Lost your Berry? No Worries... Announcing Berry Locator!

Win a Copy of Berry Locator!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2008 11:10 am EST

* Update: Contest Winners are: crimsonlite, sfcgijill, rdease, djester02 and kcladygemini. Winners will be contact via email to claim their prize! *

Back in December we told you about MobiReport's latest application, Find My Berry. Find My Berry got a huge response from the CrackBerry.com community, and it's easy to see why. With this app installed on your phone, if you've misplaced your BlackBerry anywhere (in the house with the phone set to silent, or left it in a restaurant on the other side of town) by sending an email to yourself containing the subject word of your choosing, your Berry will go into a frenzy, beeping and blinking and vibrating until somebody picks it up (it's basically impossible to ignore). Furthermore, you can send instructions to the device that are displayed when the BlackBerry is ultimately picked up and any button pressed. So in the case where you did leave your BlackBerry in a restaurant, the person who finds it and taps a button will see a message like, "Hey, I'm Kevin and I own this BlackBerry. Thanks for finding me. Give me a call at this number, and I'll meet up with you to get it back and give you a cash reward. THANKS".

With Berry Locator, MobiReport has KICKED THINGS UP A NOTCH. If your BlackBerry is GPS-enabled, not only do you enjoy the features included in Find My Berry, but now an email will be sent back to you with a Google Map's image attached which contains the LOCATION of your BLACKBERRY! This is WAY too cool.

There's My Berry!
Where's My Berry? THERE IT IS!

Berry Locator retails for $4.95 (totally worth it) and there is a Free Trial Available, but the good folks at MobiReport have given us FIVE FREE COPIES to give away to the CrackBerry.com community. Details on How to Win after the Jump.


It's easy! All you have to do is:

  • Leave a Comment to this Blog Post
    • Be sure you are a registered member and are logged into the site when you post your comment, we need to see your username so we can contact you if you win via email.
  • If you have GPS enabled BlackBerry, tell us what your favorite GPS applications are and how often you use your device's GPS functionality
  • If you don't have a GPS enabled BlackBerry, you're still more than welcome to enter (pick yourself up a Freedom Keychain GPS and you're good to go). In this case tell us about a time when you lost/thought you lost your BlackBerry OR what you would do if you did lose it!

You have until Sunday, Midnight PST to get your comments up. Winners will be announced on Monday! Winners will be chosen by random draw from those who met the guidelines above. Good Luck!!!

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Lost your Berry? No Worries... Announcing Berry Locator!


I use navteq about every other day. I have the all you can use AT&T plan. It's super-helpful on business trips, but I also use it around town. I've actually saved money, since I have not purchased a nav in each of my new cars, the BB is just as good for me (and I can take it in a rental out of town).

I downloaded Blackberry Tracker to do some of the things mentioned above, but this seems like it would be less of a battery hog since the GPS isn't enabled all of the time like in the tracker.

I like how this app is basically triggered by an email with alerts and messages for the finder, this app seems like a must-have.

I absolutely love the GPS on my berry. I would say that my favorite GPS app is TeleNav and I use it extensively when on roadtrips and just about anywhere I go. Not that I have a bad sense of direction or anything, it just helps to have a personal navigator in your back pocket. Also Berry 411 is great with the GPS option to search for things (restaurants, banks, etc.) I would say I use some form of the GPS function everyday. Berry Locator seems like an awesome app as I do happen to misplace my berry quite often. Thanks for the opportunity to win...

I use Infospace FindIt and Google Maps practically everyday. They really help out on business because I am an independent contractor and I have to drive to my meetings, job sites, etc. all day and if I need to know where a nearby gas station, restaurant, etc. is, this is my only tool. Just imagine how bad it would be if I left it at one of those meetings, restaurants, or wherever else I may have been. This new Berry Locator would be a life (and job) saver!

I use the GPS through BB Maps on my 8310 a few times a week. It’s great when you need to get directions to anywhere right in the palm of your hand. I was interested in using TeleNav, but because my phone is unlocked, they told me they won’t support it.

I do not have a GPS enabled Blackberry, but I still couldn't get by without my 7290! I am looking forward to upgrading to a Pearl this year, but until then I guess I'll just have to be careful. BTW-Do they have Bluetooth Headset trackers? Now that I keep misplacing.

