Make conference calls on the go a breeze with Plantronics InstantMeeting

By Jared DiPane on 1 Dec 2011 08:46 am EST


Ever been on the go and had to dial in to a conference call while driving only to get frustrated by having to enter the phone number, the call ID, and potentially more information? Well, meet Plantronics InstantMeeting, a simple application available for your BlackBerry device which allows you to store all that information inside the application allowing a one click call button to do all the work for you. Unfortunately you do have to enter the information manually, but enter the information before you leave the office and then when you are on the go all you have to do is click one button. For only $2.99 through BlackBerry AppWorld this is sure to save time and frustration for those who use conference calls often!

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Make conference calls on the go a breeze with Plantronics InstantMeeting


Or, you could just use the free BlackBerry App that reads your calendar entries automatically and pops up a reminder right before the call. Since you've posted about it before and you make no mention of it here, I can't help but wonder if this is a paid promotional post. If so, you should state that.

I'd agree. BlackBerry Conferencing does this same job, and does it really well.

It's conspicuous in it's absence.

You can do the same thing for free by creating a contact with the phone number then adding a wait followed by the access code. The wait can be added by pressing (menu > Add Wait) while entering the phone number. When you call this contact it will wait to enter the access code when you press the track pad or track ball. You can also add the contact to a speed dial.

There is a mobile conferencing app which I use, and it is FREE!!...Blackberry Mobile Conferencing...Very easy to use, and it is well integrated in the calenday. Just schedule the teleconferencing in your calendar and you will have a notification when it is time for the teleconferencing. all you have to do is press the 'join now" button and it will do all the dialing for you, including the access codes. But of course, you have to enter all the necessary data prior.

And yes, that App was featured here not so long ago...

Since this is a paid App, does this perform any better than the Blackberry App? Perhaps there should be a review/comparison of both to justify the payment?

ConfCallHelper will pull the phone number and codes right out of your calendar, so that sounds much easier than this app. I just got it and used it. Can't remember if it was free or $1-3.