Making the Case for Using a Protective BlackBerry Case

Oops I did it Again
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Mar 2008 10:59 am EDT

Oops, I did it again. I'm starting to realize the weekend (specifically Friday/Saturday nights that I choose to go "out on the town") is a dangerous time for my BlackBerry. On this occasion, I was taking in the once-a-year festivities offered up via the 2008 Mens Canadian Curling Championship. I was at the Brier Patch (Trooper was playing - they can still Rock Hard!) when I walked out of a restroom, BlackBerry worn on front pocket in a holster, and accidentally hip-checked a concrete pillar.

The picture above sums up the damage. The BlackBerry itself survived but the same can't be said about its battery cover. I already have a replacement battery cover on order ($10.95) and I'll be back to 100% soon enough, but the event has made me realize two things: 1. the need for protective body skins/shields that still allow me to use my holster of choice but provide scratch resistance and 2. if I'm going into surroundings where there's a good chance my BlackBerry will take a severe beating, change up to an EXTREMELY protective case.

I love the speed of BlackBerry access offered by holsters - current favorites for my Curve are the Seidio Holster and Mobi Products Holster (half the cost of the Seidio holster and it works great). But in the case of walking into a concrete pillar the Mobi Products Holster provided no protection to the battery cover. It's a great holster for everyday use, but for debaucherous evenings an invisible skin used in conjunction is a must. Although, just to be on the safe side, I think next weekend I will be using my OtterBox. :-)

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Making the Case for Using a Protective BlackBerry Case


I feel your pain and it seems we like the same cases for the Curve.I really like the Seidio Holster I went as far to get the clear skin for reall protection.As far as the Otter Box for the Curve really hate this one,makes your Curve look HUGH!
and I didnt like the way you wear it,the holster puts Curve right out there,thats just my take,oh ya I also have the Curve in my sexy Leather Holster from Blacberry from time to time.

I love the Seidio Super Slim Hybrid Hard Case & Holster Combo. It has already paid off a few times for me. Because it's a hard case, it does a a very tiny amount of bulk to the Curve, but it's so worth it. I dropped it the other day and there's not a scratch on my Curve. The case also has a nice "rubberized" coating to it. I would definitely recommend the combo, because I can see the holster clip doing a little bit of damage to the Curve case without it. I think you wrote an article about that before.

As long as it was just the casing, and the data inside wasn't damaged. As to the OTTERBOX that's like the ultimate shield until we can further understand how to design the technology for a force field.

To solve this type of nuisance problem, I've put an invisible shield protector on my Curve. I don't even use case for my BB. It’s working great.

The only really drawback that I’ve noticed so far, is that it's important to remember to manually put your BB into “standby” mode when you’re not using it (or battery life is substantially reduced).

I just ordered some "OEM" backs for my Pearl off of Ebay. Three backs cost me about $8. I haven't received them yet, but I'll be sure to post my findings. If htey're good, then Ebay has done it again - bad, then Ebay is once again a pain in my butt. I had seen that you paid $10 for yours, and simply thought I'd share my find.

The Prima Select Series is still my favorite case for my BBERRY by far. Great leather..great smell....and quality.
Really elegant case.

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