Love tacos? If so, you need to download TacoQuest!

By Bla1ze on 27 Aug 2013 08:58 pm EDT

Taco lovers around the world can now rejoice! Taco Quest for BlackBerry 10 has arrived. DinDin Kitchen Inc, a Kitchener, Ontario based startup, has made the app available in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices including the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Q5. Powered by Foursquare and taco seasoning, TacoQuest offers a new way for taco aficionados to discover and share tacos in their area and around the world.

Tacos can be good and tacos can be great. With TacoQuest, we’re building a platform to help customers find the most amazing taco experience possible," said Alex Kinsella, co-founder DinDin Kitchen Inc, "With TacoQuest, we’re building out a micro-search platform that our community can extend in an infinite number of ways.

Truer words have possibly never been spoken, I've had some pretty bad tacos in my life but I've also had some pretty amazing ones and having an app to help weed out the not so great ones, is awesome. TacoQuest is built natively for BlackBerry 10 and as such has launched first on BlackBerry 10 first, but will eventually make its way to Android, iOS and Windows Phone as well to ensure all taco lovers can get in on the goodness.

Having been a beta tester for TacoQuest, I have no problem is saying it's a beautiful app that runs superbly well on BlackBerry 10. TacoQuest right now has over 2,100 listings for places to obtain the best tacos around the world and will continue to grow with use. Need more info? You can grab TacoQuest and more details via the BlackBerry World link below. 

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I honestly cannot wait to hit AZ and make good use of this app, lol.


I'll try and add a bunch before you get here. Haha.

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Now it makes sense why it was on BB10 first, the company is co-owned by Kinsella.

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What case is in that picture? Anything similar for the Q10?

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Looks like the transformer case to me. I like mine :)

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Z10 Transform Shell. It's not available for the Q10.


Thanks - looks good. Hope they will make something similar for the Q10

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Great App.. attractive, fast, easy to use, and focuses on what should be it's own food group! TACOS!

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Works great on my Q10

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Me gusta.

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Does it supports México?

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I too would like to know. I'm in Mexico City right now but a little too drunk to try it out.

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I just downloaded it and it appears to recommend places here in Mexico City.

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BB10 apps suck that bad everyone is going nuts about a taco finder?

Posted from my Z10 that doesn't have many apps on it

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Go cry in a corner, no one cares


Can't wait till PAX next week in Seattle to use this.

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The only place im going to is Taco Bell. YOLO

Ahahaha Just playing guys :$

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I would love to see a comment from Crackberry user "thedustytaco" in this thread. Lol

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Haha nice

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A taco app? That's new

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Jeff Menninger

Downloaded it the other day. Can't wait try it out.


Alex Kinsella? That name sounds familiar..

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Love the app. Very cool.

Mex is my fav!

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This would have been great in college, as I was always on the hunt for fish tacos....


This could be an awesome app. As one who travels and looks for great taco places, I could this useful

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Majestic Lion

Great idea, but requires a Foursquare account to use. Blah.


Love tacos but don't like having to check into 4Square to use this app.
Will be deleting it reluctantly :(

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