Just had a play on the free trial and wow! The BB goes SICK!

Gives me an accurate reading off the GPS even though BB Maps doesnt work too well indoors.

My favorite GPS applications is InfoSpace. I use it non stop to find nearby movies, restaurants, addresses, etc. Its very helpful when you need to find a certain piece of information near you.

I absolutely love the GPS on my BB. I would say that my favorite GPS app is GoogleMap, which I use extensively just about anywhere I go. It helps to have a Navigation in your pocket. Also GoogleMap is great with the search for things (restaurants, banks, etc.) I would say I use the GPS at least once a day. Berry Locator seems like an awesome app as I do happen to misplace my BB quite often. Thanks for the opportunity to win...

Whoops, didn't read the competition details!

My favourite GPS apps are BlcackBerry maps and Google Maps, they let me know where I am and where I'm going when I have no idea.

And I've never thought I lost my BB. I keep it where I know it is at all times. If I lost it I would go mad! no BB = No Adlen Sanity! I couldn't wait for the insurance to send me a new one. + the insurance excess is £30

I really like Blackberry Tracker. I use it a few times a week, its an interesting piece of software!

I love Beyond 411 because it always helps me find a restaurant when I take my clients out and I don't know where I am at. I have the 8310 with the built in GPS.


Hi y'all. I'm 46 and I believe the New Age's oldes user. I love my crackberry and couldn't live without her (she's red; thus a she!) I have had many issues in the learning phase after buying her. But, after all the seemingly teen angst of our coming to terms with each other, I couldn't manage me life one day without her to keep me in sync with the Kindergarten snack days, field trips and room mother days.


I have Gps on my 8130 but I have not used it yet. I have only had my berry since last saturday.

Love this site. It has already helped a lot.

The first thing I would do if I lost my Pearl would be
to panic (hooked already).

Well I have the 8130 silver I love this phone just got it a few weeks ago and love it.
Right now I use google maps its pretty good.
Well if I ever lost my BB I think I would probaly go postal cause MY LIFE is in it. And I'm kinda attached to it now...

Unfortunately GPS isn't enabled(verizon) but I have been thinking now of the freedom keychain it looks pretty cool Keep up the great work letting us know about these great applications for our addictions !!!

As for if I lost it??? I would be sunk, I rely on my BB more than I rely on my wife !!

I think this is a cool idea, it's like lo-jack for your Berry. Even if someone is not honest, you know it every move.

Several months ago while on a trip with the kiddo I lost my berry. It was in Ohio at the airport, it slipped under the front seat of the rental car unknown to me. After we went thru security I was frantic to find it! I ended up flying home berryless, annoyed and upset but life had to move on.

The next day I got a call from the rental car company, they had found my berry! They even overnighted it to me at no charge.

Oh, and the hubby said when it got home "geez, you two wanna get a room?" Hey, when you love a device ya just can't live without it!

This might as well be app of the year as far as i'm concerned.

I'm constantly laying down my BB somewhere in my house. lol

*Btw, my favorite GPS is sprint navigation. I use it on my 8830 at least once a week, because I'm always on the road. My second favorite is google maps, which i use whenever I'm in the city because the street names are easier to read.

I tried the earlier version on trial. I just never got around to making the purchase.

This version looks VERY interesting!

I really don't think I could handle losing my Blackberry. I left my Pearl at home once (Thank God it was just left at home) when I was in a hurry to get to work and I felt lost and naked without it all day. I really have come to rely on it and I find that I use all the applications at various times...even my maps application.
I joke sometimes about my hubby losing his Blackberry, just so we won't hear it ring on weekends... but really I know he would go crazy... just as I would about not having that connection to work and to our families. We have come to realize that our lives have changed with these little devices.

This looks like a great program. Unfortunately I don't have GPS enabled (Verizon). If I lost my phone my clients would be the ones to suffer. I put everything I have to do in this phone - if it's not in there, I don't remember it!

I have a GPS enabled 8830 and use the GPS for Telenav and Google apps almost daily.
But the reason I need THIS application is I once left my Blackberry in a cab in New York City..... Needless to say after 3 days of effort it was gone..... I just think it would be fun to use this application the next time it happens, so I can watch my dear Blackberry drive around the streets of Manhattan without me. And of course, hopefully get it back!
Great application!

