Magic 8 Ball for BlackBerry answers all those tough questions - 50 copies to be won!

By ObiGeorge on 16 Jun 2010 06:50 pm EDT
Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball is an application that will bring you back to the late 80's, and answer all those tough questions for you. Simply think of your question, click "Ask the 8-Ball" and the Magic 8 Ball will give you your answer. The application has all the same responses as the original toy (10 positive, 5 negative, and 5 hazy).  Overall the app is a lot of fun, passes the time, and even makes decisions for you if you so choose. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry App Store via the link below.

Contest:  We have 50 copies of Magic 8 Ball to give away.  Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.  Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count. 

Reader comments

Magic 8 Ball for BlackBerry answers all those tough questions - 50 copies to be won!



I could now make decisions JUST like RIM's R&D team!

Me - "Will the new slider be a storm or a torch?"
Magic 8-ball - "Ask again, later..."

Add me to the winners list, Kev!!!


I am always at the preverbial "fork in the Road" I need this to make that ever important decision in my Life....please

You know, I was gonna ask "who in their right mind would pay $2.50 or $6 for this app" and then I realized something. The same people who would pay atleast that for the same silly ball you can hold in your hand. Ha. I'd like to win a copy ;)

I love the magic 8 Ball. I remember these when I was little. It is so sweet that they have created one for the Blackberry.

I love this app - I used to play 8 ball all the time with my friends as a kid - I'd like to win this one !

Tak mě napadá, jestli už tu vyhrál někdo z Čech. Pochybuju o tom, tak proč nebýt první?

Use Google translator ;-)

What a great resource you guys have hear. I am still waiting for Verizon to ship my new Bold. Have been a blackberry user since I got my dad's old 7130. What a brick that was and now I've have to deal with the pearl for a few years. Hope I win!

My son insists on using his magic 8 ball at home to decide what he is going to do. This would make my life much easier as I can have it on the go!. LMAO.

My boss has one of these on her desk at work and it answers all the important questions. ;) She needs this on her Blackberry.

It's toally my turn to win. The guys in the shipping department at my job have a lucky green Care Bears magic 8 ball and it told me "my reply is no" but I think it is broken and I really am supposed to get this app.

This seems to be an interesting app. I actually had one of those "8 BAll" thingys when I was a kid. Ooops! I must be dating myself here.

Anyway - pick me! having it in my pocket would really be cool!


i think i deserve a free copy because i took my laptop to work today as i was getting a replacement so i could restore my BB as soon as i got it so i didnt have to wait till i got home :-)

i wonder if this 8 ball will tell me if i'm really in love with my girlfriend, or if i should leave her................

Oh, I N*E*E*D this! If it'll help me make at least some right decisions it'll be the greatest app ever!

Help me come out from behind the 8 ball!

Will I win? SHAKE "the answer is hazy at this time"

SHAKE HARDER "yes, definitely YES! Stop shaking me so hard!"

This would be perfect at work for those tough decisions. "Hold on please while I ask the 8 ball"

That'll get some looks!

reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where putty bought a leather jacket with an 8-ball on the back.


I only have important questions for magic 8 ball, like will I go on vacation this year? Will my relatives move to another state soon? Will my kids learn to do their own laundry? Soooo many questions, so little time...

I'm way past asking if I'll marry for love or money, but I have a whole new set of questions that need answers! Thanks for the contest- I'm in.

I am one of the users who has never won anything on crackberry...can you please change this thought for me this time? Please.......!

My high school friends and I always had fun with our 8 ball answers. We found out who was gay, which teacher was giving a pop quiz etc. If u don't ask a fun ? U'll never know what u're missing!

I was looking somewhere, I think app world, idk, and I saw this... I want this sooo bad...

When I was 7 I had a magic 8 ball and I was obsessed with that thing LOL
not always asking it things but I just had to have it with me everywhere.. It was like a security blanket in a strange way LOL

i really want this!!
please pick me to win =)