Lucid by Mobster Mobile Design now available for select OS 7 devices

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By Alicia Erlich on 30 Jul 2012 01:32 pm EDT

If you think this theme looks familiar then you're right. Back in February, I originally brought you this theme in the roundup because of its breathtaking design and beauty. The reason you see it again is because after a lot of painstakingly hard work, Mobster Mobile Design is able to introduce this must have theme to the BlackBerry Bold 99xx and the Torch 9810. This is not your ordinary OS7 tray theme but full-fledged custom design that MMD has done a great job of porting this over. Theme addicts you certainly don't want to pass this one up so be sure to click on the break for more details.

Keep in mind this is a hand-coded theme which means it offers complete customization for your OS 7 compatible device. That being said it does have the folder issue but with the gorgeous graphics, seamless flow, and attention to detail (custom colors, fonts, meters and more!) this is one amazing theme that you will not want to take off your rotation. The fully customized home screen is not only wallpaper friendly to show off your favorite images but all of your favorite features haven't been lost in translation.



  • Wallpaper friendly design. This theme looks great with any of your favorite wallpapers/image
  • 4 fixed icon categories (settings, media, social and custom) that displays three fixed selections (view images)
  • 8-10 custom icons that can be chosen by the user to display favorite or most used apps on the home screen
  • Large clock and date visible on the home screen
  • Two fixed icons: profiles and manage connections for easy accessibility

As MMD's first OS 7 release, this is a lovely, smooth theme that is extremely crisp and crystal clear on your display. There are four fixed categories on the home screen: Settings, Media, Social, and Custom (first 8 icons) that lets you quickly access and navigate to all of your most used applications. The docks can be hidden again by simply tapping the red button in the bottom right. Top that all off with the transparent and beautiful icons and you have one solid theme for your device. 

Theme lovers (and patient MMD fans) can own this elegant theme for $3.99. Personally I can't wait to see what amazing design they have in store for us next. It's compatible with most BlackBerry devices running OS5 and OS6 and the Bold 99xx and Torch 9810 on OS7. Please note that this theme is not compatible with so you will need a newer version to run. 

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Lucid by Mobster Mobile Design now available for select OS 7 devices


This is one SWEET theme! I have it on my 9930 OS7.1 and it's smooth as silk. Lucid is my #1 favorite theme on my 9930. Smooth and clean and simply beautiful. No lag what so ever. The icons are cool and crisp. I can't wait for Mobster Mobile Design to come out with their next theme for the 9930 OS7!!!!!

I got this a few weeks ago on my 9930 and have really enjoyed it. It is great for the touch screen. The folder issue is a big pain in the bum, but not a deal breaker.

In the process of downloading at this moment...beautiful theme! Not many good ones out there for the sucks.

Hi guys. Sorry, but what is the 'folder issue' that is mentioned in the article and comments? Is it just that the new folder icons don't match the rest of the theme?I've only got one non-original theme installed in my 9900 and that's the only thing I see. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. I'm assuming this only happens to hand-coded themes and not the ones that simply re-skin the original theme? That sucks... the way I organize my apps are pretty folder-centric. Ah well.

I downloaded it and love it. I just wish it had options on what to place in the app docks. This is what the new OS should look like. It is truly slick.

The home screen isn't coming up right for me either.
Does your screen look like the menu screen should - all icons listed?

hey everyonE! i have been emailing back and forth with customer service and they have been INCREDIBLY active in responding. i too am on a 9900 and the screen just looks like a main screen with all the icons listed. i have been told i will have an email by the morning, and ill post the response here. if anyone else gets news earlier, please let me know!

Thanks, yea I'll keep you updated if I hear anything but I'm getting the icons and no home screen like what the pics have been showing

Looks so nice on my 9810. I don't seem to be able to do any of the customization the description talks about. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

I just got an email back from the developer. I am on ATT 9900 .576. They say that they hope to have a solution by tomorrow for all the people that don't get the nice screen with the date and time. Hang in there :)

Does anyone know where to look for the notifications after this theme. I keep getting the new app monitor thingy but can't seem to find out where to go to see it. I went to the regular notifications folders and its not there and i check everywhere else as well. Any help would be great. Thax.

Great looking theme... but pretty useless in that it doesn't allow apps in folders! Everything has to go on the home screen.... which is not very practical and means re-ordering your standard theme before activating this one. Huge disappointment. Hopefully there will be a fix.

I don't think there's a way to do an actual custom theme without the folder mishap. Without a proper theme builder to use for os 7, developers have to create their own work-around which won't let them by this hitch. Unfortunate, yes, but we can survive. :o)

I agree with Troshs, There are very few t themes for the 9810. It's like we, the 9810 crowd, are just left out to dry. That's pretty crappy. So thank you for making a decent theme for the forgotten crew!

still no news... any one else get an email explaining how to fix the theme so it just isn't literally one page with all the applications and programs on it? it is confusing that i don't have what the screen shot looks like, and that i paid for the theme only to have to be disappointed always.

alright, thanks :))

But it would be nice to see your notifications! The folder thing isn't that bad:) I do need to see my msg notifications to make it worth paying for:(