Review: Madden 12 for the BlackBerry PlayBook [video]

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2011 03:13 pm EST

Madden is an American institution. We've played it on consoles, fear the worst with the Madden curse and look forward to it each and every year. Well now you can have some of that Madden greatness with you wherever you go with Madden 12 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Madden 12 brings all your favorite teams to the line and does not disappoint, even in this smaller package. While it does take some getting used to, once you master the controls you should be able to knock off a full season on your way to a Superbowl victory. I'll admit that it was a rough start trying to adjust to the game control setup, but I actually find it to be extremely useful and a welcome addition (especially the drawing of hot routes) from the console versions. Overall I highly recommend Madden 12 and think any football fan should definitely give it a go. Check out my review in the video above, then head to BlackBerry App World to grab it for yourself!

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Review: Madden 12 for the BlackBerry PlayBook [video]


These losers really think this first stuff is funny? or COOL? Maybe from the basement of their parents place, but thats it.

i just bought this about an hout ago,so thanks for the tips. ITs better then the reviews in appworld suggest it is. i like it,a good buy.

I find it interesting that "High" can't be set and would lag for the PlayBook. Could this indicate an update in hardware to play on "High" coming soon? :OOO

Very good review. I'm wating for my cousin to travel down to Mexico so he can bring me my Brand New PLAYBOOK!!! and definitly i will buy this one!

hi everyone! somebody can tell me why i can't download it from france??
i've just got : this item is not supported by your current device profile.
something to change or what???
please help me i want this game on my playbook!!
thanks everyone...
france sucks!!!!!

For some games (this one, or most of Gameloft titles ) you must change the language in the PB settings : choose English.
Then, you should be able to download them.

(after coming back to French/France, theses games run fine)

I have often alerted RIM France about that situation but theses peoples does not care of the playbook.

Thats awesome Adam! Im also a huge Giants fan, and always set my Exhibition games to Giants vs. Eagles hahaha :)

I bought this when I spotted it on the PB App World. It did boggle me why the high graphics setting really slowed things to a crawl and the player models on the medium settings don't look so great as they start lining up for the next play.

Playing on high just creeps along and it's nearly impossible to judge a pass with the poor performance. On medium settings. Madden '12 plays very well!

For the brief time that it's on sale however, it is a great way to pass the time if you're burnt out on Dead Space and the other top notch games for the PlayBook.

On a side note, all I could find was a 16GB model and I already stuffed it to the gills. I really want a 64GB model, some of these games are huge space hogs! Madden being the least abusive to my paltry storage problems.