Make some noise for BlackBerry - Join the #IChooseBlackBerry10 Thunderclap

By Bla1ze on 11 Sep 2013 07:31 pm EDT

The #IchooseBlackBerry10 hashtag has gotten a lot of support over the past few days and it's been showing in plenty of places but to help push it even further, a new Thunderclap campaign has been created. If you're not familiar with Thunderclap, it's a service that if enough people support the campaign, will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet creating a wave of attention. @Confyzone has set this one up for everyone and we need 500 people to make it all happen.

The movement has started, get on twitter, get on Facebook, get on Vine, get on Instagram. Share the hashtag, don’t forget to tweet @BlackBerry while you're at it.

Let’s get BlackBerry trending again, let’s get people to understand they are not dead. The media is wrong. The shorters are wrong. Let’s prove to the world @BlackBerry is back, stronger than ever.

More now than any other time, they need the support from the user base, they need the confidence they’re doing something right. Let’s push forward, let’s #KeepMoving and let’s show the world why we choose BlackBerry 10.

Right now, the campaign is sitting at 60-ish out of the 500 people needed and the projected current reach is over 37,000 people with 13 days left for people to sign up. If the goal is reached, the message will go out on Sept. 24th and hit at this point and thousands of timelines all at once and be totally epic. So what do you say? Sign up for the campaign, I already have, and see if we can exceed even the required 500 people sign up.

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Make some noise for BlackBerry - Join the #IChooseBlackBerry10 Thunderclap


Can you clarify, what exactly is the sentence or whatever that's going to be posted from our accounts?

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I don't have Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Tumblr, so no go.


--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

I created a twitter account finally just to join this campaign.

#IchooseBlackBerry10 #ZedTen #CB10 Channel C00123045

Maybe later

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Thunderclap or storm in a teacup?

Either way shouldn't this be something BlackBerry is doing? 3m twitter followers and 30m fb followers is a darn sight more than the reach this will have.

Maybe it should be #makeadecentadvert instead?

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And full respect for that, but yea they need to do something themselves too, heck even if they just piggyback your campaign they might get somewhere.

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BlackBerry has their own campaigns and is using it's 3 million twitter followers wisely.

They are steadily growing their followers and are looking for new ways to promote.
When you are that big, you need people like us to do "risky" campaigns like #IchooseBlackBerry10 and promoting it on Thunderclap. All we want to accomplish is to get this hashtag trending for a day or so...... They know best when it's time to join our efforts!

If BlackBerry were doing that good a job then they wouldn't need people like kris to pitch in and help them.

What kris is doing is commendable, what BlackBerry is doing is nothing.

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Fully agree, I know they replied saying that they're loving the campaign, but I haven't seen them do much, so I just tweeted all official BlackBerry twitter accounts I follow to jump on

BBM...... this will be when Blackberry is going to be trending..... Finally some positive News all around the interwebs for them..... Patience is a virtue...

Done and done, ..... side note, it's amazing how far you can get using the cb10 app itself
I did the whole thing from within the app, pretty cool

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Seriously, they should make Kris one of their marketing executives because he's doing more than they are for BB

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If you were ever considering doing something like this, NOW is the time!

I mean, if not now, then WHEN?


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Wait so is the message that's going to be tweeted, “To educate the world on the Power Of BlackBerry 10"? That's so cheesy, I'm not having that come from my account. If it was just #ichooseblackberry10 I would totally do it

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When the day comes, if they goal has been achieved, it sends out a tweet, a facebook post on your behalf, and it'll do it for every single person who supports the cause at the exact same time, it causes a true trend to happen

This is way better than sitting around complaining about BB. I for one have done too much of this. Great idea!

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Yuppers...time to be proactive in a positive way, the trolls and nay sayers are soo depressing....I much prefer this kind of action.

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Done it with Facebook for me...
I'm sure we'll be more than 500...

...forever BlackBerry...

Anyone have a good thing to add to the posts? A link to BlackBerry 10 website or something?? would that be a good thing to add so people can go to the BB website and see for themselves?

Good on you for being a strong social advocate for the brand. Imagine if all the people they are paying had half of your sense.

