Low-end BlackBerry Kopi shown from all angles

By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2014 11:42 am EDT

We've seen the BlackBerry Kopi more than a few times now, but only in some quick & dirty photos. Today a new batch has turned up however that shows off every angle of the unreleased Kopi. We get the best look that we've had thus far and who knows, they may just leave you actually wanting one.

The Kopi is still floating around in the "who knows if or when it will be released" category, but it does look like a pretty slick device. It brings in elements from both the BlackBerry Q5 and BlackBerry Z10, bringing in a removable PM1 battery. Ports and buttons are pretty standard, but the battery door appears that it would make this one much easier to hold than the Q5.

I'm really digging the look of this one, but as we've said before, who knows if it will ever see an official release. Check out the full set of photos and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Low-end BlackBerry Kopi shown from all angles


Yup. The Z3 looks like a Nokia Lumia. This certainly looks more plastic.

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This is ugly as heck still :( Remember the beautiful bold 9900...what the heck happened after that?!!

Looks a like a Q5 mixed with a Z30 (not Z10 due to the Z30ish silver band across the bottom).

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Yes, it looks a bit like the Z30 with keyboard, particularly the back and silver accents and buttons on the side. I have the Z30, an it's great. I don't know if the "Kopi" would be as good....

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It looks nice, rather cheap but nice. Like the Z30 and the Q5 had a baby! Would like to try it if it was released.

Why not make the screen bigger? Why waste real estate having the word "BlackBerry" directly under the screen? Put it below the keyboard and make the screen bigger.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

The Q10 put the display right above the keyboard, and put the BlackBerry word mark at the top. IMHO, this made the "Swipe up" gesture more difficult to execute on the Q10. On the Q5, you can swipe up from the logo - it makes a nice target for executing the gesture from.

Like I replied to Sisco2003, I've never had an issue swiping up with my Q10. The screen on the Q10 should've been bigger also too. The word "BlackBerry" is directly above the screen which wastes screen real estate. Why couldn't they have put the word directly above the ear speaker and created a larger screen. The screen size is the biggest draw back of the Q10. BlackBerry should be learning from the flaws of previous devices.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

That would work also. We know the carrier's logo/name and BlackBerry's logo/name is going to be placed somewhere on the front of the device for advertisement purposes. It doesn't really matter where they are as long as it doesn't take up screen real estate.

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As a Q5 owner this space below the screen is great for gestures - I suspect this was a design development introduced with the Q5 which we'll now see in every qwerty, non-belt BB10 device

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A few tidbits from OS files:

This is supposed to be the Q3. Cafe is supposed to be the Z5.

Also, the specs are more or less the Z3; in fact, the Z3 radio supports this device as well.

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Nice, reasonably Priced and can sell good...not my cup of tea though as it's a qwerty...

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Low end querty needs to look like the z3. Previous design team was a fail other than the z10 and q10. Can't get passed the painted silver bottom on the z30.

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It's awesome not being able to view the pictures in the Crackberry app. Maybe it's time to let some of the Crackberry members to take control over the development of the app.

There's got to be at least one developer willing to put some effort in, idk maybe not. When is this Mobile Nations app supposed to drop? Will the Crackberry app be scraped after?


tap on the blue letters at the bottom of the article that says "Check out the full set of photos" and you can see them.....

Are we sure it's cancelled? Chen did say he was releasing new qwerty devices this year.

Very nice design, like the bezel and the battery door. Looks much better than the Q5 imo.

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Love the large replaceable battery if it has better specs then the Q5 its a great low cost phone love it

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Looks like an old game boy or a expensive calculator. Idk about this one BlackBerry?! :/

Posted from my Z or Q10 on AT&T

Looks nice I was thinking of getting
Q5 as secondary phone but this would be better if out soon

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Looks like a phone with a keyboard, man this thing going to sell as good as the Q10 & Q5, tank.


I'll bet the Kopi Concept drawing on Crackberry had an edge-to-edge screen with no bezel. That's the way they all look until someone actually has to engineer the actual device.

Looks low end to me. Hopefully they did some market resting in emerging markets and they liked it.

BB Proud

Looks good and I guess all you that have nothing better to say about anything go start your own smart phone company.

