Major League Baseball gets behind BlackBerry 10 with some email promotion

By Adam Zeis on 28 Dec 2012 08:51 am EST


It looks like Major League Baseball may be getting behind BlackBerry 10 with some early promotion. On Thursday, some users were sent emails with the above image teasing BlackBerry 10. There weren't any new details in the email, but just a few quotes touting the BlackBerry 10 experience. The MLB has been a big supporter of BlackBerry in the past with their At Bat app so we can only imagine that this means they'll be ready to roll on BlackBerry 10 at launch. Hopefully other big names will follow along with some promo power as well -- only a few more weeks until we find out.

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Major League Baseball gets behind BlackBerry 10 with some email promotion


Awesome news :) I can't wait

One major thing for MLB and RIM is that the Toronto Blue Jays use RIM exclusively right now. They have an official BBM contact that sends out Blue Jays news all the time, the broadcasters use PlayBooks in the studios and at the Skydome (Rogers Center) RIM has advertisements all over the place (last year anyways)

So this just makes sense

I wouldn't exactly call MLB a big supporter. I'll change my mind when they allow on BB devices. And subscribe faster than anything.

Maybe we'll even get actual game video streams this year?????? Since we will finally have a device that can handle it. Although, my 9650 and 9930 handled NHL Gamecenter Live pretty good before it was no longer offered.

If you look at the senders name its just an mailing list that MLB sells and you agree to receive when you sign up for their stuff. There is no co-branding involved except that the email came with an MLB logo.

I did ask MLB if the email was a sign that this year would be different and we would actually get the game streaming - which to date no BlackBerry device does without a work around (and then only the PlayBook) and got the standard answer they won't be announcing anything about the 2013 season until later - see my posting in the forums for the full detail, thought it's their standard non-answer.

Is MLB getting paid to support BB10 or are they doing it out of kindness? Cause there is a big difference between the two.

Anyway RIM has a history of sponsoring the World Series and the Blue Jays. Having MLB as part of their overall marketing strategy isn't surprising.

Not a Blue Jays myself (I'm a Mets fan) but with Jose Reyes and now R.A. Dickey I hope you guys destroy the Yankees!

I received several of that same email and forwarded one of them on to a friend at RIM. As many of you have stated earlier, I can only hope that MLB.TV will be supported on both the BB10 devices as well as the PlayBook. A season without having to used the workaround would be nice, especially on the PlayBook.

As for the BlackBerry branding in ballparks and programming, I believe they are a sponsor of the American and National League Division Series and you always see "BlackBerry" displayed in the area behind the lefty batters box. Always great to see that. Of course, it would be nice to see that at Citifield with the Mets in the postseason.

As for you Jays fans, Reyes and Dickey are good pickups for you guys, especially with the fact that Dickey will now pitch half of his games in the controlled environment of the Rogers Centre. Dickey is the most stand-up athlete that you will ever see. He actually wrote a letter to all Mets fans thanking us for our support of him. Funny thing was that he mentioned that a friend of his had said that you Jays fans will call him "The Canuckleballer".

Let's Go BB10 and the Mets!!

AND? I seem to remember the playbook being shown off by a few NHL players at last year's NHL Superstar Challenge. What a huge response playbook got from that (insert sarcasm here)

Now if this article read, "RIM buys advertising with MLB!" I would say great! You guys can't even post reality. MLB is behind BlackBerry 10 as long as RIM pays. How about some honesty.

It's not like MLB said, "Hey! I feel like we should do some email promotion for BlackBerry 10!"

I'm guessing MLB had never heard of BlackBerry 10 until RIM bought their "ears."