Mac Users: Microsoft Entourage 2008 Missing BlackBerry Syncing Features

By James Falconer on 29 Jan 2008 12:52 pm EST

Entourage 2008 for the Mac Our friends over at Mactropolis have reported that some real notable features have been dropped from Microsoft Entourage 2008. If you use your BlackBerry with a Mac this isn't good news at all.

Basically, in this iteration of Entourage direct syncing has been disabled. On top of that, plug-in support has been disabled as well. Plug-in support had allowed BlackBerry/Mac users to run such apps as 'The Missing Sync' which is a huge favorite (a.ka. only real option) of Mac users.

Anyone out there experience the same issues with Entourage in Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac? 

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Mac Users: Microsoft Entourage 2008 Missing BlackBerry Syncing Features


Microsoft has made a few changes to Office 2008 in the name of closing up potential security holes. I think this is just one more of those. There is also no longer any macro support. VBA scripting was already not as good as on Windows (crashes easily), but not having it at all causes a serious crippling effect.

Microsoft Entourage will support Sync Services from Apple. Therefore 3rd party apps like The Missing Sync will be able to sync.

Well, i recently not only replaced my Palm with a BB Curve but also switched everything in my home to Mac (2 laptops, 2 desktops, home server an dmedia server) and got used to Office for Mac 2004. I started to use Missing Sync but it sucked. And I made the switch to Mac Mail from ENT. So now I just sync via Google calendar (Curve-Google-iCal subs) and manually keep my contacts up to date. A pain but it seems like the best work around when I have little time to figure it all out. Sincerely disappointing though.

It simply doesnt work! I have the new bold and cannot get it to synch with Entourage 2008 at all. Previously, with the Curve, it worked as long as it was just the calendar and address book. Now, nothing works. What a disapointment .... am debating an iPhone as am fed up with the synch problems.

This version does not sync well with BB. It worked for a couple of day: now I get constant microsoft error messages when I open entourage. Anyone have a fix?

The fix for this problem is complex and expensive but, if you have a BlackBerry and need to sync your phone fast & easy then it is your only option. The Mac OS X will need to be 10.5 or higher.

First, download the latest BlackBerry Manager software.

Second, Bring up the application i Sync and...