Make your photos memorable with Picture Time Stamp

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Jul 2013 03:28 am EDT

Have you ever wanted to add a watermark or insert a date to your photos for sentimental purposes? If so, Toysoft Development delivers an application that lets you quickly and easily do just that. Sometimes there are precious moments or events we want to remember exactly when they happened without having to view the file properties.

My media card is filled with hundreds of photos and some have been moved and copied numerous times from different SD cards and devices that in certain cases the date shown is no longer accurate.

Using the application is fairly simple. If you are unsure on where to access media files or how to change the settings, there is simple tutorial accessible from tapping on the overflow menu and choosing 'about'. It goes over how to add a logo graphic from a stored picture or from the camera, how to send images to the application from the file manager, or open from the pictures application.

If you are worried about permanently modifying the original image, I’m here to allay those fears as it saves to the folder of your choice as a new file. All effects are implemented instantaneously with excellent quality especially when you are on the go. Looking to share or set the resulting images as your wallpaper or Twitter or BBM avatar? You can do so right from the preview screen in addition to sharing via social networks or by email with your friends and followers.

There is a manual mode for selecting images on your device or SD card and camera mode where images from either the front or rear camera can be taken and stamped. By default, the current date and time is used; however, you may opt to use the original by checking off the “use picture datetime” under the manual heading. 

It supports a variety of image and date/time formats, and a few ways to access your images to stamp. Users can also control the placement of the stamp, logo, and even choose from several colors for the font. However, font and logo size is not customizable.

As relying on memory alone is not enough, Picture Time Stamp is a handy tool for adding a quick effect to files stored on your BlackBerry or for new images shot with your camera. I find it is also helpful for those who depend on capturing and dating images for their job or business (i.e. insurance companies, real estate agents, or bloggers who post on the go) for documentation purposes. 

While it may perform a simple task, it does so without any issue. I do recommend using a larger size image for the logo (though not exceeding the limit), though I do wish the image didn't seem so small in the final product. Photo Time Stamp supports OS 5.0 and higher and BlackBerry 10 and is available for $1.99.

More information/purchase Picture Time Stamp for BlackBerry 10
More information/purchase Picture TIme Stamp for BBOS

Reader comments

Make your photos memorable with Picture Time Stamp


I love this app, and have been actively "Stamping" some old pictures for a couple of weeks... if dates are important to you, I recommend it.

I was truly disappointed to realize that the date is not included in the bb10 OS titles, so this app is a wonderful find for me!

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That looks like an app worth getting. I know it would come in handy for my pics so I'll have to download it. Thanks Alicia.

Posted via CB10

I don't know about this... who would really pay 2 dollars to put an ugly bit of writing over their photo? The time and date of the photos is stored in its 'properties' anyway.

via Z10

agreed, if really need can print it on easily enough from the metadata info. Should be an option in the onboard cam sw if anything.

I use my phone at work and on job sites. This is a great feature for those types of scenarios. Also doing a home renovation. Keeps track of progress and events easily.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Nice for technical use and process holder. Make sense. Personally I don't like to stamp private moments. Just keep in mind for ever.

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All that data is in a photo's meta data anyway - for free.
On that note, one should be very careful with gps co-ordinates in published digital photos.

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What's 2 bucks. Honestly! Best to pay for apps so there is interest in developing them and on going up grades etc.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Well pricing basically comes down to your needs. Photo time stamp is 99 cents and it adds a custom signature instead of a logo which works better for me cuz I don't work with or need a logo.

The picture folder separates them by date already so it's easy to grab the backup pics on your pc and organize them in folders. Assuming u have the time.

Still a very useful app for people who need it for business, record keeping or those "u not gonna believe this shit" moments and use their phone camera primarily.

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Still waiting on something useful to be posted. This is such a waste of time. Want real pix - get a digital camera.

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I have photos from 2004 that I have moved from computer to computer without changing the meta data - the dates are as correct as they've ever been.

This sounds like a good app if you don't know how computers work.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

I think the knockers are missing the point. It's not about being able to get the date out of the EXIF headers and saving two measly bucks. I use a real camera, and yes, I can get anything out of the headers if I need to. BUT... this is a very handy application for people like myself who go out to sites and need to document something. Even better than just having text is being able to put your logo on it. I agree that for punters at home it's not terribly useful, but for the commercial world, yeah, it's a nice (who cares if it's simple?) application that I for one certainly have a use for. And even though I can write up an app myself, it certainly would take more than $2 of my time to do it, so I'm grabbing a copy.

Valuable app. In respect of the logo, it would be good if the app could re-scale automatically instead of the user being required to scale down to 200x200 beforehand.

Hate the fact that BlackBerry blacklists some users from posting reviews. Very small-minded.

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