I use Sprint's Telenav sometimes and would love to have this app for FREEE in case I misplace my Berry or someones steals me and I have my Berry on me then my family can find me. :)

Having the locator is a awesome feature...My son was jumped in Harlem about 3 months ago. He was not injured, It was raining and he was walking home from a gig that he had that night...He had is Trombone on his back and his NEW Blackberry Curve in his hand and of course the 3 young teenager boys appeared from out the darkness and jumped him, they only took his phone and he walked away. If he had the locator software chances are I would not have had to buy another CURVE at the full price.....

I have a GPS enabled 8310. I had a Pearl that fell in the Pacific the two days after Christmas and I could hardly sleep that night waiting for the AT&T store to open the next morning. If I lost my 8310 I'd be totally screwed as my entire personal and professional life is geared to that device. Mr. Murphy seems alive and well because everytime I manage to misplace my Curve it is in silent or vibrate mode which makes it hard to locate. This app would be a Godsend.

I was using Telenav but found my usage level didn't justify the monthly charge. I then switched to Google maps but found that app to run very slow and consume huge amounts of battery. The past month I've been using Microsoft Active Search once or twice a week and so far it is meeting my needs.

This is an amazing new opportunity for blackberry users, particularly Pearl users, who could easily misplace their blackberry. I applaud the designers who are taking the blackberry to the next level!

I love google maps on my 8310! Saved my butt in Las Vegas! I use the GPS at least 4 times a week. And with this software now my wife can know where I am 24/7! Oh well, no worries! Now she can really tell I got lost! Cool software!

I haven't lost my Berry yet (knock on wood/iPhones...your choice), but we all know that stuff happens. This app would be great, and since i have 8300 i'm considering picking up that freedom keychain gps as soon as my next paycheck hits the bank. i don't ever use handsfree sets anyways, so i'm not too worried about it not working at the same time as a bluetooth headset.

for the contest tho....if i lost my berry, i guess i would probably cry and slit my wrists with the gophone i would have to buy since i don't get an update until 2009!

I love the idea of being able to find my BB if it gets lost! Mine is GPS-enabled and I love being able to get a route to wherever I'm going, along with seeing traffic delays, ETA, etc. I use it pretty much any time I'm headed out of town.

I think I would be totally lost if I lost my blackberry. I have the 8830 GPS enabled and use google maps, blackberry maps, and blackberry tracker. I would love to add this app as well. I use these apps daily and think my BB has saved me from hours and hours of driving endless many a time.

I became a first-time Blackberry user quite recently, and already have no idea what I would do without it. I'm new to the area where I'm living... no family, friends, etc... so the TeleNav GPS directions have been a Godsend for me. BB fan for life here.

My favorite GPS application is that I can never get lost!! I love that, I'm one of those guys that doesn't like to stop for direction's and now I don't have to. I use my GPS enabled Blackberry all the time, even if I am going home from work I will use just to see the directions it's amazing.

Well this one is pretty tops. Holly smokes I'm so paranoid I'm going to leave my BB someplace.

But right now my favorite app is Google maps because the locater function works even if I can't get a good GPS signal (darn Canada) and you can do searches for restaurants and starbucks near by. For example, I needed to find brake fluid for my car one day when I was driving one day... I'd say when that light comes on it's pretty important right? So I pull up google maps and search for "Canadian Tire" and found the closest one.

I guess you can do that on a GPS unit.

i actually just replaced my 8300 with an 8310 yesterday but haven't had a chance to use the built-in receiver yet...but the app i've used previously is telenav. just installed infospace findit but again have yet to use it. used telenav all the time on my 8300 though. seein as its only $200 to get the newest nav dvd for my car that has only one city in cali that's been updated! what a waste

I have almost 500 users that at least 20% of them lose their Blackberries in strange places. On the ski slopes (I live in Colorado), in taxis, in restaurants, in strange weird places. What a great program to have installed on all my devices so that when one of my users calls and says "I lost my Blackberry somewhere in the state of Colorado", I can say "Hold on! I can find it now!". :)

Thankfully I've only ever "lost" one cell phone and that was on a rollercoaster (Millenium Force) when it came out of my pocket and was floating in the air thanks to zero gravity. It looked real cool but destroyed my phone when it got sucked under the car at the bottom of the hill. I can still hear the phone getting crushed/smashed on the tracks.

