The Passport is winning the hearts of team BlackBerry

Passport vs Classic
By James Richardson on 16 Aug 2014 07:07 am EDT

As promised when we ran our poll just the other day, asking if you would be ordering the BlackBerry Passport as soon as you can, here are the results (from 24 hours after publishing) which turned out slightly different to how I thought they would.

As you can see below, we have a clear winner and that's that most folk are certainly very interested in picking up the Passport. However, the gap between this decision and BlackBerry fans waiting on device reviews is smaller than I expected.

Sure, it makes sense to read reviews prior to purchasing a new smartphone and we'll have our review up as soon as we possibly can, but looking at how many folk want a Passport compared to a BlackBerry Classic I thought that maybe the Passport would generate more pre-orders (when available) just by the footage and information we've already seen about it.

Still, it's all good news and I'm pretty sure we're in for a media frenzy when this bad boy hits the streets!

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The Passport is winning the hearts of team BlackBerry



How is it more suited to women than men and how is that an issue if it is? Women buy devices too, is it a problem if one is designed with them more in mind? Personally, I don't find it particularly masculine or feminine but then I've never let the looks of a device dictate whether I'll get it or not, what's the point of buying a device that looks hard and manly when it doesn't do the job? Design is subjective but I just don't see your calculator analogy, if it looks like anything it's has more of a laptop look. Either way, the design is one of function over looks.

I think it's great that a device has a 50/50 split here on CrackBerry but the Passport is primarily designed for enterprise and healthcare use, I would bet that the vast majority of those who voted in this poll are fans and not even in the prime demography of this device. Therefore, 50% is an amazing statistic and one not to be sniffed at. If this device can draw so much interest from people it's not primarily designed for, just think how much interest it will gather when presented to the individuals that it was.

Oh, here's my disclaimer: I'm not even interested in the Passport and yet I can see all sorts of positives about it. I'll wait for a Z30 replacement when/if it comes TYVM.

My apologies for mistaking what you were trying to say. The video that was leaked yesterday showed a woman operating a Passport, I think the shape of it makes it look bigger than it actually is. It's not as clumsy as people originally thought. Oh, and apologies for those who think you should speak perfect English. I'm not sure where you're from but you most certainly write in English a far sight better than I could in your language!

Yes where I work most everyone has larger Galaxy phones. The rest have iPhones and most of them say that they would rather have something like the S5 or note line. That said, I hope the Passport is a big success. I really want to play with 1.

Sounds like you have your own issues. What evidence do you have that supports these comments? My wife has used the Passport several times with no issues. Also the poll results are great! You realize it's a poll right? The number isn't going to be 100%.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Primarily enterprise and medical? Nah. It's for everyone. I'm just a plain consumer and I'm dying to get one.

Posted via CB10

That's just silly. I know a lot of women, both BB users and those on iOS and Android who want this device. People want something different and this device is as different as it gets.

Every other phone in the market looks the same. This is the first departure from the candy bar shape that we've seen since it became so popular. I think there are a lot of people who will appreciate the uniqueness of the Passport & the fact that it's easily recognized as a high end device...much like the businessmen sporting the early BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10 using my Z30.

Dude, get your English straight before making comments of sorts. You obviously don't know what you talking about.

Posted via CB10

Mr.G, There are plenty other things to discuss over his mastery of the English language. I am glad that persons where english is not their first language are bold enough to go discussing in this forum.

Obviously English isn't his native language so cut him some slack.

And he's spot on as well. Not everyone here's a fan of the Passport. Me included.

Posted from an ME173X

I believe this is what people refer to as irony.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

You need to understand that not everyone here uses English as a first language. I am sure you understand the idea he is trying to communicate. You don't have to be rude.

Blackberry always.....

That's "you're talking about", or "you are talking about". You'll do better next time. Now, apologize to Muhammadn.

I've got a better idea, THINK BEFORE YOU POST! This way you can avoid looking like an ignorant jerk.

Well, BlackBerry did allow Thorsten to fuck everything till almost too late you know.

Posted via CB10

I don't believe we are hesitant to purchase. Speaking for myself, I would just like to be sure that it performs better and will be the great phone that the hype touts it to be. Then, I will wrap my fingers around it. Of this I have very little doubt. Anyway, moving forward for any Q10 user will be getting the passport.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

There is a bear hidden in the closet.
At the same time that Blackberry releases the large size Passport, Apple will release their 6" iPhones.
Certainly media and the users will compare the two side by side.
That is good for Blackberry from a free publicity standpoint.

The Blackberry name has a lost interest from the average smart phone user. The critical factor will be if the Passport develops an in-vogue following.

Apple fans will undoubtedly stay with their favorite product line.

Some but not many Android fans may have interest to convert to the Passport. Price point may be a problem; Android sales are now being pushed by rock bottom retail prices.

Well, with those prices here in Canada I will be sticking with my Q10, thank you very much. I don't think any phone is worth over $500.00 and that is the absolute upper limit. In this day and age with how far technology has come, making the consumer pay through the nose for $60.00 worth of parts is robbery no matter what company you are.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I agree that no phone out there today should be priced over $500 but i'll bet the Passport prices out around $7 bills in Canada. I would be very surprised if it sold for less out of the gate.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Why is this even an issue?! People buying this device won't fuck it...hopefully...they'll use it!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Indeed Passport the way it looks surely gives the confirmation that it will be a instant hit. I am z30 user but will go for the passport to enjoy the feel and the looks. The BlackBerry logo in the back gives you a proud feeling!!!

