Make phone calls interactive with Thrutu for BlackBerry

By Michelle Haag on 21 Oct 2011 02:42 pm EDT
Sometimes we joke around about all our phones do these days, and say things like "wow, they make calls too?" Obviously that is any phone's primary purpose, but sometimes it's just not enough to make a call, and you need to send information to the person you're talking to. Sometimes you can do this while on the call, but you have to fumble around switching screens and looking for what you need to send, and if you're like me then more often than not you end up disconnecting the call on accident.

There is a new app available that can help you solve this problem. Thrutu allows you to share your location, photos from your camera or gallery, and contact details at the touch of a button, all while in a call. Thrutu appears as a new option on the in-call BlackBerry menu, enabling rich content sharing and interactions. Simply hit the menu key while in your call, choose Thrutu, and from the pop-up choose what you're sending. If your contact doesn't have Thrutu installed, the app will alert you and switch to SMS mode. Because it's a cross-platform app, you can connect with your Android and iPhone friends too.

Thrutu is free and compatible with BlackBerry devices running OS 5.0 and above. You can grab it from App World at the link below, and check out the full press release after the break!

More information/screenshots and download Thrutu

Thrutu Now Available for BlackBerry, Enhancing Phone Calls Across the Smartphone Market

Thrutu Allows BlackBerry, iPhone and Android Users to Share Media and Data During a Call Like Never Before

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 19, 2011) - Today, Thrutu announces its BlackBerry release, expanding its revolutionary in-call digital sharing capabilities across the world's three most popular smartphone platforms. The Thrutu mobile app, already downloaded by more than 300,000 iPhone and Android users worldwide, is now available from BlackBerry App World. With Thrutu, not only can BlackBerry users get more out of their phone calls, they can also interact with iPhone and Android users in ways that have been impossible until now.

Adding a whole new dimension to the voice call, Thrutu lets users instantly share all manner of interactive content and media during a phone conversation, including photos, location and contact information -- at the touch of a button (click here for a video demo).

To access Thrutu, users simply make and receive calls as normal. Thrutu appears as a new option on the in-call BlackBerry menu, enabling rich content sharing and interactions through a number of Thrutu "buttons":

Share your location -- and see each other's position updating live on a map;
Snap and share a photo, or send one from your gallery -- letting the other person experience the sights around you;
Send contact information -- contact details appear instantly in the other caller's address book;
Playfully "Prod" the other caller with remote phone vibration;
And coming soon, BlackBerry users will be able to access additional Thrutu buttons built on Thrutu's developer APIs.

The result is a more fluid and engaging phone interaction in which sharing content and media is easy and fun.

"There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to Thrutu from iPhone and Android users who are truly finding that the app is enhancing their phone conversations," said Liz Rice, VP, Thrutu. "Our goal is to provide enrichment to all phone calls, so extending to BlackBerry was the obvious next step."

Since its launch for Android in March and iPhone in July, Thrutu has seen widespread global adoption, with over 300,000 downloads. The application was also named 'One to Watch' at the AlwaysOn OnMobile Top 100 event, and secured second place in the PayPal Android Developer Challenge for an add-on Thrutu button allowing callers to easily exchange funds while talking on the phone.

Thrutu is available immediately in the BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry OS 5 and 6, with OS 7 coming soon. For the best experience, Thrutu needs simultaneous voice & data capabilities, either through the mobile network or through connection to Wi-Fi.

For more information go to, watch the Thrutu video on YouTube, or download the app immediately from BlackBerry App World, iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

About Thrutu:
Thrutu™ is a mobile app that adds a new dimension of fun and function to your phone calls. Now, you can share all kinds of information with the person you're talking to without interrupting the conversation. Based in Silicon Valley, Thrutu is a division of Metaswitch Networks, a leading provider of carrier systems and communication software solutions for network operators, backed by Sequoia Capital and Francisco Partners. Thrutu is available on Android™, iPhone® and BlackBerry® and also available from Metaswitch as a branded application for carriers. Thrutu is a 2011 AlwaysOn OnMobile "Ones to Watch" honoree. For more information on Thrutu, go to
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Reader comments

Make phone calls interactive with Thrutu for BlackBerry


Its working great on my Torch, I just tested it with an android user, its absolutely great if you have not bbm users you need to share certain info right from the call.

Well what do you do if that person is not a BBM contact? Also if you're on a CDMA network (Verizon), you can't talk on the phone AND send data (BBM) at the same time.
The only workaround for that is if you're connected to wireless internet prior to receiving the call. With AT&T that's a non issue.

It's not an issue with T-Mobile's network either. Both T-Mobile's 3G and "4G" HSPA+ networks allow voice and date use at the same time.

Verizon limitation? Doesn't seem to want to send data except through the data portal...If I'm connected to a WiFi network it seems to work fine, but when the other user isn't, it's a problem.


I was having trackpad issues after installation too. Also, my 9930 kept freezing up following installation. I've uninstalled it and tried a couple of battery pulls and am still having trackpad problems. :(

9930? well, if you read the article again, it's been stated that Thrutu currently supports BB OS 5 & 6 for now, it doesn't support OS7 at the moment. that's why you're getting the trackpad & freezing problems.

i'll wait till Thrutu is fully compatible for OS7, and i'll definitely put it on my 9900, this is an amazingly cool app!

next stop: Viber for BB & Photo Editor Ultimate (free compensation app from RIM), come on bring em on!!!!