Magmic releases 5 more themes for BlackBerry 7 devices

Magmic BB7 themes
By Michelle Haag on 8 Dec 2011 06:24 pm EST
Since the release of BlackBerry 7 devices, there have been cries of dismay because of the lack of themes for these devices. This is of course due to Theme Builder not being made available by Research In Motion. At least one theme developer has figured out a way around this limitation, and the first BB7 theme was released last week - Deck the Halls by Magmic. Not one to rest on their laurels, Magmic went ahead and released 5 more themes that are BB7 compatible, with a little something for everyone.

You can now pick up iBerry Edge Zen or iBerry Pink Zen for $1.99 or Cosmos, Tinker Bell, or iBerry 2.0 Zen for $2.99 for select BlackBerry 7 devices including the Bold 9900/30 and Curve 9630/50/70 at the links below. (Please note, the themes are also compatible with other devices, so if you're interested be sure to click through and see if your BlackBerry is listed.)

More information/purchase Deck the Halls
More information/purchase iBerry Edge Zen
More information/purchase iBerry Pink Zen
More information/purchase Cosmos
More information/purchase Tinker Bell
More information/purchase iBerry 2.0 Zen
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Reader comments

Magmic releases 5 more themes for BlackBerry 7 devices


As much as I am a little dissapointed to not have themes for the 9850, the large screen and the ability to manage panels on OS7 more than makes up for it to me. :)

Panels are nice, yes - but I miss my "Elle" theme with hidden icons and a dedicated quicklaunch spot. And, until RIM lets me have complete control of which panels show, I'm still Jonesin' for a Quicklaunch-capable theme.

I truly enjoyed the multiple themes I had for my Storm 1 & 2. It would be nice to have the same types of selections for the 9850 once all is in place as they were fun to use and allowed face change to the phone.

Do people really spend $2 and $3 for a theme? That kind of money can actually buy you an app that, you know, actually does something for you. I don't get it.

Just downloaded iberry edge zen for my 9900. Its nice to have themes again! I hope they keep pumping them out so we can personalize our berrys the way we all like to. (OR THEY COULD JUST RELEASE THEME STUDIO!!!)

"With a little something for everyone?" HUH?

Except the Torch 9810 users!

Nothing for us yet - huh? Ok! I'll keep that in mind when it's time for me to upgrade my phone.

Dark Side! Here I come!


Please, God NO, DON'T DO IT! I'm hurtin' without themes too, but it's not worth jumping ship! We've weathered the Storm (pun intended) and come through to BB7 and the future of BB10 ... just remember:
Good things come to those who wait.

Cant help but be a little disappointed that none of the themes that are interesting(READ: no iCrap themes) are available for the new curve.
I reeeeeaaaallly want to avoid getting back into making my own themes.... Please!

the problem is (im guessing since i havent tried) that theme building is very limited due to the unknowns of OS7. Magmic is probably just taking an oS6 base theme and altering the code etc and compiling by hand. very hard to do having no way to see unless you load it on a phone again and again.

unfortunately - last i heard it wont be till 2012 before TB7 is released.

If you want to find more themes for the BlackBerry 7 including the Torch series.. We already have a custom theme fully working for Bold 9900/9930 :D!! Check @ bb-freaks