From my Z30 Device using

I can't be the only person that simply didn't click the link and vote yes or no on the poll because I am not interested in the Passport, can I?

Let's hope the bad boy doesn't come with a bad price tag or it will be create a bad impact specially in country like ours (India) where we have to pay the full cost of handset upfront.

Posted via CB10

USD$700 is too expensive if that's the price in USA & Canada. My opinion.

$499 would be a good idea, $549 pushing it, $599 max. They need to increase market share. To do that, they must remove reasons for buyers to hesitate.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Seriously, Passport will be for those who are not so price sensitive. Why should the Passport be priced over $200 less than an iPhone 6? The Passport is innovative and premium and the price should reasonable reflect that.
I paid over $600 and change for both the Z10 and Z30 at launch and both devices will not be as good as the Passport at launch.
This bad boy should be for "big boys and girls and professionals " who can afford it ; the Passport is not a toy, it's a killer tool!!

Posted via CB10

Exactly. I'm not sure why people think this should be a cheapy phone. Makes no sense for the marketing of this device.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

I'm with you on this...much of the BlackBerry fanatics expect BlackBerry to make devices based on their pockets solely because the company is on the up and up. If you can't afford it, stay in your lane.

Posted via CB10

That thinking is why Blackberry's market share is mediocre. You would rather charge ridiculous prices for a device over your competition when they have the majority of market share? Why? That makes no sense. You match your competitors prices if not better to regain your user base. The Z10 was amazing for its time and the Blackberry community thought it was high-end at first. It was priced ridiculously high and look at how the initial sales for both the Z10 and Q10 were. Yeah, Blackberry, raise that price some more.

Elite1 had echoed the same sentiment that I expressed a while ago in the forums. BlackBerry CANNOT repeat the same mistakes that it made with the Z10, Q10, Z30....all of which have financially been flops thanks to either over-supply, bad marketing, bad pricing or a combination of the three. The 499-599 price point would be perfect for this device (I'd prefer 499) and may sway those non-blackberry users who are even a little bit interested. BlackBerry can't compete with Apple and Samsung right now...they're basically punch outside of their weight class. They need to focus on pricing competitively (i.e. A lot less than their competitors), marketing and getting devices in hands. Once they claw back some market share...then and only then can they even start to think about pricing on par with competitors again.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10


I mean, HOW MANY TIMES do people want BlackBerry to make the SAME "over pricing mistake"????????

Every single time, they provide the same--seemingly logical arguments why the new BlackBerry device should be priced the same as the new iPhone or Samsung phone, and EVERY SINGLE TIME it turns out to be a huge mistake!

Can we at least learn from past mistakes JUST ONCE?

Posted via CB10

I personally don't like the passport I think that they should improve on the Z range. More memory more speed and launch them all at the same time as the passport.
It would broaden the base for not just the professional market but also the basic consumer like myself.
However the should and i hope they did, do a marketing survey as to what the average professional would want out of a smart phone in terms of the device itself but most importantly apps.
At that point they should just buy and load the best or most cost effective app from BlackBerry World on to the phone and then and only then I believe price would not be that much of an issue with respect to the passport because it will come pre loaded and ready to go right out of the box.
That would be a big plus cause most professionals don't want to waste time searching for and loading app they want to just plug and play and keep on moving.
Me personally I love my Z10 just waiting for the improved Z30 if it should come out if not then I'll just have to get the current one....maybe......

Z10 Post.....great phone......great OS.

I agree with you. The price will not be the deciding factor alone. It is the features and benefits which will differentiate the passport from other devices.

From my Z30 Device using

Which again begets the wisdom of looking to retain/grow their enterprise territories again vs the iOS/Andro consumer markets (which rely heavily on cheaper units). Larger corporations will be less cost-motivated IF (and that's an important if) the device fulfills their needs. C-titles will probably like the easier-to-read screen and return to a physical kb, IT will like the management/lockdown ease of BB's backend services, and so on...

Fewer complaints about *whatever birds* being available or a not-so-robust movie experience. Of course, some of us non-corp types will also want this phone, and we also know it will likely cost us accordingly. Loss of market share and the decreased scale of production will also keep things costing a premium. Nature of the beast.

Posted via CB10

My global employers (almost 100 000 employees) explicitly stated that the reason they did not move to BB10 was due to cost.
Cost matters to corporates and at the moment my company would rather do BYOD and brow-beat its staff about taking appropriate precautions to protect data.

Posted via CB10

Same thing at the US$39 billion dollar company I work at. They find BYOD to be cheaper. BlackBerry seems to be making the same mistakes of the heinz era. Corporations are looking at reducing their costs and expensive toys are not going to cut it unless the employee brings it.

Posted via CB10

Yes, if it's priced too low,
you're sending the message

"We can't sell this otherwise, because it's just average.."