If I were to lose my phone now I would definitely be calling it non-stop while backtracking my every move eventually giving up and going back to my old enVy. Just the thought of going back to that thing makes me sad.

I don't have a gps enabled blackberry and i havent lost it yet. Which is a good thing because I just got my first blackberry 2 weeks ago. 3 days into getting the blackberry i already knew i was an addict. I could not imagine losing my bb. If i lost it would be texting it and emailing it like every minute trying to get a response. So this program would prove to be very useful.

The one thing that really sold me on getting a blackberry (that $30 a month internet was a tough barrier) but having GPS and being able to download Google Maps sealed it. I've used it at least once a week since getting it. I haven't lost it yet (And I hope I don't!) but if it could email me it's location that would be awesome!

Yes my phone is gps enabled and i use maps on the phones at lease 1 time a day. My phone always seems to disa pper in our house as my kids think it is funny to hide it on me, being that it is the pearl 8130 it is very easy for them to hide it all the time on me. It waould be hilarious if I could find it all the time and make them think i was always whatching what they do.
Thank you,

I'm currently using Amaze on my 8310. Although a little slow to boot up, it gets me to where I need to go. I also like using Google Maps which helps me with local unfamiliar areas.

Never lost a phone but it's always nice knowing you have some type of 'insurance.' Berry Locator will be a welcomed addition.

In addition to building custom homes, we do volunteer construction work on a regular basis. What really helps us is when we're 3 hours away on a volunteer construction site and we're missing a piece of hardware or ran short on a piece of material. Before you can find a phone book, I've got Google Maps up and have somebody in route to get what we need. This is a lifesaving application...well, not really lifesaving, but time saving. Now, when the blackberry falls out of our tool pouch or we drop it trotting through the field to get to the project we would be able to find it using Berry Locator!

Pearl II - Alltel


I use a GPS enabled blackberry 8310. Hands down my favorite application has to be TeleNav. It works flawlessly on my 8310 and has bailed me out of getting lost so many times I cannot count. I use my GPS functionality daily. There is no way I could possibly lose this blackberry because I keep it velcro'd on me wherever I go, and this app would allow me to do away with the velcro :) A toast to berry locator!

I don’t even want to think about this. I was test driving a SUV a couple weeks ago and I had a bad feeling so I reached down to my side. It was gone. I started to panic. Where did my life (BB) go? I was so bad I was about to pull over and look for it. I asked my girlfriend if she had seen it or if I left it in her car. She knew what I was going though so she started to panic. Btw she also is a crackberry. She said "I don’t think so. I think you left it at home". NOT GOOD!!! I have 2 dogs and one of them is a pup. You know what that mean. she chews on everything. I was unable to concentrate on the test drive I was to worry about where my BB was. So I made the drive short and told the salesmen which thought I was a nut-case about my "phone" that I could not look at any more vehicles Intel I found my BB. I ripped apart her car looking under seats in all the places it could drop. Nothing. At this point I needed a tracker to ease my self. I rushed home to find it safe on the couch. FEEWWW that was close. I hope that nothing worse will ever happen to it. The use of this program will keep me at peace if this was to ever happen to me again.

P.S. I did not end up buying the SUV I was a sign from the Blackberry gods. LOL

Just that word "FREE" intrigues me....but I think that this is great app to have, god knows all of us here have a Mild Stroke at anytime we loose site of our precious Blackberry’s, and what better to have than a tracking device for the one(s) we love..LOL its like an amber alert for your blackberry!!

I've had some pretty scary moments when I couldn't find my blackberry. First the gasp, then the shifting eyes scanning around the room for that shiny little 'life in a box'. Don't forget the patting down of yourself to see if you just put it in a different pocket. When you don't see it, you get this horrible sinking feeling and the questions in your mind begin. Who/what/where/when/why did I see it last? But knowing in the back of your mind you could just send yourself an e-mail and your bbry would make itself known would be awesome. I would use it for sure. A $5 insurance plan is pretty cheap. :)

This app looks to be extremely helpful. Especially since I have a habit of leaving my blackberry just about anywhere I take it out to respond to text or even just review my emails. So far I have been lucky, but it only takes once for it to be gone.

