAKO Surgical markets to hospitals and surgeons in the U.S. and Europe through a direct sales force and independent orthopedic product agents and distributors.

MAKO Surgical Corp. already has BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 set up in their environment. "Technology is moving fast, and we needed a solution that could manage our complex fleet of devices and operating systems through a single platform and management console. We're confident that our investment in BlackBerry 10 is the best technical solution for our mobile workforce," commented Mr. Wittyngham.

Multiple operating systems and personal use on corporate devices is increasingly common in today's workplace. MAKO Surgical chose to capitalize on the easy user experience of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, which complements their existing mobile investments, without compromising security.

"Many of the world's top healthcare organizations are upgrading to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 due to the rich capabilities to manage complex multi-device environments," said Taher Behbehani, Head of Enterprise Verticals at BlackBerry. "As an enterprise mobility management solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides the capability to manage and secure BlackBerry 10 smartphones, as well as iOS® and Android™ devices, and companies like MAKO Surgical can trust it to keep their enterprise data safe and secure."

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 builds on more than a decade of enterprise mobility management expertise and BlackBerry is the most widely deployed mobility solution in enterprises today. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 offers enterprise mobility management, mobile application management and secure mobile connectivity, and delivers a cost-efficient and reliable solution for business customers and government agencies.

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MAKO Surgical Corporation Deploys BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to Manage Mobile Investments


The reason BlackBerry won't die. It has corporate and government support.

Where it will be in the personal mobile race is another story.

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I agree 100%

BlackBerry definitely has a market for it's MDM and OTA M2M solutions. It's network and expertise have great value to many industries.

THIS is the news I've been waiting for.

This isn't corporate or government support, not in the traditional sense - this is a new market segment called M2M Machine to Machine business, and generates $6 billion in revenue estimated till end of 2013 ALONE! $21Billion next year.

Just last month BB announced a new BES10 server specific to this - yet was pushing for automotive. I was hoping for this announcement (not today's but a partnership with Mercedes) back at BlackBerry Live 2013!! IF that occured then we'd be at $25/share minimum and we'd have serious momentum and mindshare change.

Keep it growing BlackBerry go get them.

I'm glad they keep these coming. So much is made when someone leaves BlackBerry and for a long time BlackBerry would never say when they added customers.

The company appears to have a total of 436 employees, including management. Let's say middle management and supervisors also got BB10 devices, we're looking at say 50 phones or so?

I could be wrong of course and all 436 receive BB10 phones.

Edit: Oops, I misread the article, thought it was devices and not BES 10 management for various smartphones.

This is great news , as a Shareholder of Mako , TiTan Medical and Intuitive Surgical I am glad to see this news, plus BBM Channels fits well in providing updated info and social interactive video tutorial of the devices with professional feedback. Keep Moving Blackberry !!

I've been thinking about trying out a Z10 actually, just for the heck of it. I like all new tech, regardless of platform.

Picture with the article was a little misleading. They are only using BES10 with corporate managed smartphone, not with their medical equipment.

Its annoying this is considered news. Just like its annoying its news when a company switches away from BB. These little stories don't matter except for perception. What matters is final numbers.

Having said that BB should re-announce this exact same thing once a month for the next 6 months just like how it was done when Home Depot changed from BBs and whatever aquatic organization switched.

My guess they could do this once a day easily, and they should, just to fight the battle of perceptions out there.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Irrelevant news from a revenue perspective. Blackberry is obviously trying to alter market perception by these announcements. The irony being that they only serve to highlight how far the company has fallen and how it is now a small time player. These sorts of press releases reek of desperation.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. BB needs to do whatever it takes to first survive then thrive. Who cares what people think?


Blackberry cares what people think which is why they issued the press release. The point I was trying to make is that many people will read a release such as this and think wow, this is press release worthy? MAKO who? Blackberry should be closing these sorts of deals on a daily basis. The fact that they aren't does not portend well for sales this quarter.

It's very positive news and perception is everything at this time, and bes10 is new do its news. you should be a supporter not a downer

QNX is the future

New solutions for businesses and this is in your opinion "irrelevant "? How delusional are you? From a "revenue" standpoint as you put it, this is as relevant as it gets... how many other bio medical companies are out there? and if a well known company like MAKO utilizes BES10 and gets things done more efficiently because of it.... how many others will follow suit? and since it IS a BlackBerry product, what will be the default device? So therefore, won't that increase sales? Sales are sales, doesn't matter if it's tied to BES or not.... or am I mistaken?

Great Job BlackBerry. Awesome choice on MAKO surgical for implementing BB10 Enterprise.

I have a question: Why is it that good news on BlackBerry almost go unnoticed? Even the forum comments are few.

Then Why when Bad News about BlackBerry from Wallstreet and other trolls show up, there is a lot of hype in the forums?

I know BlackBerry has to work hard to come back and there is stuff that needs to be fixed.

Let's spread the great news. Blackberry marketing can leverage their sucess stories in the Enterprise sector to solidify their leadeship position and keep growing there. Create a campaign around that aspect. On the consumer side be ultra aggresive and go after the users, work hard with retailers and push BB10. Was at a Best Buy store, was playing with the Z10 and nobody from the mobile store payed attention. This has to stop!

I am loving my Z10, have a Torch, had a Bold 9700 and a Bold 9000.

We gotta keep supporting BlackBerry and let them know we care and that we want them to rise up again overcoming all odds.

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I don't understand some of the comments being made why this news is irrelevant? I think this announcement is totally relevant because perception is everything. It shows BES10 Gaining traction. More and more corporations are coming on board every day. If someone see these companies made the leap to BES10, others might follow. Look at isheeps, if one buys an iPhone, other follow. But in BBRY case, BES10 and BB10 is the best out there in terms of technology. Give it time, many people will follow. I jumped from android to Z10 and i love it and never look back.

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i myself belong to medical industry ,specially Medical device sector,BB should focus more and more on their strong forte of enterprise solutions in healthcare.
BB has the credibility,robustness and overall good reputation in our industry and should become a leading force in this sector .
keep moving bb for good and years to come...

I really think that the technical medical industry is only moving forward. It would be a great idea for BlackBerry to dip into this market more and more.

Patient care system etc etc!

Here's an interesting thought: BB could through licensing fees, make more profit on an Apple device in it's lifetime than Apple does!

Great news. BlackBerry keep moving. Let's spread the words. Hoping to hear more great news like this.

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