LyricFind: a searchable database of lyrics for your BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kerri Neill on 30 Aug 2011 09:44 am EDT

LyricFind, the world’s leading provider of legal lyrics services, is excited to announce the release of their BlackBerry PlayBook application. The application provides access to LyricFind’s huge database of lyrics. The database is searchable by artist, album and even the lyrics themselves.

With LyricFind you can also:

  • Bookmark your favorite lyrics
  • Accessartist bios and albums
  • see charts of top lyrics and artists
  • Submit corrections to their database
  • Email to a friend

One of the major differences between the PlayBook version of this app and the other platforms is the split screen interface, with a list on the left side - search results, or tracks in an album, for example - and the content on the right. The team at LyricFind kept the interface and navigation consistent and intuitive. This allowed them to use some of the PlayBook conventions not present on other platforms - such as sliding down from the top on the search screen to bring down the search "drawer".

This application is available via BlackBerry App World as of today for $2.99

More information / download LyricFind

Reader comments

LyricFind: a searchable database of lyrics for your BlackBerry PlayBook


3rd!! OMG!!!!

I use tune wiki. Its free and it uses the internet to get the lyrics. Its in the app world. Sometimes its quite slow but I don't care about that as its free after all.

Just downloaded it and love the interface and options. I'm always going to the internet to find lyrics so it is great to have a way to get them right on my PB.