I have a 8320 curve. i love it dearly. i haven't lost my curve thus far, but if i did i would deffinately appreciate having this app. i dont know what i would do with out my bb. its my life line to friends, email, new, weather, finding things... i'd be lost. this looks like a great program and i cant wait for the day when my bb will have wifi and gps... oh yeah

In all seriousness, this is an awesome addition to the Blackberry family. I can't imagine losing my pearl and forking out another $450 for another, because we all know we wouldn't go very long without one. I will be the first to say that I would just drive straight to the store! Lol! The other advantage is when some A-hole decides they are too cheap and wants to steal your berry, get that google map and go take care of bidness! If I win this software, I will become a crimefighter to protect all berry owners :)
I use the GPS at least once a week. I ride a motorcycle and when I am out of the city, I love using the navigation to find restaurants, gas, restaurants, bathrooms, and restaurants =)


I am a BB newbie, so I am still learning all of the functionality. I have to tell you that I LOVE the idea though and I am PETRIFIED that I will lose my phone! I am constantly misplacing something and I do NOT want it to be my phone! There have been times that I was actually late to work because I could not find my keys or my phone!

this is really cool just for the people like me who lose their blackberry from time to time. i have verizon and the gps wont show your exact location without typing in an address this is truly an awesome feature.

but if I do, I would love to have this service.

I do not have a fav. GPS system yet, I am still trying to decided between BBMaps, Nav4All and InfoSpace. I really like the TeleNav, but don't want to pay the monthly.

I have not lost my BB yet but If I do I hope I have this installed.

I use my GPS weekly with Google maps. Great for finding places to eat or meeting locations etc.

I have been in need of something like this a few times to many. At&t RIM & anyother carrier I have been with has made a small fortune off of me alone. Now I am alot more protective of my toys.

My GPS of choice is telenav & Google maps they are good navi aps I use 2-3x everyweek.

I love the GPS enabled 8830 I own. I use the google map feature all the time with GPS, and if it is not working, it localizes with the cell towers. I have never lost my Blackberry, but if I did, I would be in a world of trouble as it has all my numbers as well as a lot of my work information in it. I am fairly new to having a Blackberry, but in the short time I have had it I have certainly become an addict.

Freaking awesome google maps with my locations. My 8300 device now has AGPS (approximate-GPS). At least I can sort of find my way around.

I would go mad if I lost my device. My life revolves around my blackberry. I browse, check emails, my calendars and contacts are all there. I would have to suck it up and upgrade my phone to another BB to continue my life.

this is great, i would def. pay 5 dollars any day rather than losing my BB and having to pay to get another & worrying about who has all my info on my BB!! & LOVE how it sends you an email of ur GPS location.. def. worth the money!!

I am going to download the free trial after I post this. I am anxious to try it. I am currently using my old 8300 but am going to get (another) 8310 soon.

I am a fan of TeleNav, but like some I am not a big fan of the $9.99/month charge for unlimited routes. What is $10? I waste so much on other stuff ... I dig Google Maps, GPSGate, InfoSpace Find It! and BlackBerry Tracker.

LOVE me some BlackBerry!

Losing my BB would be one of my worst nightmares!! I do have the GPS feature enabled and use it even more often than I thought I would. I also love being able to look up restaurants etc. when traveling. If the Berry Locator can pin point the location of a lost BB using the GPS feature...it's awesome software!!

Hey, now I know where my phone is!

I use the GPS for Telenav. Sometimes slow to pick up a signal, but great when its working!

i would probably throw up on myself if i lost my berry. then punch myself in the face so i could tell my wife i was robbed.