I'm surprised they haven't engaged the #bbelite on this one:::

I want to k ow how to get on Instagram and Vine from my BlackBerry Z10? I would be happy to post there, but don't have access...

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While I applaud the people involved in this idea, the fact that it is even needed is a sign of how bad things are.

I also find it somewhat amusing that a year ago, there was a similar campaign whereby users filled in a website asking developers to support BB10 which were then tweeted to all insundry. How did that turn out?

I guess I'm defeated, but I can't help shake the feeling that campaigns such as this only speak to the desparation that BlackBerry users finds themselves in.

In any event, ive tweeted to support the cause. And will be here next year for the next #werestillalivedoesanyoneknow campaign.

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Dear Crackberry and Blackberry.

We need Alica Keys on board with this! and potentially other bb10 celebs like leo decaprio, paris hilton, piers morgan etc.

I'm in! Signed up and supporting the effort. We'll done Kris. And you get my vote for BlackBerry marketing position. #IchooseBlackBerry

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I have supported... 642 added into the reach.... lets make our voices heard to many thousands more supporters.

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I don't know why, but this is reminding me of when Apple was in rough times - they had a small, passionate, and, importantly, creative fan base.

I am loving initiatives such as this. And, yes, I second (or third or fourth) that BlackBerry needs to hire people like Kevin and Kris. For once, I would live to see a BlackBerry executive act in a creative, passionate manner. Just go balls to the wall, so to speak, for BlackBerry.

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I'm waiting for 499 so I can be #500.

Just kidding. I'll make my 900 social reach contribution if you get rid of the corny "educate the world on the power of BlackBerry" bit

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Yep. Looks like the support has overloaded the servers.

Waiting for them to come back on line.

Channel C00123051

Done. However, the facebook login page is almost not usable. The formatting is completely destroyed. Haß anyone the same issue? I have a Q5 and original OS. Thanks

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Something is wrong with the page. I tried opening it a couple of times, but it times out. I will.continue trying.

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The link for signing up will not come up! Tried like 15 times and it's not responding! Where else can I sign up?

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Pwned...server overload so I just copied the message and tweeted it normally. :-P

Mmmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Tweeted and bloged about it, and already telling other people about BBM. I really hope that this will help somehow. I don't want to see BlackBerry gone.

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Awesome idea Kristen, let's do this team and can we do another one too.......its time we need to step up

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

I'll always support BlackBerry whatever happens and whatever people say, I'll always thinks they make the best phones

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Not liking the idea it has access to my Twitter account. I support BlackBerry and I'll be happy to post on my own behalf but not to let some app do it for me.

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So I stopped by the store yesterday to get my hands on both new devices (Z and Q), and wouldn't you know it -- I went straight home and bought one online. Wow -- more people on the planet need to know what a superior device this is. From the way it feels, to how the OS flows so much more smoothly than before, to how everything is so well organized -- blows sloppy Android away.

It's beautiful. And the ability to add contacts, tasks, etc, directly into the account of your choosing is definitely something which the BlackBerry marketing team should really be touting, to re-attract so many folks who have probably given up on the OS to move to something a bit more user-friendly. WHen I learned that I could add more than one Exchange account to an Android device and could control into which account I'd like to create new entries, I came very close to switching. But no more -- my beautiful new device is in the mail. Even Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote (!!!) are integrated (yes, Evernote!!!).

If you're considering switching from BlackBerry, don't. Folks should really check out the How-To videos at A great deal went into this presentation, and it sold me! BlackBerry, please stick around for years to come. :)

When I went to the store to get my new phone I didn't even look at the OS. I just bought the q10 and left. Now after inputting my contacts. Texting and calling, adding and sending texts are actually VERY time consuming... yes I realized you can just start 'searching' for contacts then text or call them..but when I'm in the HUB or in a different app, making an new phone call or text is way more consuming than using my old 8330 Curve or iPhone...I really hope BlackBerry opens up there 'secure' SDKS for the phonecall dev's can make apps that change things for texters...I am not a 'gaming'video'fun' smartphone guy, I like battery life and natual 'phone' usage, and apps that make work better..but I still need Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, for my social life x_x

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Yeah. I think BlackBerry users tend to not be the Facebook tweeting crowd. :/
I don't use any of these apps too

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