Making it happen with BlackBerry - A new video from RIM starring recording artist Maluca!

By Michelle Haag on 11 Feb 2011 08:43 am EST

Here's another of these fun videos from RIM showing how people in different walks of life use BlackBerry in different ways. This one, titled "Making it happen with BlackBerry", gives us a look at how recording artist Maluca uses her BlackBerry Torch in her daily life. From organizing rehearsals with her dancers through BBM to recording voice notes of song ideas and videos of dance routines, Maluca relies heavily on her Torch to keep her organized and in contact with people who matter.

RIM has made quite a few of these videos. You can check them all out at the source link below!

Source: YouTube

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Making it happen with BlackBerry - A new video from RIM starring recording artist Maluca!


She talks with such pride about how her Torch has completely managed her life, over time, with comments like "When I used to work here, I would bla bla bla with my Torch" Like... the Torch has been out for what a year? Quite a career and quite an accomplishment for BB

... what a joke... bye BB... maybe I'll come back when you come back.

She's actually been using a blackberry for quite some time. Maluca and the rest of the mad decent crew swear by blackberrys. I'm sure they had her say that for the commercial, but what offense is it to you? Live your life and quit hating so hard. It's a phone.

What offense is it to YOU? Share... please.

"I'm sure they had her say that for the commercial"

Where do you NOT see offense in this? Both in her credibility and, of course, in RIM's?

Nothing in his comment suggests he was offended. Yours, on the other hand... Offended by a video commercial in which someone talks about a product? Were you born yesterday? Take a chill pill, hater.

Wow... what... are you corey's girlfriend? He took offense at what I said - as did you. He called me a hater as did you. So...again... what offense is it to YOU!? Share... please!

I hate when people and corps compromise their integrity... or simply show that they don't have any. That doesn't make me a "hater" in the generality you so easily wielded. Stay on topic explain what you mean by being born yesterday. I assume you were born before yesterday and thus would make you an authority.

Explain why lying misleading and misrepresnting is expected and should be accepted in advertising?

I'm not offended. I just saw a hater and asked him to chill.

How did they compromise their integrity?

Born yesterday because you acted as if it was a big controversy that a company is promoting its own product by asking some artist who has used the said product to say nice things about it. Big deal!

Guess what? says nice things about RIM too and is probably a bit biased. So why are you here, genius?

What was misleading and misrepresented?

"What was misleading and misrepresented?"

If you can't read four posts and pick up the context... you shouldn't comment.

Dude shut the "F" up and stop hating your self! Since you from Patterson or Passaic or what ever be proud a Latino is doing a commercial for Black berry whether you are Dominican, Puerto Rican or MOjao!

Pretty much someone whos famous, celebrity, model or known nationwide and does commercials for a compay or appears in ads, gets paid for it (excluding charity sometimes)

So my sweet naive nerds, there you have it, even your most dear and beloved companies pay famous or non famous people to say some nice words in marketing/ad campaigns, even if the words are barely true, but they get paid biiiig either by sponsorship, direct payment, comission, etc etc... and the most important part is... they dont give a sh!t about online whining nerds :D so cry an ocean

Obviously all the functions the hooker said on the video can be done by pretty much any other smart phone, this is what we call advertising, it would be pretty much the same crap as having justin long talk for apple, michael jordan talk for nike, or victoria's secrets hot models getting paid to wear all these hot thongs or all the little ads you see in sports uniforms.

So yeah, theres no need to point out the obvious on an ad campaign, as it has been happening since "4000 BC" (biased wikipedia direct quote about advertising) and its been pretty strong in north america, japan, europe for the past 60 years.

Everything is misleading in this world :'( lets cry together <3 or lets take some college level english and business classes since its pretty hard for us to not be mislead by the advertising monster on our own.

"Pretty much someone whos famous, celebrity, model or known nationwide and does commercials for a compay or appears in ads, gets paid for it (excluding charity sometimes)"

a few paragraphs later...

"lets take some college level english and business classes"


thank you and you're welcome, gbsn.

"I use blackberry messenger to stay in touch with everyone I know" ? 2 contacts and 1 pending :)

the song is "Loca" by Oliver Twizt featuring Maluca. You can find the single on The Amazon MP3 Store. I almost suggested another Digital MP3 outlet.KEYWORD: Almost.

btw, the song is a good dance track.