Turn Your Current Berry Into a Storm (sort of) Today!!

Storm Theme for the Curve and Pearl
By Click on 14 Oct 2008 08:32 am EDT

If you are anything like me you are waiting to get your hands on a BlackBerry Storm. We have all seen great pictures and videos of RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry and what it promises to do. Good news - the wait is over (sort of)!!! The folks over at Themes4BB have come up with an awesome Storm theme for your Curve and Pearl (All models). The theme is 100% custimizable so you can set your icons to what ever you like on your home screen. Take a better look after the jump!

Storm Theme1

Storm Theme2

The theme is very clean, crisp and user-friendly. The only small 'issue' is that because the current BlackBerry's have smaller screens than the Storm it doesnt leave much space for a user-made wallpaper to shine through. I love how when you scroll over a icon it almost looks like its being 'clicked' just like on the Storm. This theme does cost $6.99 but over all I give this theme a 9 out of 10 and is worth EVERY penny!!

More Information & to Purchase the Storm Theme:



I bought and posted about this yesterday. Very nice theme and one of the best looking ones to date.


Whats up with an 8830 version if this theme. We are us 8830 users left out. We're Berry fiends too.


They also do a Bold version, I got it at weekend, great theme !



And I'm really enjoying it.


Why isn't there an 8830 verison of this theme? Someone develop this, please.


But I have never been a fan of these themes. Not this one in general it just always seems that these uber themes slow my pearl down something fierce especially the iphone themes I have tried.Maybe I can do a little more when I get the Storm I can work with them. And I am not such a big fan of payin 7 or 8 bucks for a theme. Again call me cheap but on top of the cost for the phone and the monthly plan costs it seems a bit much.


OK, You are Cheap

Nuff Said


I bought the Javelin theme for my Curve yesterday and abolutely love it - totally worth the money!!! Thanks.


The Javelin theme is awesome as well!!! Bought it yesterday for my Curve and can't get enough of it.


i downloaded the the storm theme and restarted my phone but cant seem to find the theme anywhere on my phone. could someone let meknow where to find the theme?


you might of purchased the wrong one?


Same thing happen to me and yes I downloaded the correct theme. I'll download to my PC when I get home, see if that works.


With Bold/Storm themes being released like crazy, the only thing I have a problem with is the fonts used. The theme looks awesome, use of icons, how everything is positioned (or closely position to the real life handset) but no one has been able to (from what I'm able to find) create a theme that has a nice font. From the screen shot of this theme, the block-like font really ruins it for me. The L theme from eveek probably has the best font used in a Bold/Storm theme but the only problem is that in certain applications where the font is white when highlighted, you can't read the font.

I'm hoping someone is able to create a theme with an appropriate font or at least make a theme where the user can change the font if possible.

Other than that, great theme


I e-mailed the maker about the font thing & was told its the theme maker software that seems to be the problem & it changes with different OS's & devices so the font on a Curve may come out different to that on a Pearl or Bold.


Many theme devs have been complaining about font issues with Plazmic 4.6. I have one theme that has awesome fonts, but when the developer regenerated with 4.6, the fonts turned bold and "iffy" looking.


I too purchased this theme hoping the fonts would be as good as the fonts in this free theme that I continue to revert back to because of the clarity and clean look of the fonts http://www.pimpmyberry.com/showthread.php?t=46 I'm not a theme developer and don't know all the ins and outs, but I'm hoping someone with credible info can shed some light on why all these new themes have substandard fonts that are pixelated and oversized. I like the theme, don't get me wrong, but I like my fonts as clean and small as possible.


how do i buy this theme from the website


Thanks everyone!! I added the new links for the other berry's into the post!!


The theme looks great, but there is always something missing. For me, this seems to be missing an icon showing which phone mode it's currently in. It's nice to be able to pull the phone out and quickly see if it'll ring or not. I also like Today themes, but I only want to see my message and 3 or 4 calendar items, plus a few customizable quick-picks at the bottom. Currently I use the iBerry 2.0 Today Plus, which is almost perfect.


I already downloaded this theme, It is very cool. Thanks for the link. This one I didn't mind paying for.


The theme is wonderful. The only problem I had is that window font (not the heading or sub-heading fonts) look like Courier again. Other than that, I'm happy I got this theme.


Me either. It's actually the only theme I've ever purchased.


Me either. It's actually the only theme I've ever purchased.


Does this theme support OS 4.5? I ask because I installed it on my 8320 and though it shows in Options -> Advanced -> Applications, it doesn't show in Options -> Themes. I did a battery pull but still nothing :(


and I'm running the 4.5 OS on my Pearl.


I bought the one for the curve 8310 downloaded it from the site reset my phone but i dont see it



I downloaded and can't find it either!!! What the heck?


Like I said before check your email on your BB,you find the link to download there,it's OTA only! :)


Make sure you got the right theme for your BB OS!!


