Make a customized folder for your BlackBerry bookmarks

Making a bookmarks folder
By Joseph Holder on 6 Jun 2011 11:47 am EDT

CrackBerry Tip of the Day

If you're like me, you visit quite a few websites on your BlackBerry. Some are for informational purposes; many more are purely for fun. Sometimes you need just a few minutes to yourself; and sites like CrackBerry, FML, and TextsfromLastNight can provide a welcome (and interesting) distraction. Most certainly, you've probably bookmarked those sites you visit most often. I go a little further though.

Instead of going to all the trouble of opening the browser AND clicking on the bookmark, I just click on my saved shortcut in a folder on my home screen. The shortcut launches the browser and takes me right to the website. To me, having my bookmarks in one spot; ordered as I like them; and with a recognizable icon makes it quick and easy to find them.

As we've done in a previous CrackBerry Tip of the Day, we'll start with creating a new folder. You'll only be able to create new ones from the All pane (tray). Before you do, make sure one of the visible icons is highlighted. It doesn't matter which one, but the Add folder option won't appear in the menu if nothing is highlighted. Press the menu key and select Add folder. Give your folder a name, and we're ready to add some bookmarks to it.

Open the browser and navigate to your favorite site. Press the menu key and choose Add to Home Screen. We're still going to save the bookmark to your folder, but select Add to Home Screen for now. You can change the name of the site; this is how it will appear under your shortcut. Next to Location, open the drop-down menu and select your folder from the list. Uncheck that Mark as Favorite box unless you want your shortcut in the Favorites pane as well.

Repeat as necessary for any additional sites you may want to add to your Bookmarks folder. Now, whenever you need a moment, your most-visited websites are but a single click away.

Reader comments

Make a customized folder for your BlackBerry bookmarks


hi, i have os6 and which has an option to create bookmarks on my browser home screen (hit "g" and watch the magic happen). same idea, yeah?

Hi, I have OS running on a Storm 2 9550. I do not have the "Add to Home Screen" in my menu so this will not work for me. any other tips to get this to work. I like the concept and would use this if I could get it to work.

Why do they all disappear from my homescreen when I reboot?

Never mind. It was a third party theme that was the culprit.