Made Simple Learning releases 2nd editions of Storm2, Bold and Curve books

By Adam Zeis on 6 Oct 2010 08:50 am EDT

Made Simple Learning

Made Simple Learning has just released the 2nd editions of their popular Bold, Curve and Storm2 learning books. The books have been updated with new tips and trips, updated index and current screenshots and are now published under Apress (The 2nd edition of our CrackBerry book has been picked up by Apress too and is on the way!). These three books are some of the most popular in the Made Simple series. With these books, users can easily learn the ins and outs of their device including setup, how to get around your BlackBerry, themes, email, conference calls and a whole lot more. Each book is available in print from from Amazon from the links below.

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Reader comments

Made Simple Learning releases 2nd editions of Storm2, Bold and Curve books


Who uses these books,
I think manual is self explanatory enough.
Nice to see something new for BB platform

Wow, a second edition of a book on the Storm 2! Too bad Verizon just canceled the release of the Storm 2 refresh, so there isn't a new edition of the Storm to go along with the book.

I wonder if Made Simple Learning is going to release books on Betamax videotape recorders and 8-Track car stereo systems, too.

I have the Curve edition already & think they're a great idea to help those who are looking for more info than just the plain boring manual. You'll be a few steps more advanced than a nube on your new BB after reading. Especially if you are one of those people who would like to understand more about your BB w/o filling up the forums with posts that noone responds too.
All in all, these books books and of course CB's own BB101 series will have you damn close to mastering your device over a weekend.
BTW, does the Bold book cover the 9650?