Machinarium by Amanita Design finally comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 22 Nov 2011 03:59 pm EST

One of the most anticipated games for the BlackBerry PlayBook is Machinarium by Amanita Design. Shown off briefly at DevCon this year, it has just been released and I think it is everything we'd hoped it would be. Featuring rich, hand-drawn backgrounds, the overall feel of the game is vaguely steampunk, with your character a charming little robot in a world of robots, mechanisms, and puzzles.

Machinarium begins with your robot (named Josef, after the man who coined the word 'robot') being discarded on a scrap heap. Your goal is to guide little Josef through the world to confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his girlfriend. In the traditional "point-and-click" style, you gather and use objects close at hand to aid your venture. Hints are available in each level by clicking on the symbol with a lightbulb on the right side of your screen, as well as a walk-through that can be accessed by completing a mini-game. Don't be fooled however; the hints are not a blatant 'here is how you complete the goal'. Instead, Machinarium presents you with sketches of describing the puzzle and solution. This theme is carried out through the entire game, as there is no dialogue in either spoken or written form.

I am usually not a big fan of background music in games, but I found the soundtrack to Machinarium perfect for setting the tone of the game. If you enjoy puzzle games, this will be right up your alley. Machinarium is truly a game that will challenge you, but with patience and attention to detail, you can help Josef through the city to save his robot girlfriend.  You can buy Machinarium for $4.99 in App World at the link below, and check out some more screenshots after the break.

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Machinarium by Amanita Design finally comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


While I'm building an ever-growing collection of PB games that I don't seem to have time to play, this looks incredible. At the very least, it will help sell friends on the Playbook, so I guess I'm gonna get it, too... *sigh*

Exact same situation. I feel obligated to get these great games simply because they're out there. So now, including Tetris and Need for Speed, I am up to 5 higher-end 3D games plus considering this one. Before they started coming out, I played video games about an hour a month, but now I'm trying to squeeze them in just because they're there.

I'm in the same situation! I have to admit part of the reason I actually buy these apps is to support RIM and the BB devs.

I actually bought it yesterday night and I've been playing since. It's a really nice game, wonderful graphics and the game play is really easy. The only thing I find hard about the game is sometimes it's hard to see items or controls to interact with. But it's still one of the nicest game on the PB. Great job.

I have added more games for my kids than myself, but I've really enjoyed this one far. Fabulouus graphics, cool music, and challenging "puzzles" to solve.

You can check out a flash based free trial on the website directly in your PlayBook browser at

To access your inventory just touch in the upper region of the screen, took me a little trial and error to get the inventory menu up but other than that its all mouse based controls so the touch screen works fine.

Based on my initial impressions of the browser based demo i will be buying this app, shame they went to all the trouble to port it when the flash based browser version works just fine.

Well I know what the price will be in euro's and English pounds . Even before I look on appworld .

$4.99 equals €4.99 according to Rimm. I think ye might need new and more qualified accountants. Fix the damn prices Rimm.

Looking forward to this app though :) :) :).

I got my 64 gig playbook just for this reason. I know some games will get my attention but they are space hoggers ha. I'm a bigger fan of puzzle and strategy. The rest of the games I prefer on my PS3. Now if they come out with a game controller for the games downloaded to the device then we are in business, ha.

i finished this game on pc and i do agree its short but its beautifully done. i dont know if i should get it again on pb....tho it would make a great tech demo as well

Whoah! What a treat for everybody buying a cheap Playbook now. And soothes my angst about paying full price the day they came out. Makes the PB instantly worth it. Screw native email I like Bridge better anyway.

wow, i got it today mostly because of cool graphics, because I don't play the games, but i am hooked on this over a hour!!! Really good one. Recommended.

I played this on an iPad, it's a very cutesy game that gets you hooked. People that say it will take 2 hours are the ones that must be "cheating" and constantly looking at the answers, because it took me a few days to complete this thing trying to figure everything out myself (I did have to cheat a few times and look at the hints).

Some of the puzzles are frustrating. Maybe that's because I played a lot of this game on a plane on the way to China, so I was boozing it up during the 15 hour trip...

This is like Braid, a simple yet innovative puzzle game with a beautifully designed visual style and music. I have only completed a few screen so far, so I have no idea how long the game is, but it is easily worth the $5.

what a cool game, a playbook "must have" title indeed


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