Good Lord

Much nicer than the Q5.
Don't like the 'curve-esque' keyboard though. Those smaller keys are a chore to type on, in my opinion. BlackBerry shouldn't compromise on keyboard - budget model or not.

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I have a Q5, and it's surprisingly good to type on. I was concerned coming from a 9900, but it's just as easy to type on. Much better then the curves from days gone by.

As for the Kopi, I like it. Some nice improvements (removable battery, and nice trim) over the Q5.

Looks better than the current Q5 should have been released instead of that. But Surely not NOW please!!!

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Not sure why they don't keep the Q10 or 9930 keyboard, which are awesome. This looks cheap; maybe that's the point. Can it really be that much more to use the best keyboard?

It's weird but how come the crackberry app for BlackBerry doesn't have full functionality of the mobile page e.g. being able to scroll through the photo gallery?

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The q5 is a cheap looking and feeling. This looks cheap too. BlackBerry cannot compromise on the keyboard. Sure make a cheap phone but don't make it look the part. Z3 shows it can be done.

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Doesn't look too bad actually. I like the looks of the back. I prefer my Q10 back, but that looks just as practical.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

It looks like a high end calculator from the 80s but maybe that's the image they like to set and I like it more than Q5 so if barely any teenagers are using BlackBerry maybe this is the way to go - we all know a lot of companies like cheap these days and this should have no appeal to the consumer so it fits the overall strategy

I have to agree with The Dark Knight Forever.

Nike change from Nike and swoosh to just a swoosh and this saved millions.

Apple have changed from a multi coloured apple to just an apple symbol.

BlackBerry could do the same and just have the symbol only. If you want to save money it is the most simplest way.

With the added bonus heralding a new wave of devices.

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I doubt it's cancelled.. with images like that, I'm sure this will get released as one of the three devices this year

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If released, I can see this device heading for Emerging Markets. But you never know. But I do not think this is part of the 3 devices John Chen spoke about in the conference call.

VERY NICE!!!! This is what the BlackBerry Curve should have looked like. Big screen easy typing. I still love my Z30 though. Hope they sell. Again, nice!!!

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A Q3 at a true low end price would make more sense than the Q5 ever made. The Q5 was the most misjudged BB10 phone that made it to production.

However, if this was coming this year (or at all) I feel like it would have been announced by now given that the Q20 has been announced and that's still 6 or 7 months away from release.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 / on EE, UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

The Q5 is a remarkable device, but was sold for too much. It's a low end device and should be priced as such. On the other hand, BB10's superior efficiency makes the Q5 very attractive and gives the user (In my case) a feel of high quality.

I know the Q5 is a good phone, I'm saying it was misjudged. It cost so much to R&D and make that they had to price it for way more than it was worth on the market and way more than anyone but the most loyal BlackBerry fan would pay.

Misjudgement in the extreme. Thank God for the Foxconn deal, it should have come a year sooner.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

It appears to have only one port...not standard 2 ports. Looks like no HDMI on this one.

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Forget the Q5 refresh or Q3 or Kopi. Just as the Q20 is now known as the Classic10, call this the Curve10 and watch the comeback of BlackBerry!

It does look quite nice. But BlackBerry needs to come out with devices that have a differentiating factor engraved in them all. And providing the spec's of this Kopi device is top notch, this could very well be a winner IMO.
As for my Q5, I am quite happy with it by far, and its even easier to hold with a official BlackBerry soft rear case, where it hugs the phone quite nicely and gives it a pro feel.

I would like Crackberry to have an article saying, Blackberry shows octo core beast with hd screen with a car battery jammed inside of it.


I have to laugh at everyone saying this looks cheap. Yet these are the same people complaining that BB priced itself out of the smartphone "wars" with nothing but high-end devices. If this isn't cancelled and actually sees the light of day, they will be following in the footsteps of the Lumia 520/1, which if I am not mistaken, the gods you all look up to on the podcast have been clamoring for awhile now. I even said to myself looking at the pics that I would get this because it's not that big of investment in case BB happens to take a turn for the worse again. I want to try out BB10 so bad but I'm on ATT and can only upgrade with NEXT right now and I don't know if the higher end units are worth that money per month.

No LTE. Removable 2100mah battery. Z10's back. Q5's keyboard. A tad faster than Q5. No micro HDMI gate. Z30's chin.

