Major Mayhem arrives on the BlackBerry PlayBook and he's got an itchy trigger finger

Major Mayhem arrives on the BlackBerry PlayBook and he's got an itchy trigger finger
By Bla1ze on 10 Oct 2012 07:26 pm EDT

If side scrolling action games are your thing, you'll want to give Major Mayhem a look. Union and Adult Swim have unleashed the Major onto the BlackBerry PlayBook and made sure the game was packed to the max with plenty of levels, weapons and most importantly, action.

In total, the game features over 45 levels to play through as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Union has set the game at $2.99 and if you're up to the challenge, you download it from the link below.

Need to see it in action first? The game trailer is below as well for your viewing pleasure.

Purchase / Download Major Mayhem for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Major Mayhem arrives on the BlackBerry PlayBook and he's got an itchy trigger finger


I really don't know if is native or not, either way isn't fair, do they think playbook owners are from another planet? What makes them think we wouldn't find out is free for every other platform

we sure do!
asphalt 6 (0.99 on android)
modern combat 2 (6.99 on android)
creavures (0.99 on itunes)
shawdowgun (4.99 on android)
nfs undercover (2.99 on itunes)
tetris (0.99 on itunes)

^ for all the stuff you got free on the playbook... buy a few paid ones to support your devs on a platform you love. Remember you can play these on your upcoming BB10 phones too :D

All great games and I have them all on my Playbook. However I think you mentioned all of the free Playbook games in your list. Android has countless thousands of games and I think that's the point people are whining about.
Tablets are incredible

Lots of games cost money on Playbook that are free on other systems. Its only 3 bucks, my morning coffee costs more than that.

Most games on Playbook are a rip off. Even the paid version of this on the iPad is only 99 cents. I think it has something to do with costs of porting it over to the Playbook. Happily we also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab in addition to the Playbook, so I don't have to worry about the inflated Playbook prices. They really need to work on that crap and slso stop making us wait forever to get a game on Playbook months after it was released on Android and IOS.
Tablets are incredible

rip off means that those games made by different publisher and similar to the real one.
But this is the real Mayhem that everybody else played on Android and iOS.

Example of rip off:
- Angry Birds = Angry Pigs?

Please don't try and obfuscate the meaning of my post with semantics. You know very well that I'm saying the price of RIMS counterpart compared to the Android version is a ripoff. Going from $.99 to $2.99 isn't much, but when you are buying multiple titles, it adds up fast.

PS Bad Piggies from Angry birds is not a rip off. The word you are looking for is spinoff.
Tablets are incredible

You read my post and comment on one word? C'mon buddy if you can't contribute something coherent, don't bother. You're another game player.
Tablets are incredible

Most games aren't rip-offs. Think of the developers who took the time (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, even years) to put all that time and effort into those games, apps or utilities for us playbook users and you don't even appreciate what they did and label their work as rip-offs?

Shame on you.

Rovio Angry birds on my Samsung Galaxy Tab is .99 cents. On my Playbook it's $4.99. Any sane person with an ounce of brains knows this is a rip off. So shame on you for even saying such stupidity. And do yourself a favor. Don't troll, you don't know how to do it effectively.
Tablets are incredible

people cry when there are no apps. then cry about the price when the apps come. there really is no winning with these people--just whining.

You were probably looking at the Android trailer. Almost every app on Android has a free counterpart. RIM should do that.
Tablets are incredible

You seemed to have forgotten that RESEARCH IN MOTION DOESN'T MAKE THESE APPS.

Don't blame or suggest or say RIM should make them as free. That isn't right and it's ignorant of the fact.

Did I once say RIM made these apps? No. Those are your words not mine. I am merely stating the RIM Angry Birds (by Rovio, DUHH) should not be $4.99 when the same app on Android is .99 cents. AND FYI there's no reason for a $4.00 mark up. There is no difference if Rovio makes the app for Android or Playbook. Rovio charges the same. This make up is coming from RIM. Why? Because no one wants to make apps for the Playbook in comparison to Android. Have a nice day.
Tablets are incredible

I know. Why do you think in addition to my playbook my wife and I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab? The apps on Playbook are a rip off.
Tablets are incredible

Are there ads on droid/ios versions? If so, that's why and they can keep the ad crap. I'd happily pay for ad free apps.

This is one of my favorite games on Android. So glad it's on PlayBook now and it runs beautifully; much smoother than on my Galaxy Note. The larger PlayBook screen makes playing even easier and more fun. Graphics, animation and soundtrack are all fantastic.

The price is worth it because you get the complete game. On Android, it's free to download but there are micro transactions within the game.

Bottom line, if you enjoy action and games, this is the most fun you'll have tapping at your PlayBook's screen.

Now we need Age of Zombies...

Picked this up tonight and almost beat it. Very fun and addicting. Gameplay is fantastic. Lots of action and shooting for sure.

Great to see more games coming to the PlayBook. Glad all my games will be able to play on BB10.

Downloaded it free on my Nexus 7 and happily paid the couple of bucks to have it on my PlayBook as well. As others have said before, we have many games that are free on PlayBook and paid on other platforms, and vice versa. It's not unfair, it is what it is.

Yah, yah. Everything in Playbook is not free. So? Blame the developers! I'm sure they have their own reasons why they charge for PB port. Perhaps because PB is wifi only, and most are not connected to wifi, so, displaying ads are quite difficult. Also, it's only $3 (well most PB games are only $1-2). Try Windows Phone, most games are $6-$10!!

I don't support android or apple devices. All I support is BlackBerry, and thats what I am doing supporting them. I dont care if it is free on other platforms, devs just keep bringing the games, apps to the BlackBerry Platform and I will be happy! Charge me or give it up for free I dont care just keep'em coming!

Support your platform and keep it moving!!

I'm going to slap the next person that complains about a game costing them $3.

Get over it. Be glad they ported the damn game.

If you're really upset, go spend $300-500 on an Android tablet.

Or buy beef jerky with your $3 dollars.


It's even worse for us in the UK. As usual, RIM cannot be bothered to currency convert and the title here is £3.00 or $4.81. That's 50% dearer.

Well, if you don't mind ad-infested apps, the free ones on Android are great. Notice though that most free apps on the Playbook (unless they are Android ports) are ad-free. You also must consider that there are many more Android and iPad tablets in people's hands than there are PlayBooks. Facts are facts. If you like it, buy it. If you don't. STFU! I'm sure that the average person thinks that writing an app is just simple stuff. For some people, it is pretty easy. First, you learn the code you are going to develop in. Then you need to learn the workings of the device you are writing for (inputs, sounds, graphics, physics). You have to come up with an idea. You have create all the pretty pictures, videos, sounds and models. You have to put all that stuff together. You have to test it, test it again, test it again, until you think you have it right. Would you do all that work for free? I wouldn't.

Well, that raises a few points. I've just played eight levels on the Android version and so far, not one advert. I think the game uses IAP's to make it's money, something thats now also done by developers for Blackberry App World.

For Blackberry 10 to succeed, it has to compete on Apps and content, something it is not doing at the moment. The increased prices for UK and European markets is not acceptable and neither Google or Apple "tax" their non domestic markets like RIM do.

No-one has said developing is easy and that developers don't deserve a return so that comment is not relevant!