... which means you're greatly limiting the phone's desirability. If I was an C-level Exec, I wouldn't wanna place this on the board room table knowing the guy next to me paid a couple hundred more for his silly iPhone or Droid...

Target market will pay the asking price.
Man, this is a productivity monster, and will make up for any cost increase through increased efficiency. If I get my daily reading and emailing done just 30% quicker, I'll earn that in only a few days...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

How much do the 32gb variants of other premium models cost though, that normally tacks on an extra $100 to any of them.

I think only Apple and the original PlayBook price list tack on a full $100 to jump from 16GB to 32GB variants of same device. But we're not exactly talking about price difference between two versions of same device here anyway.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I agree with you. Take the hesitation factor away from buying the device. I would love to see a price of 500 dollars. So the design would not only turn heads but so would the price. Perhaps this is optimistic, 550-575 would also garner attention as well. BlackBerry needs sales and they need attention from the public. A high price is an easy way to kill any sort of momentum. Get the damn phone in people's hands. Have we learned nothing from the Z10 debacle?

Posted via CB10

You are always going to be able to buy an Android phone for less than a technically equivalent BlackBerry; it's all about reference designs, common hardware and economies of scale. It all comes down to one factor; can you get what you want?
A Porsche Boxster has the same performance as a hot hatch, but costs a lot more. Porsche aren't going bust any time soon.

Actually bad example. Porsche was arguably close to going bust before they released the Cayenne, which is the most reasonably priced Porsche model. ("most reasonably priced" is used here relative to other Porsche models and other luxury SUVs)

Cayennes now account for over 50% of Porsche sales, and Porsche is now one of world's most profitable automakers.

Who wouldn't want to see BBRY double their sales figures as they introduce a new larger form factor too? Good design + reasonable price are the first two steps.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I'm contemplating on buying the Passport to replace my Z10. However, I would like to hear about any plans for an all touch replacement.

Posted via my super duper ultra mega Z10 with death ray

This year? There's the Z3 LTE, a slightly smarter sibling of the Z3 with a few slight spec bumps including a 5" 720P screen, 2GB of RAM, and of course LTE. The rear housing is also rumored to be slightly different then the Z3 with the glass covering the camera lens now being a strip running across the entire top of the back instead of just covering the camera lens.

Next year? I'd guess that depends on how well the Passport, Classic, and Z3 LTE do in the market, but I'd assume based on Mr Chen's comments that eventually there will be another all touch device

At this point it seems fairly clear that any all-touch update outside of the lower end devices is a minimum of 6 months away.

Z20/Z3 LTE spec boost is good news but it has to launch at a low price similar the Z3 or it won't be a good replacement for the Z10.

The Z10 has been sold at fire sale prices for so long that it's created a level of expectation of specs at that price point both for consumers and business. A Z20 at double the current price of the Z10 just won't sell.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

I would love to see the poll results with the option of "No - I'm waiting for the next all-touch BlackBerry", included in the poll. Or even simply "No - not interested in the Passport or Classic"

I agree with the first part. "No, I'm waiting for a new all-touch BlackBerry" would have been my vote, and the vote of many others I think.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Yup, although I'll give the Passport a good physical checkup once it's at retailers. I still believe I'll opt to purchase a Z30 to replace my Z10 and tie me over until the next all-touch screen flagship is announced.

I'm also hoping the price for a unlocked Z30 on Kijiji will drop due to the Passports introduction.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

Shop blackberry US store has unlocked blackberry's 25% off, if you live in Canada like I do, get it shipped to a friend in the US and have him reroute it to you. I bought two Z10 4 months ago when they were $100 off, Cost me an extra $40 for the shipping. Fast, cheaper, unlocked and under warranty way of getting a new Z30 oppose to possibly used on Kijiji.

Posted via CB10

They already ran that poll and over 75% of CrackBerry readers are waiting for a new all touch. That's on top of the 99.5% of the overall smartphone market who use all touch. Hopefully some of them can be converted to physical keyboard!

I would like to see more info about the Classic. Other than a few pictures I haven't seen anything since it was announced 6 months ago. Most people I know who switched to BB10 missed their trackpad so let's so how that works on the Classic.

From what I've been reading the Classic will have much the same internals as the Z10 but better benchmarking numbers because of the better 10.3 OS.

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

I couldn't care less about specs to be honest although the same specs as a 2 year old phone doesn't sound very impressive. I'd be more interested in some videos on how the trackpad works, build quality and any innovations that have been made or if it's just what the Q10 should have been 2 years ago.

I agree, this would be my vote too, only reason I'm hesitant on buying the Z30 is simply waiting for a replacement for the Z10 or a new version of the Z30...


I would personally never buy the Passport as I truly dislike how it looks.

BUT... never say never (since I have yet to try one in person and will reserve judgment til then)....

However, unless I hear angels singing when I try it out, I won't be buying it.

Posted via CB10

It would have made the poll much more revealing of it had shown us the proportion of people are waiting for a new high spec all touch rather than a phone with a physical keyboard and square screen.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

A poll by CB stating 100% "would" buy an all touch would still be a speculative device to the consumer market vs the "done" Passport aimed at enterprise (whose holdouts have been largely for the kb and trackpad). One could point to the Z30 sales as an indicator for the "all touch" sales #'s argument. And even then, "3M members" of CB won't translate into 3M all-touch device purchases, either.

