Magic 8 Ball for BlackBerry answers all those tough questions - 50 copies to be won!

By ObiGeorge on 16 Jun 2010 06:50 pm EDT
Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball is an application that will bring you back to the late 80's, and answer all those tough questions for you. Simply think of your question, click "Ask the 8-Ball" and the Magic 8 Ball will give you your answer. The application has all the same responses as the original toy (10 positive, 5 negative, and 5 hazy).  Overall the app is a lot of fun, passes the time, and even makes decisions for you if you so choose. You can pick it up at the CrackBerry App Store via the link below.

Contest:  We have 50 copies of Magic 8 Ball to give away.  Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.  Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count. 

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Magic 8 Ball for BlackBerry answers all those tough questions - 50 copies to be won!



Q: Will I win the Magic 8 Ball BlackBerry Application from

A: Don't count on it!



The 70's were not bad enough the first time? Ha Ha, cool flashback for the older CB bunch, a new first time for the less calendar challenged members.

LOL crazy. This would really help me with those tough decisions i have to make everyday.
Shoooouuld i take lunch @ 1 orrrrrr 2?
awesome stuff

I asked the magic 8 ball I have here if I'm going to win a BlackBerry copy and it said "All Signs Point To Yes"

Dear Magic 8 Ball,

Will I win one of the 50 prizes?

Of course you will, you naturally are one of the chosen few. Building on that, you are the epitome of success and good fortune.

I haven't had one of these in years. It would make for some very interesting nights at work. Please consider me a willing recipient and Thank You for your time.

i have one just like this on my laptop! and it rocksss.. very useful when im bored with my work and needed a little bit of distraction every now and then.. love it!

Gad...the Magic 8 Ball has been around for a very long time. N,ever would I have dreamed, decades ago, that you'd be able to put one on a telephone you can fit in your pocket.

me - will i win this contest of any of crackberry's contest??

magic 8ball - the future looks foggy...

I got to know it from my friend long time ago. It was fun with the ball when it response back to the question. I wish I could get one copy of this.

Yay, 10 positive, 5 negative answers - the first cheat device in the 80s! Magic cheatball, count me in!

If only Dionne Warwick had this she wouldnt have gone out of business. Magic 8 ball says....More crackberry for everyone. :)

Magic 8 ball is like a third-grader's version of I Ching.

But six bucks for this app? Even the sale price is a little steep. If I don't win, I ain't gonna see it.

The fluid came out of mine but I kept it still! Just had to look at it upside down =) I bought the key chain one after that!

i remember one episode of spongebob who have this kind of device but in the form of a drives the squid crazy hahaha

Magic 8 Ball was invented in 1946 and was very popular way before the late 80s!! I have distinct memories of the 8 Ball in the mid-70s when I was a kid --- and now I'm showing my age! LOL

Looks like a neat app. I understand BP is relying on one to deal with the oil spill! I want one, too, so count me in!

This app really brings back memories of my youth; it was so cool to have one of these things! I'm not cheap, but the asking price is way too much for this type of "game." But I would love a FREE one!

Who could not use this! Unemployment at 10% Use this to see if you should stay for the interview or move on to the next one!

Oh, Magic 8 ball will I win this contest? (Shake Shake Shake) "Results unclear ask again later".....