MAKE brings Starbucks to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 5 Nov 2013 01:16 pm EST

Late last year Starbucks killed off their mobile card app for BlackBerry devices and we've yet to see an official client since. Good news today though for all of you craving a Venti latte as a new client is now available for BlackBerry 10 and it goes by the name of MAKE.

MAKE is an unofficial Starbucks app that gives you plenty of great features and should help fill the official-app void. You can not only find the closest stores, but also track your rewards and use your Starbucks card. 

Features include:

  • Generate barcodes for each card that you own, which can then be used pay at the counter of any Starbucks locations
  • Keep track of your stars and reward counts
  • Browse through lists of drinks offered at Starbucks (not all drinks are available at your local Starbucks store)
  • Find all Starbucks locations near you using an awesome 3D map (customizable to find within 5, 10, 20, and 50km) and get driving direction to any of them.

The app won't let you view your account balance and you unfortunately can't sync your stars and rewards, but aside from those small issues it's a great stand-in, especially since it's free.

So if you're a BlackBerry using Starbucks lover, grab MAKE from BlackBerry World at the link below.

*Note* - This one works on all BlackBerry 10 devices but does require OS 10.2 

More information/Download MAKE

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Reader comments

MAKE brings Starbucks to BlackBerry 10


Does the app make a Starbucks plain black coffee drinkable, or does it still need to be drowned in sugar and milk to mask the burned taste of cheap, overroasted beans?

Surprisingly i have see people say they won't switch or they regret switching because there is no Starbucks app, i don't get it, but that's what I've read, it's pretty sad

Posted via CB10

But would this app be enough to get them to switch?

Just like the Instagram wanna be apps that got release.... I don't think many people "trust" 3rd-Party developers.

And that for a cup of sugar, with sugar, caramel topping (including sugar), fat free milk and a remote taste of coffee...???

Espresso all'italiana forever!!! Thank you Italy!!! :-)

Posted via CB10

You do know they make amazing Espresso sans sugar. Leave that crap out. Best coffee in the states.

Posted via CB10

I think this great. Motivated me to finally register my cards.. probably could have had a hundred gold cards by now. Thanks developer!

Posted via CB10

It does work on the Q10 but you need 10.2 which isn't mentioned in the article. Update your software.

CB10 - Z10 -

But I'm on AT&T which hasn't released 10.2 yet, and I don't want to install a leak. Disappointment.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Why not install the 1791 leak, or get the official with sachesi? It's no longer really a leak but an officially released OS for your phone. Check I the forums on how to install the official 1791 on your phone, you'll get the great new features in 10.2 and be able to have access to more apps. This is quite frustrating people, and not you just in general complain there are no apps on bb10, then when a few apps come out and are only for the latest OS, people say they can't load it because they don't have the latest OS

Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy

You **** people that get on others for not having the latest leak installed need to ****'s not the responsibility of the user to go through un-official methods to install an OS not yet supported/released by their's the responsibility of BB and the carrier.

Who p1ssed in your coffee this morning? Nothing wrong with using Sachesi. Does a legit update completely hassle free. I'll argue that in some ways it's better than receiving updates from your carrier.

Posted via CB10

While I personally gobble up leaks fairly indiscriminately, you are absolutely correct that it's ridiculous to be annoyed, as is rockyivy, that some users don't install leaks, and therefore hurt, in rocky's eyes, the reputation of BB by not having the latest OS, and consequently don't have the ability to install all apps. While I am not passionate enough with rocky's position to use expletives to address him/her, there are a number of issues I would take with it:

1. Some people do not have the desire (and/or time, and/or necessary comfort level) to install leaks. It's unrealistic to expect it.
2. Even in a world where all BB users were product evangelists who were dedicated to spreading the good word of BB, it would be unfair to require that we all go through the process of learning how to install leaked OSes for the good of the brand.
3. The .1791 leak is NOT an official 10.2 release, as rocky explicitly states. There may be some common file versions, but some overlap does not a clone make.
4. Contrary to rocky's thesis point -- that installing a newer, leaked OS will gain you access to more apps -- the opposite is more commonly the case: That installing a leak, with its unreleased and unsupported components, will break previously working apps. The compatibility of an unreleased and undocumented OS with published apps is unlikely to be 100%.
5. Those who are connected to a corporate BES may well not have the ability to install a leaked OS and remain Enterprise Activated.
6. As far as getting the latest official build, that is only an option for those who own a phone model for which some carrier has released it. For some of us, then -- cough all Verizon users cough -- there is no carrier anywhere in the world supporting our hardware with an official 10.2 release. I'm surprised (Shocked! I tell you!) that nobody has released a hybrid of the official release that plays nice with currently unsupported hardware, but there you have it. Still, if that were the case, points 1 through 5 would still apply.

I totally agree... stop telling people to risk issues with their phones. I too was disappointed since I am on 10.1 and have no intention of losing wifi calling when 10.1 is working well for me.

Posted via CB10

I actually agree with this comment. I'm sick and tired of people assuming we have the latest and greatest. CB is famous for that, they can't help themselves by jump ahead of the gun... are you guys struggling yo find material to write?
At least be SPECIFIC about compatible versions.

Posted via CB10

It's so great to watch the app gaps being filled... great thing is that the frequency is increasing as well! Keep them coming! Not that I use all these apps, but at least people will stop complaining...

Posted via CB10

This is the best!!!
To see indie devs stepping up and solving the problems one by one is priceless.
We should be real nice on those reviews and really incentive this kind of initiative.
To the dev(s): Thank you very much for your time and effort. It's really appreciated :-D

Posted via CB10

You've got my vote for comment of the day! Positive, accurate, and full of encouragement! CrackBerry needs more people like you!

Posted via CB10

I doubt it. I don't think hacking any application that uses the transfer of money or copyrighted content like banking apps ir Netflix would go down well with BlackBerry or the application company.

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Q10SQN100-3/

Got Netflix on my bb10 with the latest update I added the 1Mobile Market for Android apps. I was going to switch to Samsung but this latest update changed my mind. I going to go with A30 now, good job blackberry

Support your local indie coffee shop not a corporate behemoth that buys coffee from growers that causes deforestation and high pesticide use....and at a massive preimum.

Posted via CB10

Starbucks makes good coffee, I'm willing to pay their prices, and I'm willing to support a 3rd-party developer who wants to make an app that helps me enjoy my coffee that much faster. I fail to see the problem.

For the record, one can support "local indie coffee shop" and Starbucks. Some of my favorite coffee is from the local drive-thru, but Starbucks is good for everything else. That's not a choice that has to be made.

I think the point was that they cause massive destruction to the surroundings not that they are a corporate behemoth...

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

Coffee is grown all around the world because people all around the world want to drink it. If you want to stop "massive destruction to the surroundings," stop drinking coffee. Do your part.

Have to agree. While it's fashionable to rail against corporate behemoths, the reality is, as meilenstein points out, that coffee is a huge global market, and that all purveyors of the stuff buy from growers who convert forested land to cropland and who use pesticides. While it may be surprising to us Americans, who see a Starbuck presence that seems to imply that it's the biggest corporation on the planet, the truth is that, worldwide, their share is less than 1% of the coffee consumed each day. In fact, their hipster/hippie image is a tad more than purely affected window dressing; their practices make them one of the most environmentally friendly coffee sellers out there, if not the most friendly. Their use of post-consumer recycled content paper cups (as opposed to competitor Dunkin' Donuts's continued use of styrofoam) and their policy of encouraging customers to use their own, reusable cups put them in the position of being a trendsetter/exemplar for other coffee chains.

But back to meilenstein's point: Coffee harvesting -- independent of the final vendor --has a severe negative impact on farmland, topsoil, chemical runoff, etc. If you are truly concerned about those impacts, stop drinking it altogether.

(Note: I have no horse in this race. Neither I, nor nobody I know, has any interest in any part of the harvesting, distribution, or sales of coffee, and I have never been a coffee drinker beyond that one taste I first had that showed me that I hated the taste. Still do; keep it out of my ice cream, chocolate, etc, please. Why am I reading these comments if I have no interest? I came here looking for NFC-related comments.)

say that to the employees... the people who also feed their families... just like mom and pop.

