Touch up your snaps with Magic Photos for BlackBerry 10

By DJ Reyes on 27 Jun 2013 09:11 am EDT

With the awesome camera on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, I'm snapping pictures here and there a lot more than I had previously. Before sharing, sometimes it's always nice to touch it up a bit and while there are some nice filters and effects built into BlackBerry 10, there are some pretty cool editing apps out there to try out.

A current favorite of mine is Magic Photos. It comes with a handful of tools that allow you to manipulate your photos. Though I find myself only using one or two more than the rest. I have always loved the effect where the entire photo is black and white but then there is a select area that has color. Magic Photos allows you to create this effect with your photos.

Magic Photos is natively built and has a really simple interface for manipulating your photos. Once you've selected the tool you want to use, just go ahead and use your finger to alter and tweak the part you want. There is an undo button too, so if you make a mistake, just go back a bit.

Magic Photo tools

  • Decolorize - turn an image black and white while keeping certain areas their original color
  • Sketch - convert your photos into sketches
  • Cartoon - convert your photos into cartoons
  • Blur - add a blur effect to your photo (e.g. blur the background, keeping the main part of photo in focus)
  • Recolor - recolor photos using artwork and effects
  • Retouch - remove unwanted sections from your image

By far my favorite tools are Decolorize and Retouch. I love the effect of a black and white picture with a certain area popping out at you. Very happy that I can now create this effect from my BlackBerry. With Retouch, I love being able to 'clean up' a scenic image. Many times I've taken photos and there's always something that distracts from its beauty. Sometimes is a lamp post that doesn't look right or rubbish etc. Retouch lets me clean those up and present a beautiful scenic photo.

You can check out the video above for a quick demo of the app in action. One thing to note is that Magic Photos received an update shortly after shooting the video so the version demo'd does not include the Cartoon and Blur tools.

Magic Photos is one of my favorite BlackBerry 10 photo editing tools and priced at $1.99/£1.50, I think that it's well worth it. It's available from BlackBerry World and if it tickles your fancy, give it download today.

More information/Purchase Magic Photos from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Touch up your snaps with Magic Photos for BlackBerry 10


Looks pretty slick! I mostly do this on my PC or Mac, but just may grab this for quickie edits on my phone. Thanks for the review DJ.

Nice! I've been looking for an app that would allow the decolorized effect.

They can take my money.

Not bad and worth the try definitely, still can't wait till we officially get on board with Instagram. Unfortunately its taking forever.

Same exact thing like... which one? :) Any app that can do image retouch? Object removal? Controlled blur? Simulated macro effect? Don't see any.

My favorite app for decolorizing and then adding a splash of color back is Color-Up and Color-Up Pro. Been working my magic with the pro version since the Playbook and it is really a great tool. I also have this app as well and find it great for other effects.

Posted via CB10 by way of the SUPER SMARTphone Zed10

There is some settings options missing on the blur and cartoon effect where it says in help about using the settings on top of the screen, but there is no settings.

Posted via CB10

Hi ralfyguy,

For sketch, blur and cartoon effect there is intermediary screen that will allow you to adjust effect's settings and view resulting image immediately. You will get to this screen immediately after selecting image from gallery. When you find appropriate settings to get desired result, press Apply button and you will get to screen where you will be able to bring back original look of parts of an image or to apply effect to them again, using your finger.

I know, but the blur screen shows an example on how to have a sharp object in the foreground and blur the image background. I cannot do that with it. The Help says that under blur there is an icon bar on top like on the other functions, but it isn't there. The help section is wrong.

Posted via CB10

All photos that I tried the app on were oriented wrong and had no way to change them. The but tons at the top do not work.

Posted via CB10

Problem with wrong orientation of images produced by Z10 built-in camera is known issue, it is observed on some phone's firmware versions. This issue is observed because on some firmware versions phone's camera doesn't actually rotate image to proper orientation while making a shot, but adds EXIF Orientation tag to JPEG file instead. This issue will be fixed in next update. You can use Z10's built-in image editor app to rotate image to proper orientation as a workaround.

Don't understand what means "buttons at the top do not work", though. Can you elaborate please?