Please note I'm NOT attacking you. Just thinking out loud, really...

I have to admit, I like the Q10, but I loved my Bold! Took months to adapt out of the one-handed utility of no trackpad. Won't do Passport until feeling it out, but know for certain I'm not a touchscreen kind of person (we do exist!). ;)

Posted via CB10

How is that most people buying the passport?!!! More than half who voted chose NO. Just cos you split the NO answer into two different categories doesn't mean they're actually less, in fact they are more combined. Wouldn't have reached 50% if you split it in a simple YES and NO.

Posted via Q10

Actually a poll like this is null and void. Speculation is never a true calculation of anything. For fun and games and getting people riled up it is fantastic but when the actual product comes out is when you see people put their money where their mouth is. Like asking people if they will purchase the new model car that is coming out without even knowing if it works. Null and Void.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

.... a LOT of CB'ers have more than one BB10 phone.

That fact alone will skew any such poll.
I have a Q10 and Z10, I will definitely upgrade to the Passport, but get a Z30 for my wife for lack of a better option at this stage. She's a "touch girl" (don't get that wrong!), and I would wait for something else if I knew there was something in the making...

(Chen's strategy? Will he announce new all-touch high-end device right after Classic launch / Christmas? )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Don't get to excited as the mobile technology reviewers don't get or recommend BlackBerry - we still need a decent digital assistant, great camera, Google services and the latest and greatest apps and that is just to keep up with the competition.

Keep the Faith brothers and sisters.

Posted via CB10

10.3 comes with a better virtual assistant. The cameras on BlackBerry devices are on par with most other devices. If BlackBerry keep raising the pixels per camera on device, then it means more battery drain and more space for saving. No need for Google services - actually against BlackBerry security model.

Posted via CB10

I switched from the Z10 to the Z30 this past April, and I love it. I loved the Z10, but just enjoy the screen size of the Z30, and Android apps seem to work smoother than on the Z10. I'm patiently waiting to get my hands on the Passport to give it a test try and decide if a switch from the Z30 will be taking place. Honestly, I'd be happy just to get 10.3 on my Z30.

The touch keyboard makes the classic obsolete. If the classic had a touch keyboard, it would do better.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

The two devices fill different needs, the classic is going to be more the workhorse that businesses deploy in larger numbers with the passport's higher cost meaning that it will get quite a lot less sales, but draw some positive attention to the brand in a way that neither a classic nor an all-touch would due to the distinct form factor

It's as "Classic" as

.... sigh...

Classic Shell on Windows 8? With XP Luna skin?


That's what it is, resistance to change or unwillingness to relearn due to considerable investment in "how-to" do this and that on the older platform plus muscle memory...

I do understand their position, so they will get what they want,
but the rest of users and the times will move on...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Great news. I'm going to wait until the successor to the Z30 comes. Z50 perhaps?

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I can't wait for Z50, they should do a poll for Z50. I guarantee you it will be 99% of ppl want that Z50!!!!!

From my Z10

Dude. I want a Z50 as much as I want the Passport.

But for now it is Passport,
but Zeddy successor will get its turn, too!


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

When is it hitting the street? I'm afraid it won't be released until the end of September and available for purchase till the end of October. There is a huge advantage to be first to market, and I'm afraid that won't happen. September is an important month, and because of carrier contracts it makes it difficult for new customers to change their mind.

Hope I'm wrong.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Here's hoping they hit it out of the park...sorry had to say this, set myself

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

ROFL!!! Loyal ATT customer here, but their support of BlackBerry devices has been shameful and abysmal the last couple years... If we're gonna wait on ATT, it's gonna be at least 6 months after launch before we can get our hands on a device...

Nice addition to the BlackBerry family but it will be an Epic fail if they don't promote and advertise it. BlackBerry we have to let USA consumers know about these great products, word of mouth isn't gonna win back market share at this point

Posted via CB10

Consider the poll is taken in a site that is cater to BlackBerry fans, it's unlikely a reflection of larger consumer base. Pricing will affect the numbers of interest. There's a reason BlackBerry offer a pre-register email alert on the launch of Passport. To gauge the level of interest and perhaps use those data to set the price point as well as production units.

to be fair there are no option for waiting on a full touchscreen with awesome specs. So I didn't vote

Posted via CB10

I don't want a PKB anymore and BlackBerry can't work on PKB and all touch devices at the same time apparently. They have always had a problem with multitasking when it comes to product development. My Z10 is slow with the Android apps, and I'm not sinking money into a Z30 that has a worse screen and is late in its life cycle. BlackBerry must accept the fact that THEY converted many of us to all touch, that THEY must now provide us all touch options for upgrade or risk losing us.

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

The Z30 screen is not "worse" in real world use than the Z10 screen, it's different as any AMOLED screen is compared to an LCD but it's not worse. You honestly don't notice the lower ppi, maybe if you held both side by side but you don't do that in real use, your eyes adjust to what's in front of them.

You'll never regret upgrading to a Z30 from a Z10.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

@Nizar O...I'm going to try and type away like a pro, and if I can't ,I'll swipe away on my virtual keyboard,can't lose.Passport to utopia???

