Make Your BlackBerry Look and Sound like an iPhone

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2008 10:26 am EST

iBerry theme for BlackBerry Since launching nearly a year ago, the iBerry theme has consistently been one of the top downloads and sellers in our Software Store. To me that means there is a large contingent of BlackBerry Users who want their phones to appear more "iPhone-like".

If you're one of the many who want their BlackBerry's to look like an iPhone, be sure to browse the huge selection of iBerry themes we have available for download (be sure to select the theme that corresponds with your device model and Operating System version!). If you're looking for more free themes, you can also browse through our Themes Forum.

Now, if you want your BlackBerry to sound like an iPhone, I have some good news. We have a couple of new ringtones in our FREE user-contributed BlackBerry Ringtone Gallery. This week saw the addition of the iPhone Ringtone and iPhone REMIX Ringtone (I actually quite like the Remix version.). Just login to and you can download these Blackberry ringtones for free (if you're not a member click the Create New Account tab). Enjoy!!!

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Make Your BlackBerry Look and Sound like an iPhone


the story/reason for the blog post here isn't the iPhone themes...those have been growing over the past year and the link to the themes takes you to the big directory where you can browse them all. Keep in mind there are lot of new BlackBerry users out there who have not yet even seen the iBerry theme as well.

the news here are the iPhone ringtones that were added to our ringtone gallery this week. i figured there would be at least a few people who would like them (judging by the number of people who purchase the iBerry theme)! and looking at the number of downloads of these ringtones, the assumption was correct!

Hey guys! Please think twice before purchasing a theme, and check out first...

I'm all in favor of supporting the developers, however i've bought 2 themes from BPlay, and their customer support has yet to respond to any of my emails. Do yourselves a favor and look around Pinstack first; you may just find a theme you like better!

In addition, you are in direct contact with the developers, and any criticisms/complements are welcome!

Thanks, and I hope everyone finds their ideal theme!

Like our popular user-contributed Ringtone and Wallpaper galleries, we're in the process of building our user-contributed BlackBerry Themes gallery.

All themes will be free, and it will be extremely easy to browse and download and install the themes from here. It's going to be good!

Very cool indeed. Although I didn't exactly have a lasting relationship with my iPhone...I liked the ringtones, when I could hear them from the way-too-low speakers. I have both the iPhone and iPhone Remix tones on my Curve, and they both sound 100% better than they did on my Apple-beta phone. And, it's neat to get looks from the iPhone owners when my BlackBerry gets an incoming call. Makes 'em jealous!!

Why not get an iPhone? I'm not kidding here, somehow I think that the 8800 or Curve with an iPhone theme isn't going to go far tricking people into thinking you have the NEW iPhone with BlackBerry written on the top, keys and a shell that looks a hell of a lot like a BB 8800/Curve.

Sorry but I fail to see the whole point. Looks good though, well done!


If you bought a Blackberry, why would you want it to look or sound like an iphone? I would think that if someone wanted their phone to look like an iphone, they would buy an iphone. Personally, I wouldn't want to adulterate my Blackberry would an iphone look. It makes it look like you really wanted an iphone but could only afford a Blackberry. Sorry if this sounds so negative, but I'm a Blackberry purist.