In defense of Starbucks:
* They're the definitive case study on how to treat part-time and wage workers ethically
* They're the largest buyer of ethically-sourced coffee in the world. (see
* Generally, they're a pretty good corporate citizen

I do try and support my local coffee shop, but not every town has a good one. As companies go, they're not that bad.

I just don't get it.

Why all this fuss about a frothy coffee app?

Bizarre it seems to me but then again I much prefer Costa Coffee anyway.

Posted via CB10

I'm wondering this also, and I'd like to know just how much of a time saver this is? And how much more convenient is it really?

Posted via CB10

I have my card registered online already. Anyone know how to find out their card number? It's blanked out online and I need it in order to set it up

Posted via CB10 on my z30

If you lost the original card just go in and grab another from Starbucks, register it and you'll be good to go.

Yes and then you can transfer the balance from your existing card to the new one and still keep your stars/rewards.

Amen. Starbucks tastes like burnt coffee that has been sitting on the burner all day. Disgusting coffee.

Posted via CB10

Actually, Yes! I always have a hard time finding a Dunkin Donuts, so yeah bring on a Dunkin Donuts app too.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

Wish it gets the ability to add $ to card, view balance and rewards.

I prefer to use my gold card anyways. And just in case, I've got a screenshot of my barcode on my Z that works too.

STL3 1791 hybrid w/10.2.1 bars

To be honest, I'm scared to mess around with sideloading. I"ve done it once on my Playbook. It was not a pleasant undertaking. I depend on my Z10 and back it up regularly. I would be very upset to damage my phone. If you care to walk me through sideloading, of course...

Loaded it this morning and it took all of 5 minutes to setup with my card (you need the original card to get the full number). Bought my morning beverage no problem and the Starbucks staff were absolutely stunned that I had the card-scanning on a BlackBerry. So tell all your Starbuck friends and make sure you post the information at Starbucks (their site, Twitter, Facebook etc.) maybe they will get the message and work on their own version (or better yet, buy the app or hire the developer to help them speed up the process)!

"MAKE is not affiliated with Starbucks in any way. MAKE was created to encourage Starbucks to bring a native app to the BlackBerry 10 platform. With enough positive response for MAKE, I hope Starbucks will see a feasible demand from BlackBerry 10 users." - Yet they have made an app not available to the majority of people that will use it, OS 10.1 as 10.2 not available in US (leaks don't count).

As much as I'd like to have supported majority, the app required an api from a 10.2 :( sorry

Posted via CB10

I'm not much of a Starbucks Coffee drinker, but I downloaded this app as to show support for a Starbucks native app for BB10.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded the app yesterday (for my Q10) and just used it 2 minutes ago. Thanks to MAKE devs for bringing #TeamStarbucks back. Works great.

Posted via CB10

I'm happy to support 3rd-party developers with the initiative and skill to develop apps that we BB10 users have wanted for a long time. Looking forward to using MAKE this afternoon.

One thing I notice with StartBucks head quarters is they are arrogant and against BBRY. I don't get it. Several months before they announced they will cancel the app for BBRY, the user base continued to grow and use the app.
Who makes these ridiculous decisions? Companies such as this should make its app available to every single platform regardless, because in the end, it's the customer that needs to win.

This is a good temporary app for now, but I believe it's about time Starbucks issues an official app ASAP.

OK so I never had a physical card. I just set it up with the iPhone app. If I pick up another card and set it up online will my gold status carry forward?

Posted via CB10 on my z30

Support the developper, good idea. But why use the app? Overpriced lukewarm toilet water (after the dropping of a brown ingredient). I don't understand the starbuck's concept. McDonald's burger is closer to real meat, than Starbuck's is to real coffee. It's just my opinion. Don't feel inhibited, keep drinking the fluids they sell there.

Have a nice day

Posted via CB10

When I pick up a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks this afternoon and pay for it with MAKE, I'll think of you and everyone else trashing on this guy's app.

I used to feel the same way for Starbucks, I used to can them BIG BUCKS instead of Starbucks but I do like the taste like their coffees.

I was not to happy when they dropped support for the blackberry 10 platform.