Lord knows how many times I have sent my kids tearing through the house to help me find my blackberry. More often than not it is on vibrate from being at work, and then when I get home my son always wants to play games on it. Which, of course I let him. Then the 4 year old attention span kicks in, and the next thing I know.... mommies phone is MIA!! So, if the Berry locator could make all the annoying noises while in vibrate mode, I would be forever greatful :)

this one sunday in church my phone would not stop vibrating from all the emails i receive so i took it out of my pocket and sat in in the pew beside me. like a dope i got up and went into the other room with out my crackberry. When i went to set a reminder i realized i left it in the chapel so i went back. IT WAS GONE!!!!!! I freaked out. who in church would steal a crackberry. No one! so i thought it fell on the floor so here i am crawling around the chapel under the pews and everything. the pastor had seen it when leaving and picked it up and was looking for me! i about flipped thinking it was gone because i had just gotten it 2 weeks prior. OMG i have not let it out of my site since!

Lose my Blackberry????? Unthinkable.

Although I do not have GPS I would be interested to now if this software would work in the UK.

I would die if I lost my Blackberry. I have EVERYTHING in this phone. Dates of appointments, passwords, account numbers, EVERYTHING. My life would be over if I lost it not to mention the effects of losing an expensive phone. :)

BB 8830 has GPS but Verizon turns it off.
Stupid Verizon.

If it was turned on, I would use GPS to find myself, b/c I am lost. I like Google Maps because the "My Location" feature does a decent job of guesstimating where I am, but it is no replacement for GPS.

One time I thought I lost my BB on an airplane. I was freaked, but figured that if it was found, somebody would do the right thing and turn it in or contact me. Just as I was about to ask the flight attendant if anyone had turned in a BB, I decided to double-check my stuff just to be sure. I looked in my briefcase and saw my BB at the bottom - it was not lost, just misplaced.

I just got my Curve about a month ago and would be completely lost without it since it has replaced my palm pilot with all my appointments.

PLEASE let me win

I had a GPS enabled device but haven't used it yet

I have an 8310 from AT&T and I absolutely love the GPS. I mainly use Google Maps because it renders the images so fast, but lately I've been having issues because of the new triangulation feature. It's been taking longer to find my position since it seems to be guessing where I am a lot more often (generally to the tune of 1800 meters, and always about 3 blocks from where I am). I use Windows Live when I want really precise tracking because it always knows right where I am, but I'm a loyal Google fan so I try and stick with brand loyalty. :-)

Will I need a certain service enabled to use it?For example BES?It says it will send an email,does it need to be enabled to work?

If lost my BB?

Well you must be crazy, I purchased my Pearl about 3mths ago, and with the help of this site have become totally dependant on it.

My primary uses we going to be the Calendar, phone and email when convenient.
Well I am surly a blackberry and crackberry addict.
I use the BB for my personal life, bussiness, personal businness, and my homeowners association.
I have five emails on it, over 300 contacts in the respective groups.

I have also found some great friends in the BB messenger, which I love because it is fast, but I want others to buy a BB so we can use it.

Since I put my BB into action at work, I have had 4 other people transformed into BB fools, constantly we talka bout the use of the device (not phone) and how it can change the way we work.

So for me to loose my BB would cause me to freak out, and halt my daily work.
It would also force me to go buy that new Curve I want!!!:)

I am confident that the desktop software back that I do weekly will keep me up to date but I would miss my very first Red Pearl.

I would love to have the software.
thanks for the post.

I bought "find my berry" after your last review so I could send an email that makes the thing scream but having a program that would send me a map of where the phone is would be very cool!

I use Berry 411 sometimes. I don't use google maps or berry maps too often even though I have an 8830 w/ GPS on Sprint.

I lost my BB once and I was crushed!! I was at a bar with this girl and after a few shots she was DONE!! We started walking back to my place when all of a sudden she just passed out. I had to stuff her in a grocery cart to wheel her back to my place (a few blocks away). Anyway, by the time I got home, I realized that my BB was gone!! HOLY CRAP, what am I going to do now!! I go back to where I stuffed this girl into the cart thinking I may have dropped it there. I took my work cell phone with me to see if maybe I could hear the ringer to help me locate it easier. I get back to the spot where I thought I had lost it and dialed my number. It rang about 4 times and just when I figured it wasn't here, someone answers. YES!! I ask the chap where he is with my phone. He tells me he's on a corner about 3 blocks up and 2 blocks over from where I was. I head over...QUICKLY...I can't stand being without my BB!! I get to the corner and call again. This guy is now on another corner 1 block back and 1 block in. So I head over there.....WHERE IS THIS GUY WITH MY BB!?!?!?! I call again..."Where are you dude?". He gives me his whereabouts again.....about 500 yards from where I had talked to him the first time. IDIOT!! Then, as he's handing me my BB, the Jacka$$ drops my BB. Can you believe that!! I didn't care, it was in it's case and it was back where it was supposed to be....WITH ME!!

