Luckiest Man in the World - Seal!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2008 09:43 am

Seal has a BlackBerry Bold!

Talk about being the luckiest guy in the world. Not only is Seal married to the ultra-hot Heidi Klum, but he's also the next celebrity to be spotted sporting a BlackBerry Bold. I guess some guys do have all the luck.

[ MrPapparazi via CBS

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Can someone please tell me what carrier these dumba** celebreties are using these BOLDS on? I thought there was a "carrier issue" with at&t, and that is why the release date keeps getting pushed back. How are all these morons using this thing? anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? WooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There must be a special carrier for these people CelebriT&T ?....OK I'll get my coat....


I've got a Bold too. Okay, I don't have Seal's mega-dollars in my bank account. Or the super-hot Heidi Klum in my bed ever night.... hmmm... okay, just shoot me now, please!

Kevin Michaluk

hahaha... that made me laugh. :)


Papparazis make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D to the RIzzle

To confirm your question about what wireless carries are these celebrities using the BBBold's on, the answer is simple, any GSM carrier they choose. They'll never get a bill anyway and usually have unlimited international calling as they have whats referred to as a "celebrity" account or profile. Its treated similarly to a test account. Usually few devices are usually requested or given to their management people. The celebrity just has be seen in public with it and is encouraged to been seen with it. There is also usually an arrangement where they can't sell the product it or publicly denounce the product and or company.


Celebrities have such a hard life, do they not?..., who are these people anyway? tele is
always on


Think about all of the free publicity they are getting.

1. Put an unreleased upcoming product in the hands of celebrities
2. Papparazi take pictures of them and the world see them
3. Profit!


Hey look at it this way. They get new hardware, everyone else on the geekweb gets the new OSs. :P


I guess blackberry could have renamed his the 'BALD' ?


sorry guys...

but is one FUGLY SOB...

ha haha


Apparently Heidi Klum doesn't think so, I would mind looking like him for her, Damn


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