Make getting to that Hollywood blockbuster even easier with the Cineplex Odeon App for BlackBerry

By Zach Gilbert on 2 Jun 2012 04:13 pm EDT

With the summer blockbuster season in full effect, getting your movie tickets is becoming increasingly painful with lineups and sold out shows at almost every theater. If you take the few minuets and download the Cineplex Odeon app for your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook, not only will you get access to movie trailers and show times, but you’ll also be able to purchase movie tickets and skip the box office. One of the coolest features is if you decide to take the opportunity to buy your tickets on the phone, all you need to do is take your BlackBerry to the theater and put it under the barcode reader to out prints your tickets. With no extra fees, getting your tickets on your mobile device saves the headaches and ensures that you get to the movie without it being sold out.

  • Get movie showtimes for every theatre in Canada
  • Buy tickets for Cineplex theatres with NO additional service fees!
  • Check your SCENE points balance and add your SCENE card to your phone for an even easier way to earn points
  • Read the latest Entertainment News and enjoy exclusive trailers, footage and interviews
  • View theatre information by radius, with maps, phone number, admission prices, showtimes and ticketing information
  • Search by theatre, movie, actor, news, photos and videos
  • Create Facebook Events for the movie and theatre instantly
  • Available in English & French

The PlayBook and handled versions are almost identical, with both allowing you to watch trailers, buy tickets, and check your Scene Card balance. While I’ve been using both the apps since they’ve launched, I have found that the PlayBook version is better suited for the planning stages, and the phone is best for the action stage. What I mean is that you’ll want to use your PlayBook (if you have one) to find the movie, watch a trailer or find a theater. After you’ve accomplished this, you’ll want to pick up your BlackBerry smartphone and buy those tickets, all while collecting those valuable Scene points. If you’re an avid moviegoer or you just watch the occasional Hollywood hit you’ll want to check out the Cineplex app for your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet.

Download the Cineplex App for your BlackBerry smartphone
Download the Cineplex App for your BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Make getting to that Hollywood blockbuster even easier with the Cineplex Odeon App for BlackBerry


I've been using this program in my Bold because it gets stuck in the splash screen in the PlayBook.

Anybody knows what to do?

...There it just failed with "Could not connect to server. Please try again later."

I wish they'd take their stupid app out of the app store. Sucks up oxygen from truly worthwhile apps.

Pretty much a Canadian monopolistic organization. They can die for all I care, I'll go to any of the independents or even AMC ... and of course download. But not going to touch that ewwww .... CIneplex/Galaxy.

Perhaps because we don't perceive Cineplex as supporting anything other than Cineplex.

Just a paid ad, and not a very good one at that. We want quality apps in the app store, not garbage that dilutes the quality.

In my view, Cineplex = garbage. I'd rather not have it in the App Store at all.

Well I live in Canada, Cineplex is Canadian and AMC - well, isn't. So I like the app. And use both. Because I live in Canada. Funny that.

As for monopolistic: One thing James didn't mention is that this app lists movies for ALL cinemas - indie, compeitors' etc. Though I can't buy tickets, it's highly convenient to read in one place every film showing in town and makes me appreciate Cineplex more.

And kudos to them for supporting a fellow Canadian company. We're quietly nationalistic up here in The Great White North.

ummm have you not heard of Poynt! written for and works great on BB, and lets you do a whole host of other stuff as well