I have the curve...OS 4.3 is this compatible? Will the 4.2 link works for mine or is there a seperate link for 4.3 as I could not find it...



At what point after paying do you get the link sent to you to download the theme? I paid a few hours ago and am yet to get the file. There wasn't a "Click here to download" after paying and the confirmation emails said it will be shipped shortly, if applicable.


same issue here! I am absolutely about to sh*t my pants waitin for a link or something...Please do not tell me I have been screwed over now for 6.99.


This theme is OTA only,check your email on your BB,you see the link to download it! :)


I downloaded it to my PC after purchasing it, but it doesn't appear anywhere! Where should i save it?
Im stuck =(


Those that have experienced problems with the theme installation, should contact the store if they have installation issues.
Store will be happy to correct any issue you might have.

BB Emilie

I just loaded this them OTA (which I love) and I'm totally digging it. It will do till I get my little paws on the STORM!!!


Is this available for OS 4.3 curve? If so, where?


Really cool theme,this one well stay on my BB8310!Check this theme out!Oh ya while your there check out the rest of their themes.You can also change the icons,that's really nice. :)


Gorgeous theme...HORRIBLE font. It was SOO close to being perfect.


Downloaded this to my Sprint Pearl 8130 running OS 4.3. It shows up under applications but doesnt show up in my themes! What am I doing wrong?


I d/l this one. I got to admit, I really like this theme. I will use this for awhile.


Trying to install this just jacked my phone. Sprint TV is gone! My browser service books configuration is gone. What the hell?


I think I can wait for the real thing...


I give up! downloaded 3 times. It sits in my App list but never shows up in themes. Refund time for me.


I purchased & downloaded it today for my 8330 Curve. It looks great, but I don't think I can use it on a daily basis. I wish I could move in different directions, and not be limited to how you can move from one icon to the next on the home page. It's also hard to read the fonts when using the short cut key for many of my programs. The bright white which is kind of small, on the black backdrop puts strain on my eyes. Trying to read the font will have me wearing glasses in no time. I'll probably go back to the basic BB L theme where the menus are easier to read.


I have been searching for that one theme that was going to be the theme of all themes and I got this one and asked if he would make me a icon version and he did so i have the storm in the bottom dock and icon and lovvvvve it!!


The person next to me during my lecture today showed me this story on crackberry and said "You should get it!".

So in the middle of my business lecture today I whipped out my credit card, bought the theme and got it put on my 8130.

Honestly, this is one of the best themes I have ever put on this device!
I love it!


I understand that there is few people that experiencing problem but it is not due to the theme but more likely to their carriers.
Those few problems are experienced with users using CDMA BlackBerries, and till this day its not clear to me why.

As far as Font issue, that cannot be made to satisfy everyone, a different people have different tastes. Usually those individual should contact 'creator' and he will try to adjust it to their likening.


After contacting themes4bb and explaining my displeasure with the fonts and having purchased the wrong theme, I was immediately answered via email with a download link to the theme I wanted as well as assurance that the developer would be contacted and they would work with me to customize the theme to my liking. They were extremely courteous, professional and stood behind their product. I just wanted to share that I was very pleased with themes4bb and would highly recommend them.


the following message appears after i click the link to download:

parsed array keys can not contain illegal characters! script execution has been halted.
It may be possible to fix this error by deleting your browsers cookies and refresh this page.

so i went in and deleted the cookies and refreshed the page and the same message continues to come up. any thoughts?


Have you contacted Themes4BB about your problem.


i sent them an email with my order number and bb pin number. awaiting a response. didn't have a chance to call as i'm still at work right now like a sucker. (but i had time to download it! ha.)


Has anyone noticed that the javelin theme (for 4.2 OS) drains the battery faster?

I had a full charge as of this morning before loading the theme onto my BB, and now 11 hrs later have 2 "battery dots" left...

Aside from this, the theme looks great - only minus would be this battery issue (big -) and that from the smaller menu screen to the main screen may take some time to load


Where is the 8700c love? :-(


i downloaded a very similar theme to this one today from pimpmyberry . com.

the only difference i see is that instead of 2 rows of six icons, mine has 2 rows of 8, which gives you 16 customizable icons for the screen instead of 12. awesome!!


Like the look of the interface. Took some work with tech support to get my phone to accept it, but it is a nice looking interface. Recommended!


Their site says 4.5 only.. :-(


It is made for all OS's as well as for all devices.
Look up your device and your OS and you will see.


when should i expect it to be sent to my blackberry, I got the receipt but thats it


I downloaded the very similar theme from PMB for free. It looks great! I'm trying not to buy anything for my Pearl anymore because I'm saving for the REAL Storm when it becomes available!


I have been to ThemesBB and i just find a button on link to purchase the theme for the Storm ??

JD Romero

do you know where can i get the Storm Theme for my BB whit out having ti pay ? i've been looking un several places