Make Sexy Time with Sexy Dice for the BlackBerry Storm

Sexy Dice for the BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2009 02:22 pm EDT

A quick glance at the two screen captures above gives you a pretty good idea of what mike240se's latest app, Sexy Dice, is all about. The app was created in response to a member request/poll that went up in the CrackBerry forums back in early March. You can learn more about this adventurous app (it's not for everyone) below:

Sexy Dice is a 3D dice game for the bedroom, parties, and even a great pickup tool! Including 3 high resolution 3D rendered dice sets including the PG dice set with wording suitable for teenagers and perhaps non sexually active users but works just as well in the bedroom. The rated R dice set steps it up a notch for adults looking to spice up their love life and add some excitement while getting to use the Blackberry in the bedroom! By enabling adult mode, you get access to this rated R dice set free of charge! Also included free of charge is a regular standard old dice set for every day use wherever a set of dice can come in handy. Board games, craps, gambling with friends, etc. Now if you pull out monopoly to play with friends and if your mising a die as always, just grab your Storm and enjoy!

The application leverages the Storm's accelerometer and allows you to shake and maneuver the dice in real time! Several different modes allow you to either shake while holding the screen, click the screen to start shaking, click the screen to roll and a third timed mode which allows you to click the screen, shake and then automatically have the roll ended after a few seconds. At the end of the roll you hear a realistic sound effect if you have sound enabled and then a zoom in of your roll to see your results.

Best yet, while testing this app everyone I work with that has an iPhone was asking where they could get this app, they weren't happy to find out that there are no sexy dice for the iPhone! That's right, finally an app the iPhone does not have. Apple thinks Sexy Dice are too risque for their tastes, leaving iPhone users to use grade school romance games.

Remember, the regular dice set means this application is useful for all users, even those who don't want Sexy Dice/Romance Dice. All future updates to the application are free. Additional dice sets may be offered in packs in the future.

Get Sexy Dice: Sexy Dice is available for the BlackBerry Storm and sells for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store. No free trial is available. You can check this forum thread for more user feedback.

Special Offer from the Developer: Until Monday, May 18th, you can use coupon code crackberry1off in the mobile app store or app store client (will not work in full website store - use on device stores only) to save $1 on Sexy Dice.

Limited Time Bonus Offer: The first 1000 downloaders will receive the first add-on dice set free of charge!  

Wow. Sometimes I even laugh and shake my own head at our editorial policy around here... what other site would go from blogging about super secure communications to the next post being about r-rated apps?? We just try and embrace all BlackBerry users no matter what!! ;)

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Make Sexy Time with Sexy Dice for the BlackBerry Storm


i cant wait to get this app... i lost my real dice like this a while ago... Now i can take them anywhere! Let the fun begin...


Am VERY excite to try this sexytime game. I like sex!

But how do you play it using the black berry..? I am all prepare withs bowl full of these berrys plus my khram has become turgid. *High-five*


It seem as if all these "retarded" apps have been coming out for the Storm lately. I guess it's to try to keep the owners minds off the fact that their is still no Official OS by Verizon.

I can't believe people still own these It's a horrible phone and Verizon is laughing all the way to the bank with your money. AT&T & Bold all the way baby!!!

this app is far from "Retarded" it fun as hell and there is a regular dice set which still is amazing if you think the sex stuff is gay. which its not, but i use the regular dice set to show my coworkers the app.

and i think the dev said he was going to make this for other devices in the forum last time i checked, but this app is heavy reliant on the accelerometer so thats why its storm only.

Yet another retarded app for the Storm.

I want to see some more half decent games for my Storm...none of these silly games...

Then don't buy it... no need to rant about something. Just click away from the page and be done with it.

Its retarded b/c you aren't supposed to use it alone! =] Sex is always stupid and lame to the poor sap who isn't getting any! lmao!!

--I believe I was one of the first to download.. how do i get the add-on dice set???

The first 1000 downloaders will receive the first add-on dice set free of charge!

gotta wait for mike to relase it

go to the thread on the 3rd party apps page, its been on the first page for months, you just passed it over.

this app is awesome. i finally got around to buying it and let me just say, my weekend is going to ROCK!

To all the haters:
It is cool to hate on something you can't use.
For those of us that have some social skills and enjoy the company of another, this app will increase the fun of your romantic activity. One of the beta testers already got his wife pregnant so something magical happens with these dice. Props to Mike on another great app and we all look forward to the new dice set(s) and his future apps.
Some of you are right this is the best app for the storm but just because 99% of the stuff out there is poop, that should not take away any credit from a truly great app.

they wouldn't be hating so much. Is easy7 to get offended by something like this when you don't have the proper social skills to get a partner to share in the fun with ;)

there is a $1 off coupon! you get it for $2.99! plus you get the next dice set for free! and its going to rock, its a positions dice set with stick figures for positions and the other die is for locations!

But if you need a app to "spice up your life", well you really need help. This is just +1 of all the other retarded underdeveloped apps available on the storm.. GG Storm owners you can now shake dice on a screen and spice up your life!!

i usually dont respond to anonymous comments because i hate when people hide their faces, but you clearly did not try the app to find out its far from under developed. its accellerometer driven with 3d dice sets, 3 of them, and took hundreds of hours to develop and render the 3d dice sets.

and even if you are not into using the app for romance, sex, etc, (plus its novelty, fun to show friends) there is also a regular dice set that can be used for any purposes where a dice set is used.

but dont hate on those that enjoy some fun in their love life!

1) I am working on a version for the bold, 8900 and 9630. I dont know if the Curve 83xx screen has a high enough resolution for the app. Any newer phone with 480x320 or higher will work for sure, curve 83xx's are a maybe.

2) the new dice set, which has stick figures showing positions and the other dice will show locations is in the works and everyone who purchases the app this week (plus the first 1000 after that) will get that add-on set for FREE! So

3) Thanks kevin for the awesome review and pictures!

4) can anyone answer sep35's question about using paypal in the app store? i think its possible, right?

Awesome it was my first app request.... Low and Behold Mike brought it to life. It's everything and more than i imagined. You truly have to see it and play it to really appreciate how awesome it is.

Go Get Your Dice On!

I'll buy it, looks like fun.
Probably a quick way to get a harassment charge at work!

But I hope I don't ever need to see that guy's photo...

You are, but it doesnt matter, because everyone who buys before next monday get the free dice set, and then the first 1000.

So no matter what, if you buy it now or before the end of the week, you get the new awesome dice set. and i promise it wont disappoint, it makes the app twice as good!

I promise to do my best to have it ready for then! Check out the thread to see a preview of the new dice set!

I know you are making it for the bold and others, and thats awesome dude! But are we gonna be able to take advantage of the free next dice set too? I cant wait for this to come out for the trackball phones, and im looking forward to it! Thanks for your hard work.

Just scroll down a lil bit in your checkout, and there is a paypal logo. I just ordered for wifes storm and my coupon didnt work, but take that anyways. I was happy to pay! Thanks again, now just waiting for bold version!

ya the app was only 3 bucks, but it going to cost me a lot more to replace my storm which for some reason has seems to be all sticky. This is a potentially dangerous app for anyone sad enough to involve a cell phone in their love life. but seriously pretty entertaining app and it was really well done. thanks


Yeah be careful with your phones!

Some news, the new dice set is done, i am in the process of testing the build now. i also improved the code, optimized it, so thats why it needs testing.