MagicPhotos - 1000 free copies up for grabs

By James Richardson on 17 Aug 2014 09:31 am EDT

It may be Sunday and for many of you a day for kicking back and relaxing (if you are that lucky), but that doesn't mean we can't give away an awesome app.

The developer of MagicPhotos has been in touch with us and has kindly offered 1000 copies of the BlackBerry 10 photo editing app for free.

We took a look at MagicPhotos in depth back in mid 2013 and it got a great review. The native BlackBerry 10 app allows you to alter your photos with a selection of tools on board which are as follows:

  • Decolorize - turn an image black and white while keeping certain areas their original color

  • Sketch - convert your photos into sketches

  • Cartoon - convert your photos into cartoons

  • Blur - add a blur effect to your photo (e.g. blur the background, keeping the main part of photo in focus)

  • Recolor - recolor photos using artwork and effects

  • Retouch - remove unwanted sections from your image

As usual with these giveaways - 1000 copies get grabbed pretty quickly so you'll need to be quick. Actually - there are 999 as I had to download it myself. I must have missed this one the first time but I sure am enjoying it now.

To get your free copy just hit up the link below, pull down from the top bezel and select 'Redeem'. Enter the code KINDOFMAGIC and the price will turn to free - sorted.

Once you've had a go why not leave your thoughts below in the comments? I'm sure the developer would appreciate any feedback.

More information/Download MagicPhotos for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

MagicPhotos - 1000 free copies up for grabs


If it was posted more than 5 minutes ago, don't even bother...

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Great app! One of my favourite photo editing apps. If you miss out on a free copy, it's well worth the price tag!

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Wow.. I actually got a free app. Holy cow.. most of the time they are gone 5 minutes after the promo code is posted. Thanks dev for the great app and for the free offer.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

Got it! Thank you

(it seems that 1000 free copies sounds better to let a chance to people to spot it in time)

First time getting a freebie (glad this isn't the first post, people would be suspicious). Just tried the app. Works fairly well for the most part. The retouch option is finicky, but then it's the same on Lightroom, so it is unrealistic to expect a phone app to work magic. Thanks to the Dev for this.

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Finally for the first time I was quick enough to redeem a download. Thanks crackberry

Posted via CrackBerry App on my Zed 10

Yay, got one 30 minutes in! Thx to the developer for his generosity!

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Worst application.... guys who got it..try it...u will find its a waste of time. that's why they gave us 1000 free copies..lmao

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Wow it's gone as if it wasn't 1000 copies

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Very good app!
Thanks for the gift!
the colouring option is easy and very efficient.
The pixellize option could be as accurate as the colouring one, but other than that very good app.

Yes! Was able to grab this one. I also download the app on my wife's phone, who is a heavy photo taker using her phone and PlayBook. She loves the app and have already products some cool photos. Thanks CrackBerry.

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Check your caps and typing lol. People were redeeming 3 hours after you posted

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Awesome, thanks James and dev! I really like the decolorize tool. Now is it me or control buttons are missing from pixelate and blur tools? I'd like to try blurring selected areas of the picture but I can only see a slider and no other options. Anyone else had the same problem?

And awesome dev. All you have to do is press "apply" and you get all the buttons on next screen.

I think the redeem code should only be visible for registered ppl that have some posts. That could make a difference.

It does seem a little odd that 1000 copies are gone in an hour and a half on a Sunday morning ... with only 76 comments. You sure it wasn't 100 copies?

Who knows? Maybe Crackberry is not the only source people turn to for these freebies. Or one person see the note and let's their friends know. Word of mouth spreads things quickly.

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Lol I really wonder if some of you sleep.
Or just sit there refreshing the cbb app on all night.

Hilarious that 1000 copies are gone in less than an hour.

Might have been only 100 copies....there is now way 1000 went that quick. Unless I was just too late...LOL!!! OH WELL!!! SMILE!!!

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All gone.