I hope that the Passport will Bring momentum back tot blackberry. I even would advise to design an all touch version (samen size) if the Passport is a succes. That would need a new screen size ratio(not 1:1 or 16:9) and Adjust eventueel to applicaties. This is only posible if the will become a big succes. 2e option is a all touch phone with 1:1 screen. That does not need applicaties adjustments. It would create a whole new market!

Posted via CB10

Maybe I will consider buying it, but I'm looking forward for a high end all touch blackberry device

Posted via CB10

Most People don't realize that the current all touch Candy bar phones are based on a form factor that was derived from the frist generations of mobile phones (with a small screen And physical keyboard). A square all touch device could/would change our perception of how functionality should be presented!

Posted via CB10

*Slapping forehead* So in-your-face, totally missed this point! Thank you for the brain snack to nibble on.

Posted via CB10

LG Vu and Vu 2, look it up, it has already been done, and it flopped.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

As much as I love my BlackBerry devices I will be moving to iPhone in the next few months as I am having issues with android based apps and I am worried about Android security.

Sad but true.

Posted via CB10

What do you think may happen, they will destroy your device from the inside out? I joke, but seriously relax.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

I think it'll do well because honestly it's not my type of phone and I'm still considering it...swore I'd never do physical keys again but there's something about this device that charms you with it's combo of big screen, keyboard and huge battery. It seems perfect in theory

I keep going back and forth. I like the idea of having a unique phone, but do love all touch Z30. Guess it will come down to price point. If I can afford to give it a trial until next all touch high end comes out I will, but if it's over say $200 on contract I will pass until I learn more and see what is coming next.

I selected the option to see a review first based on it's the closest option I could actually choose to what I wanted to select.

See, I want/need to see/hold/use the device first before I can commit. I'm thinking of the passport replacing my Z30 and that's a significant change.

Moving to the Z30 from the Z10 took time and some careful research. I'm the end it was a device I do t regret. But I love my Q10 I use for work. I live the keyboard. Looking forward to seeing and trying a Passport on person.

Posted via CB10

I answered I would wait but the choices there were limited and the one I would have picked would have been no I moved on from that form factor and would wait on the Z50.

Neither the Passport or the Classic appeal to me at this time.

It has to win the heart of everyone if we want BlackBerry to be ahead. I'm sick and tired of everyone giving me cr*p for choosing a z30.

Market that dope!!!

Posted via CB10 from my (amazing) Z30.

I am wondering if the Passport experience docked into an external monitor and keyboard, will rival a laptop.

If so - I would replace my aging laptop with a Passport.

My Z10 or Playbook - docked, can't rival a laptop when I have serious work to do.

Would be nice to dock a Passport in my office, use it on the run for any serious work and maybe even switch out to my Z10 when on the run with nothing serious to do.

Would finally make the PB obsolete.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I hope it will be like a laptop and PlayBook replacement or else it will be difficult to give up on the Z30.

Posted via CB10


SDcard. HDMI via adapter. Wireless mouse and KB for desk use. Blend.

Other portable OSes bootable on PC/Mac via USB mass storage on SDcard (WinRE, Ubuntu, even FreeNAS/NAS4Free... thanks to USB tools like Unetbootin, PendriveLinux, etc... )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Still happy with my Z30. Perfect scenario would be a company issued BlackBerry Classic and my own Z30 for personal use.

 Z30 Rocks 

On the Passport? :)
Upshot is if 10.3 is optimized enough to squeeze out more juice from current devices, that'll be double boontime for BB.

Posted via CB10

I think that passport is designed with professionals in mind. I will be surprised if it is less than $699. It is a high end device and should carry a high end price tag. Its price should be comparable to Samsung note. That is why I don't think that I will purge out $600-700 every two years for a new phone. We BlackBerry fans should not be disappointed. Selling well of passport will boost BlackBerry's bottom line, and a step in the right direction to its eventual recovery. I have not lost my faith yet.

Posted via CB10

Expect very moderate success with the Passport. General public - forget it. BlackBerry fans will be split on the Passport and the next touchscreen device.

For the record, I think I'll probably buy one, but in my view a success for the Passport is not huge sales but decent sales and good reviews.

Posted via CB10

The only sales BlackBerry passport will see is those coming from current BlackBerry users. It's not going to steal away many (if any) Android and Apple users. It's a very strict niche market product.

Posted via CB10

One of my coworkers, out of the blue, said he was considering getting a Passport to upgrade his iPhone instead of the iPhone 6.

He had never mentioned any interest in BlackBerry beforehand. I think the Passport may draw a lot more middle aged, working class people than you think. People who don't spend all day playing Candy Crush, or Words With Friends.

Posted via CB10

Hope BlackBerry get the word out there, and advertise well. As downunder retail has been poor, there is still talk on the street that BlackBerry is o. The way out, as a BlackBerry fan, it's upsetting to hear this frequently

Posted via CB10

For many the lack of who will carry it among the carriers and no mention of price puts a lot of people on the fence
Once those are announced I think you'll see more uptick in people pre-ordering it.

"I love when people boast about their its a pissing contest"

I personally think pre-orders will pick up when BlackBerry starts accepting pre-orders for the device. Right now, I'll bet pre-orders are slllooooooowww...