 CB10 

I'm thrilled to see a removable battery. BlackBerry should not release a new phone without said feature in this competitive market.

P.S. I like the back more than the front.

Looks all right, however I think it would be good to have a track pad, that's pretty necessary for the people that they prefer the keyboard phones.

Sent from my Z 30

This is the Q3. Same internals as the Z3 (no HDMI, no LTE).

This is a device destined for emerging markets!

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

I know this is a low end phone, but all of these BlackBerry keyboard phone designs are becoming so blasé. Really, they should start taking notice of some of the mock up renders that frequently pop up on this website. At least those contain a fresh and stylish outlook on the brand.

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Low end is really important and it's y android dominates the market. Smart idea bb!

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Just an opinion. Shouldn't they be focusing on selling all the devices on stock right now? Or maybe improving their marketing strategies before creating another device that might end up in the stock and have its value depreciate before it sells? A new device is not a good thing when current devices are not being sold very well. Just a thought of mine.

My 1st choice of smartphone (not smartTOY), BlackBerry.

I'm shocked at the praise this device is getting but then again this is crackberry would I really expect an honest opinion here?

The battery is the only take-away. Pretty sure physically it's twice the size of my Q10's. Not sure of the capacity however.


Physical keyboard is history .in my opinion 5 full touch to 1 with keyboard is enough. Most people think that I'm pretty sure. We write year 2014 not 2007

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Hhhm if this phone really is gonna be released then I'm gonna buy 1 later this year for my sis bday! Her 9790 is waaaaay overdue for an upgrade!

It baffles my mind as to why BlackBerry keeps putting out these ugly "low end " phones. The z10 and the q10 should be entry level devices at this point.

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Blackberry should set standards for all phones to have certain features. Like dedicated video out and removable battery. That way they set themselves apart from competition with features valued by business. Don't like Q5 for these reasons.

Posted with my Z10

Looks pretty sweet, a bit plasticy, but that's to be expected with a low end phone (or a high end Samsung)

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I think not good enough specs.

It looks like the 9320 's older brother.

Who would buy it. And at what price.

BlackBerry are a strange bunch when it comes to pricing.

The hardware division really need to work on their design portfolio if this is the best they can come up with.

Mr Chen you have start thinking like an artist not a corporate suit.

What is the overriding principle that govern BlackBerry? A BlackBerry Device must feel good in the hand.

The Design of the new BlackBerry Devices must have design thought written all over it.

Originality is king.

Please don't copy any other design. That's why the Z10 didn't sell well because it looks to much like an iPhone.

There's enough concepts on this website to draw inspiration from.

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I don't agree with those saying it looks better than a cheap q5. I have the pure red q5 and it's a beauty. Imo of course. Its a hot phone. I like this design as well. Both devices stand out compared to basically every other phone on the market.

looks like the BB10 big brother of the Curve 9350.... sleek. nice well-spaced round buttons :)

Why not make this the new q5?
Slightly improve specs and battery life, this clearly looks like a more sophisticated updated blackberry, something more luxurious then the q5 of today. And don't call it the q3... can we get a naming system that makes sense please!? is that too much to ask from BlackBerry Lol

Posted via CB10

Low-end? It has a silver band as the Z30 and the same metal buttons and back cover as the Z10: it's clearly better than the Q5. Maybe it'll be its substitute, making thus decrease Q5's price as low as the Z3.

Posted via a Z10 which is married to a PlayBook

The keyboard definitely needs a lot of work. the volume rocker needs to match the body. and seriously... the colour combination!!! Looks really cheap

I spoke to blackberry today in UK, and have been told this model is not going to be released in the UK, instead Mr Chen has sanctioned a new set of devices for us UK fans

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I know my comment is a tad late...
But come on BlackBerry! This is so ugly... mainly that keyboard.
We need more SEXY BlackBerry phones, like the Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, and Z3! Not forgetting the Bolds, Curves and Torches of the past... they were all beautifully designed :) I'm liking the rubberised back door though, they should have put that on the Q5!

All this phone really needs is a lovely keyboard to make it appealing. The island style keys aren't a bad thing, we had them on the curves remember? But something as simple as putting the BB10 silver banners between the rows of keys would make this phone a sexy BEAST imo!

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