It's filter and frame time with Magic Cam for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 30 May 2013 10:26 am EDT

Camera applications seem to be all the rage these days. Now that we have a quality camera on both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 we too can join in the 'filter revolution'. Of course the native camera application on BlackBerry 10 does a pretty decent job of tweaking images but Magic Cam offers a whole different selection.

Magic Cam - which is built for BlackBerry allows you to choose from 18 different effects and 10 different frames and there will be more to follow. I can confirm this as the the application has been written by the same developer that brought us SayIt that has had a load of updates/improvements so far.

The idea with the app is different to many others as with Magic Cam you choose the frame or effect prior to taking the picture. With many of the effects there is a slide bar which will allow you to increase/decrease the strength of the filter to give you the perfect photo you are after.

The other great feature with Magic Cam is that you can share the images you take via any of the accounts you have in your BlackBerry Hub - and that's a big bonus for me.

Priced at £1.50/$1.99 if you are into your photography then this application is pretty good value for money.

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It's filter and frame time with Magic Cam for BlackBerry 10


Sounds like a nice little app! I've only used Paper Camera for photo apps so far, but I love that one (which is also BB10 native)

Now if a good app comes along that allows me to take time delay photography as well as time lapse. It will be the perfect day. Come on developers. Create the ultimate tool to utilise the camera that comes with the BlackBerry 10. Mind you I prefer using a larger camera for my good shots as no phone can ever capture as much light or detail s a real 35 mm based dslr.

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Just download it, nice app. It likes Camera 360 for Android and iOS. The first app on BB that can apply filters and frames before capturing. Awesome works devs

It is not slow. It only slow if you record in HD with color isolation or vintage filter.
Try recording in lower res.

What is the use of applying filter/whatever before capturing? While you select the filter/frame/etc the perfect shot is already gone :)

Paper Camera let's you take a pic with a filter first applied too. It's probably my favourite photo editing app but the one I use the most is Filter Box. It's simple and clean and has great sharing feature.

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Me too, I prefer Filter Box over the other similar apps. It has many more filters, it's fast and costs half of the price (greedy me) :D

This looks like a nice, focused app. Remember the Scrapbook app for the PlayBook? Ahh... good times. Wish that made it over to BB10

Something to consider... It appears after I dropped my two bucks that you can't edit pictures you have already taken. You can only edit pictures you take with the app. This really limits the practical use for me.