Posted via CB10 using my Z30.

Passport has awesome up to date specs!!!! The hardware is a bit different that's for sure but I mean I can't wait till the BlackBerry Knight arrives ;D

Posted via CB10 via my BlackBerry Z10 ;)

People who want and enjoy Innovation will buy the phone and be rewarded for the way people react and give you their attention ,when they see you using it.Wanna meet people the easy way ?Do or have something that others don't do or have.BB is going to be happy with this innovation.It's not just the Brand it's a new form and it fits really well in your pocket,this baby is definitely going naked to get all the attention it deserves!!

Why would you buy something so people treat you differently? I can only imagine the personality these people have.

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@Killjoyhere...that's really low,buy anything that most people can't and you'll see what I mean.As far as a phone goes ,haven't you ever been asked what is that?Breaks the ice ,and why not ?

There's an entire luxury marketplace based on people buying things so that others will perceive them & treat them differently. ;-)

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PORSCHE Pa$$port in Platinum Edition...

Yeah, but not my price range....

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

The passport is so different from any device we've ever seen before, I need to learn more about it before I'll put any money to it.

AT&T and Verizon had better carry this in the USA, or else there will be a march on the embassy in Waterloo!

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Aside from the blackberry fans I don't think a lot of consumers will care for this because it's too different and people don't generally like different.

So outside of corporate and BlackBerry fans I can see no reason why this will be a hit.

I like the Passport but may not get it because my Z10 still works just fine. No need to get a new phone.

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This shows that the difference between a success and a flop is execution!

If they get it right, it will be revolutionary!

@bspense87...would love to see the #'s for the Z3 and see if they have learned anything from Foxconn and their Marketing efforts.Really liked the commercial we saw recently on CB for the Z3 in Indonsia,keep the faith.

Passport is aimed directly at corporate users, as is the classic. We consumers need to accept the fact that we are no longer the head of the line people in blackberries thinking. Chen has made that perfectly clear many times, enterprise is the focus for blackberry(as it should be) at this stage of the game.

This phone will get carrier support for business clients, but for consumers, you can pretty much forget about it especially here in the USA where apple has strangled carriers with their iphone contract terms.

Do I hope I am wrong, of course I do, but I sadly think I am more right than wrong. I hope Sprint offers it for consumers(or at all) but I doubt it will see the light of day in retail stores of any carrier in the US, no matter what the price tag.

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@Jon Tessier...I love your first paragraph where you say things about enterprise ,and that's where Chen's genius comes in .They lost so much Market share in the phone Biz so why not put it in the background and see what happens ,if they come out with something truly innovative,Thor(a hole)said that Bb was too innovative for their own good,I could see all phones in the future this shape.

I'm afraid they are going to sell out on day 1 and not be replenished for a couple months.

Not because it will be the hottest phone on the market, but because BlackBerry will be conservative with its production after the Z10 fiasco.

I'm camping out on launch day to make sure I get my Passport!

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For a premium price it better be built well. Lots of metal. Leather. Not a bunch of plastic.

I'd pay 700 for a BB10 Torch SLIDER. For a slider I'd give my left tit.

God I wish BlackBerry would make a phone people want for a change.

Z30STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

For a phone thats coming out in within 2 months i find it strange that there is NO mention or anything about this phone on the official BlackBerry website. Me think thats a problem.

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If BlackBerry is going to be priced like those with high market share, passport will be DOA. They have no campaign, not too many know there is even BlackBerry anymore and sale people are either biased or ignorant, people on other smartphones are not just going to jump ship to something they know nothing about or have any clue at all

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I work for a carrier and I got the pleasure of going hands on with such a beautiful device, seeing photos on the Internet is nothing compared to when you touch it....Of course I will buy one as soon as is possible. #TeamBlackaberry

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I voted that I would wait for reviews before purchasing, since that was the only other option than outright "yes". Actually, I'm not waiting on others reviews of the phone (I never cared for any of that since it's often quite subjective) but rather I prefer to try the phone out personally, get the feel and look of it in my own hands before I buy. That's how I always decide with my electronic purchases. Too bad there wasn't an option like "try it out yourself in retail before purchase", because that's different from waiting for reviews, which I'm not.

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If blackberry had acknowledged all of the q10 owners with double typing issue you'd see the pre-order number way higher.

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Naturally Chen has a specific # he needs for handset sales. He is not looking to take over consumer market with the Classic or Passport. He has though pre-sold not only this 2 new phones in private but also the Enterprise Solutions to old and new clients. That's 3 direct revenues in 1 sitting plus indirectly referring QNX as well. Why do you think he is acquiring networks like NantHealth news or the Gov of Dubai? The pitch is simply: Hi check our new Enterprise Suit; btw have you seen our new phones? As soon as that square lays on any table it's going to generate buzz. Why try to convince 450 million people who are not BlackBerry users (games and Facebook users) to begin with? The Z3,10,30 are for both consumer based and professionals like myself who prefer a bigger screen to show photos and videos of my performances (musician). Whether consumers buy or not makes no difference; this phone is cater to a specific niche; the professional in mind.