I think I'm just in a bad time zone - by the time I read about any of this offer :P stuff, everything's been taken

I should audition for those roles in which the cops come in with flashing lights in the last scene to find everything's already been wrapped up neatly :P

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Having looked at the baked-in picture editor on my Z10, I don't really see that this one does much more. I'll look at the review as soon as I can get the browser to work, but for the most part these third-party apps duplicate many of the features already present in BB10.

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This app is nothing like the built in editor. This allows you to apply effects to specific areas of a picture, not the all or none.

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These articles get pushed out via RSS. Which means as soon as it's posted - folks can see the code in all kinds of places :)

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Funny how people won't pay 1.99 for the app but make it free and 1000 people download it in matter of minutes.......

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I tried within 30 mins of the posting and they were all gone. I seriously doubt a 1,000 free copies where given... 100 I believe but a 1,000????

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I'm glad to see 1000 copies gone in minutes. Must mean more people on BB10! Great to see that the community is growing by leaps and bounds.

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For those who got this free is this worth paying the money for? Have some photo editing apps already that work great, but if this one is good I would lay out the money for it. But if not then......meh! in action!

Hi guys,

I'm really upset that not all of you managed to get a free copy, so I increased redemption limit to 2000 copies, so now additional 1000 copies are available. Enjoy!

With best regards, Oleg.

Thanks so much for the extra codes. I will be sure to let my family and friends know about the app and get them to purchase in the future. I appreciate it.

finally! after a few attempts on previous paid-turns-free app, got this one now!
tq cb all the way from malaysia!

Thank you! It's amazing how this dev managed to get his promo code to work but the SCAMMER dev a few days ago couldn't!

Poster via CB10 Bitch!

Just got it. Wow. 5 hours after post! Woo hoo. Will check it out after work and give some feedback. Thanks Dev! And CB.

 Swiped off my Z10 

Don't understand people saying all gone hours ago i got it about 5hours after post came on ie about 5 mins ago!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Plus how come there is no mention of snap2chat being removed from BlackBerry world as Snapchat has claimed it's violating their terms and unauthorised use of ghost logo.All i can say to Snapchat is put up or shut up! Give us on BlackBerry 10 a native app or allow Nemory to bridge the gap..

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Sketch, cartoon, blur and pixelate don't seem to work properly i.e the 3 buttons on top are just not there! So you can apply the effect but not selectively, which defeats the purpose. Is there a fix? I'm on z10. Decolorize, recolor and retouch work just fine. Love the app otherwise, it's an excellent concept but 4 of the effects are useless without the ability to select areas of the picture. Has anyone experienced the same? Help would be awesome, thanks.

This is a preliminary stage, and you'll be able to apply effect selectively on the next stage after choosing effect parameters, after you click Apply button.

Got one at 4:14 PM EST no problem, so anyone before that time that says all gone, just doesn't know how to operate their phone I guess.

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If you read all comments carefully, you will come to know that how others are operating their mobiles. :)

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I got it earlier and it surprised me. I wasn't expecting it to be that cool. Great app. Unfortunately I couldn't select areas of the picture for all the tools in the app but overall it's a great app! Thanks Dev and CB!

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You should be able to apply or revoke effect for selected areas in all modes. However, there is a preliminary stage in some modes (like sketch or cartoon) that allows to adjust parameters of the effect.

Thank you so much! That's much much better now! I guess I should have played around with it a bit more first. Great app. Not only did I get it for free, I got help from the Dev himself! Awesome!

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I found it user friendly. It it's pretty simple to use and has some great features. And when I ran into a problem the Dev himself helped me. So IMO you can't get much better than that.

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This is an indication that bb10 and crackberry users are growing much! It's my first time to get this kind of free app as well I just got lucky I refresh cb at the right time :-) maybe they should try 1,000,000 free copies on the next free app so we can see how much time would it take to avail them all :-)

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What?! How to be the first?! Should I stay to waiting for other apps code redeem ? LoL


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