Make a Scene apps by Innivo bring children's sticker books to life

Make a Scene
By Kerri Neill on 3 Aug 2012 07:00 pm EDT

My youngest has always loved sticker books but after numerous repositioning, those stickers aren’t quite so sticky anymore. With these new apps by Innivo, my child can move around all the “stickers” she wants!

Innivo has created fun virtual sticker books that allow a child to choose from several different themes, animals and more all while making the stickers interactive. Every time a sticker is placed somewhere in the scene, it makes a cute sound effect or motion (animal noise, wings flapping etc).

Main features in each themed app:

  • Over 50 ‘stickers’
  • 5 animated backgrounds
  • 5 animated foregrounds
  • Multi touch enabled
  • Save scene as an image to your device
  • Automatic depth of field
  • Easy-to-use toolbar and menus
  • Descriptive audio
  • Engaging animations
  • Fun sound effects
  • Background sounds to bring the experience to life
  • Ability to move and re-arrange ‘stickers’
  • Ability to remove individual ‘stickers’ or reset all ‘stickers’ and position them once again
  • A learning experience that will keep your child engaged for hours!

Currently Innivo has released the Make a Scene Safari, Outer Space, Under the Sea and Farmyard apps. Coming soon are the Jungle, Fairytales, Polar Adventure and Christmas themed versions (Payten is so excited for the Jungle theme one).

The Make a Scene applications are available for $2.99 each in BlackBerry App World. Yes, that seems like a lot for a couple of children’s app but let me tell you, these are worth it if you have younger children. The graphics are beautifully done, the sound effects are very cute and your child will not want to put it down. I’ve purchased all of these for Payten and she absolutely loves them! They are the perfect app for her to play while we’re driving in the car or while wandering the aisles of the grocery store.

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Make a Scene apps by Innivo bring children's sticker books to life



And this looks like a sweet app. My little girl is gonna love this one.
Playbook, the one and only

I have all the make a scenes on my touchpad, they are awesome. My kids love them! Gonna put them on the play book now.

My 3yr old son and 6yr old daughter love these apps. I have all but one and they are on sale for $1 off right now. Just picked up Dinosaurs and Christmas app.