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The fact some people want reviews first means
A) BlackBerry fans are smart, well thought out customers, which typically lowers return rates.
B) The Passport design is innovative, customers are curious thus want reviews.

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I printed the Passport real life size cutout that someone posted on Crackberry 2 days ago. It is the perfect size, much better than the big HUGE honken Android phones I see some people lugging around.

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The 1:1 ratio and 1440x1440 is going to be so welcome. Many times I caught myself quietly cursing having to rotate my Z10 into landscape so I could see my websites. I pretty much just gave up and never rotated.

The Passport should address that need to stay in portrait mode. I have a good feeling about this device.

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...and a touch screen Passport would be even better as the screen would be even bigger given the fact that the key pad wouldn't be required.

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

I feel as though the PassPort is a solid device, with solid specs, that brings something innovative to the market. I, personally, have had a lot of devices over the past few years. I had a 5 inch Archos android tablet in 2009, a LG Optimus Slider, Dell Venue Pro (the original Windows Phone 7 device), briefly owned an iPhone 4s, went googoo over a BlackBerry Bold 9900, rocked an HTC Evo V 4G (AKA Evo 3D) for a year, and now use an LG Optimus G Pro. If you take a look at all these devices, you might see what drew my eye to the PassPort. I like innovative features and designs. In fact, my Dell Venue Pro brought me the most joy of all. It had a BlackBerry-style keyboard with a touchscreen and organized OS. The PassPort brings much the same joy when I look at the currently released details. That being said, this is NOT good enough to be priced at anything over $550. Why? For the same reason the Dell Venue Pro wasn't. There are very few apps. This means that, as more productive apps are released, I am left to hope for a PassPort compatible version. This means that Chen, and all of his lovely explanations, can kiss my whole ass if he thinks I'm going to spend MORE money to downgrade my app availability. You see, the great thing about the iPhone and Galaxy era is the knowledge that, when I can't afford a device, a bigger company will steal the idea behind it and make a cheaper one to keep the little guy over the barrel and lubed up. Don't get me wrong, I love this phone and will likely buy one, but I certainly will not pay too much for it. You can tell me that the iPhone is just a toy and I will agree. You can tell me Android is too open. I'll second that motion. But I'll then tell you that a Crayon is also often considered a toy. But I'll be damned if it doesn't write all the same if you get a black one. I'm just saying, I need BlackBerry to give me a reason to buy that pack of #2 Papermates. Because, at the end of the day, everyone's got a pack of Crayola lying around and I'm prepared to whip one out until Blackberry gives me a reason to upgrade. And I think that's most people's general thought process.

I wouldn't use a crayon to do my work. My clients would not be impressed if I signed my name with a crayon. But if I was goofing around the house, sure, I'd use a crayon. That for me is the reason I would pay for that pen. In fact I use a Mont Blanc when I meet my clients. I'm serious, I do. Obviously my needs are much different than yours and I can easily justify buying that papermate.

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And therein lies the issue. The corporate and business sector will not bring BlackBerry out of their rut. They absolutely need to catch the mainstream consumer's eye in a way that will keep them wanting more. People like you and I aren't who they need to worry about. They've got to worry about the man who doesn't know he wants a Passport yet. They need to make him think he'd be stupid to pass up a well priced business oriented device over the iPhone that seems to have all the features everyone else needs. He needs to ask why he's still using Crayola when Papermate is cheaper and looks more professional. It's like wooing a potential mate. You gotta smear on some charm before I'm ready fall into bed with you.

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Saw the Carphone warehouse review video the other day on Youtube..and up until then I still had my doubts. But after seeing the video I am convinced that I want one. Just hope the pricing is just right. Can't be more than USD 600. It will kill it here in India.

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They should be able to sell the Passport for 599$ or less. I paid those prices like a decade ago for Palm OS devices and iPaqs. And I paid like 1000$ for a laptop recently.

BlackBerry should not under price the device. They worked hard to design it, the device appears to answer real needs, which means it has value. And value deserves to be paid.

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But, the issue is not the value of the handset itself, it's the depreciated value of the OS. I understand that BlackBerry is attempting to zero in on the enterprising and corporate sector right now, but they would have a better chance at breaking back into the general consumer market if it was priced according to the general consumer's idea of it's worth. When more developers are porting apps and features to BB, they'll be able to charge big boy prices.

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Ironically I find BlackBerry World has so much stuff I waste time trying to find the best of class app e.g. podcast player, ereaders.
Note: I use bpod and NSR reader (which I expect is going to be so good on the Passport).

I use 1 Android app, PocketMine, which i pay in game; but plan to stop after the developer team wrote me to turn down my suggestion they make a bb10 version. Lol. Now trying Total Conquest for bb10.

Anyway, my point is there are tons of great bb10 apps.

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I know there are a bunch of great apps for BlackBerry, just as there are on Windows Phone. However, if you look at recent market share reports, you'll see that the top contenders have significantly more and most are from the name brand companies. I, personally, would prefer a onenote app from Microsoft than from a random third party developer. Microsoft, however, doesn't see a point in rushing an app to an OS that is on the edge of death at the moment with very little consumer interest. Such is the way of the programming market. I sincerely hope that BlackBerry prices these devices for affordability, markets them aggressively, and does their best to bring in service developers from the major productivity services. (Microsoft, Polaris, Google ) or they'll be in the same pickle that Microsoft is in with its ecosystem. Due to their poor relationship with Google, there is a huge compatibility issue that degrades the usability of their devices. BlackBerry can't make that same mistake with its partners.