But I am and you should too spread the day that we now need bb10 app for Starbucks.

I know a few people that really wanted the app.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

They could probably work around these limitations if you are made to enter your userid and password: they would use it to get access to the info and then render it for you (I'm not a big starbucks customer so I don't really know what the apps can do... but if any third-party app can proxy a Website that has the full functionality of the app, then the third-party app can proxy the full functionality.

Based on the passion of some CB forum threads relating to this, the launch of this app should see perhaps 20 million new BlackBerry users moving from iPhones...


Posted via CB10

I tried a Starbucks once. It tasted like Satan's scrotum sweat. I honestly don't get the whole fascination with Starbucks. I make better coffee at home.

Posted via CB10

How do you know what Satan's nutsack tastes like? You should quit doing that as it's messing with your taste buds.

It's not a bad app, but it lacks a few features that the official app, and the unofficial MyCoffeeCard on Android, have:
* It's not possible to reload your card
* It doesn't pull your balance, nor your rewards.

As neat as this is, it's not a huge improvement on FidMe, or any other barcode-generator apps.

*Note* - This one works on all BlackBerry 10 devices but does require OS 10.2

Please Post: Not available in the USA on all headlines like this.

Tapping on the overflow/more button allows you to check your balance by opening the Starbucks mobile website.

Posted via CB10

Used it today and got immediate comments of LIKE when people realized I was using BlackBerry Z30. I think MAKE will get limitless downloads. Hope we find out how many on a month

Posted via My Z30 on CB Forums

The "check account" link sends you to a US site... So I guess Canadian will have to go to the Canadian site to reload card ... Not sure if that's how it always been for reloading. Still good free apps ... Thx to the dev

Disregard my first comment. I just read that you have to be running on os 10.2. Can someone tell me how to get os 10.2 on my blackberry q10?

Posted via CB10

I've killed my one a day Frap habit since they actually blocked blackberry devices, not just stopped updating.

Posted via CB10

Take a trip to the Starbucks at Market Mall. They have a staffer there who made the Channel on BBM Channels.

I'm hitting it up tomorrow. Will be my first try with this app.

From my Vader Zed

great app! Finally don't have to carry around the silly card, only to keep losing it. Just need to add stars and rewards updated. But this will do for now. Come on, Starbucks... I'm pretty sure lots of business people who use BlackBerry sip on a lot of starbucks Coffee! make that native app available to us loyal BlackBerry fans!!

Posted via CB10

This was never a problem for me. I've been using the FidMe app for a while now. Works great for the Starbucks card and dozens of other cards I don't have to carry anymore.

I've been using my Starbucks card on my Z10 since I got it on the release day.. I just took a screenshot of the barcode from an iPhone and recall the picture to pay. Since this new app can't see the balance either, it's the same experience.

Posted via CB10

I was just telling my wife that I would be very happy if there was a starbucks app. Thanks folks

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

I do think this is great because I miss having a Starbucks app. I have one question that is going to expose my ignorance about security, but is this app safe? Specifically am I trusting my Starbucks account information to another entity? I have installed this app in hopes of sending a subtle message to Starbucks to make a BB10 app. (I have tried the non-subtle approach by emailing them to make a Starbucks app.)

All the app is is a barcode printer. It's not like MyCoffeeCard (Android) or the official app; it doesn't access your account at all.

This app is great. A huge thumbs up to the developer and a huge thumbs down to Starbucks for not supporting its own app on BB10.

Posted via CB10

Great comments and feedback everyone. But please excuse my ignorance as I'm not getting my Q10 until next week, but I thought all Android apps run on BB10? Will the official SBUX Android app not work?

I'm running BB 10.2.1 on my Q10 and the official Starbucks app runs but is cut off to the point where it's not scannable (and the app is not scrollable). On the Z10, it is completely functional!

Is blackberry now open source? Cus its like so hard to make the apps everyone else has. It would work so much better on a blackberry and better yet the tablet which I'm using atm.

I downloaded this app to my new Blackberry Classic after trying to download the Starbucks mobile app. The problem I am having with MAKE is reconciling it with my Starbucks account. There are variances with the balance and stars earned.