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Yes Apple and Android are entrenched and have momentum. BlackBerry will need years to regain its market share, but it will happen simply because they now have the best OS. And quite frankly the hardware designs are superior also. You can see BlackBerry has a lot of smart people working for them. Their phones answer the needs of both professionals and consumers. If I ran BlackBerry I would cater to the corporate and professional customers first because that's where the money is. That being said, the Passport, the Classic and the Z10/Z30 are targeting all customer segments. I don't see anyone being ignored.

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Here in India the market for higher priced phones is very thin. You got to be a big brand which is also universally famous ( recently iPhone 5C and 5S) for people to even consider it buying. Blackberry is going through the same phase here as it is around the world. Building it's brand slowly and steadily. For that it needs to come up with an eyepopping device at an eyepopping price point as well. Passport needs to do that else it will vanish sooner than one can imagine. I can promise I will be one of the first people in india to buy it..

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Professionals are going to buy the Passport big time. They need as little hassle as possible and they have more money to buy the devices. But if the Passport is 599$ or less consumers should also buy. This is going to be great for games, .bbm, email, the whole bb10 experience.

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I am very excited about the passport. Bring it out already!
Assistant sounds great. As does the idea of viewing my calendar or spreadsheets on a nice size screen.

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Do you really use spreadsheets on a phone? I tried, I can't stand it. Maybe that will change with the Passport but I'm more interested in improving my Web browsing ad eBooks. I have a sophisticated Excel 2013 sheet I would like to use but I doubt Docs2Go even supports all the fancy features e.g. color gradation on numbers, etc.

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BBpass, I use spreadsheets on my phone.  I have a Z30 and use spreadsheets to track my business kilometres, calculate ratios, and other jobs.  They are not large, complicated spreadsheets, but they are spreadsheets nonetheless and I look forward to seeing my work on a larger, wider screen.

I know we can make some pretty complicated and involved spreadsheets, but I think if you simplify yours to adapt it to a mobile environment, you will be quiet happy in the end.

So a lot of BlackBerry fanatics want the Passport, most of them already have the Z10, Q10, Z30 ,so of course they want the Passport. Blackberry would be gone if it wasn't for the people who purchase multiple models. Chen could put a keypad or touch screen on a piece of dog poop and some fans would buy it and say it's ingenious.

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Current BlackBerry customers will buy new improved devices because the BlackBerry OS has made them efficient, connected and entertained. A friend of mine who uses Android keeps telling me BBM is BlackBerry's brown jewel. In my opinion it is rather the OS.

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Correction :Crown jewel. Talk about a nasty typo. See, if i had my Passport i would not have hit the B instead if the C. Hehe

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Ha ha!  Yes, that was quite the typo, considering the comment you were replying to!  Keep the mood light!

I can't speak for others but I'm buying because the Passport specs reveal new functionality that answers clear needs. It's a very rational decision. Ever since I bought the Z10 I just get more things done. It's just good.

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Well, let's see - what kind of specs are we talking on that poop? Do you have a mock-up? You may be onto something.

But seriously, couldn't your point be made for loyal Apple customers too? I suspect many apple haters would feel that way.

Possibly 1 way to know if BB10 is superior is too have a group of BlackBerry 10 users (for 3+ months) be loaned ios phones and see if they want to switch. Personally, I would never go back to the current iOS.

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As far as some of you saying that the Passport is not suited for Women, my wife disagrees. I showed her the video and right away she loved it because of the key sizes. I think men forget that women with longer nails have a difficult time with any keyboard. My wife said this is going to be a huge selling point in this regard for the Passport.


Keeping our fingers off the screen while we type and not having the virtual keyboard going up and down, up and down when taping in and out of new fields is useful to both men and women.

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Funny how everyone hated this ugly brick until it was officially announced. Give us a real full on touch screen phone BlackBerry, that's the real future.

Not funny or unusual at all? It's very simple. The early photos were just shots of the screen hardware and some case company showing it's packaging. If was confusing and didn't look promising. The minute everyone saw it in Chen's hands the perception changed. This was pretty much unanimous. The final build looked 100 times better.


From the numbers, this poll really makes me wonder if the money BlackBerry spent on developing and bringing to market the Classic, will pay off. Seems the Passport will be the phone to raise BlackBerry from the mire of obsolescence that the media has whitewashed it with, and it would seem that if that actually does happen; a fail on the next phone out of the gate, being the Classic may toss a proverbial monkey wrench into the climb. Something I would absolutely hate to happen as I am sure most here feel.

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I think the Classic is going to be a success also. A lot of people need a compact BlackBerry for mainly calls, email, photos and BBM. The Passport is more for Web & entertainment power users.

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Just as the Passport, when you see it in photos or live like when it was beside the Passport with Chen, the look of it is extremely impressive. As soon as it gets more coverage, things will change and people will want it.


Passport will be a great phone. I have only a Q5 but i'm proud of be a BlackBerry user. Greetings from Poland.

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