Had I had something like Berry Locator, I would have saved some time roaming around the neighborhood looking for my BB.

If I lost my I would cry, I only got it a week ago and havent even brushed the surface on it yet,, I was going to get a tilt but think I made a good chioce here and after I found my crack berry web site, I am addicted to reading that daily I have the 8310 and plan to use the google maps when I get going on that project

Great Idea, I use Google maps a fair bit, and I used to Use OziExplorer on my Smartphone (have not bothered to see if it would work on my bb). My wife loses her's on a fairly regular basis... mostly in the house or the car, but I am sure the time is coming when simply phone ones self and walking around the house will not locate it for her and this software could really help!

I've been known to lose mine in the house even...I usually try to text it as that's the loudest tone on my bb. That's how I find people I know with blackberries in an office too!!

Verizon turns off the built-in GPS for 8830. If I lost my berry I would look all over for it and would hate to buy another one. This locator would certainly lojack my berry. Thumbs up.

I love the idea and it appears to work ok but I noticed that in all my testing with the trial version the gps location sent to my email was out by approx 100 yards and in some cases miles. Now maybe this is my blackberry or the fact i was using the trail software? or maybe something was lost in translation.

I am using a 8830 TELUS BlackBerry and the unit showed 15 satellites when the the location software kicked in. I had also used the onboard blackberry map software to show me my current location and it matched where i was prior to the test. when the location software sent the message to my email the result show the blackberry as a good distance away. If this was a real world use of the tool I would never have found the unit.

wouldnt it be fun to leave the bb beside an unsuspecting person and the from a distance just send the message to the BB and let it do its scaryy noice and vibration... But have to be careful he might turn nasty and destroy BB....

I know just the person ....
gee i wish i win...

m very carefull with my BB so dont really need it but mighty come handy who knows... been drunk too often i have lost my wallet and other stuff... but not my BB

Telenav has to be one of my favorite i use it all the time and the directions are awesome! Except when it says take a left right turn thing... anyway go telenav!

This is a great program. I think i will just have to purchase it.

I currently use mapquest navigator as my navigation program. I have tried garmin and telenav and mapquest was just the best product that i could find. I use it over 10 routes per day as i am a locksmith that has to drive to many places. BB 8310 just rocks!

this gps tracker is so good to have. I need the berry tracker because If I lost it I would be able to track my black berry with the software that would be provided for me

I defenitively need this software, you know with life today every thing goes fast, and I can lost or forget my BB somewhere. I like Blackberry maps and google maps to, I use them almost every day. Anyway if I lost my BB I am lost too because I need it for business, personnal and for fun.

This is a great software find. Just yesterday my wife came out of a movie theatre and could not find her phone. It turned out it was in an inside pocket and she could not feel the vibration.
Even with my granddaughter's Blackberry, I could tell where she is. How safe is that.
I have only had my Blackberry for about a week, so I have only ventured into the maps screen a couple of times.

I've tried both blackberry maps and google maps and I just love the functionality of google maps. I use it at least once a day to check on the nearest movie theatre or restaurant.

I was just thinking about this program today! When I first started looking at Crackberry you were having a contest for this program and I thought how cool to have that on your Blackberry. I just got my first BB last Friday and love everything about it. I haven't used GPS maps yet but, was just getting ready to download some! Thanks!

this program is awesome! i have an 8830 on sprint, and i use BBmaps, and google maps daily. i do like google maps better though! not a huge fan of berry 411... and if i leave my phone at work again and think i lost it, im going to die! haha

But if I did, this would be the best way to find it. I would not be able to function if I lost my BB. I am getting queasy just thinking about being two feet away from "my baby". If I did lose it, I would just have to purchase another because life does not go on without my berry!

I don't own a GPS enabled BlackBerry, but this app does look cool though, and I guess it's priceless if you happen to geographically miss locate your device, lol...

If I lost my BlackBerry I guess I'd just have to eat the cost and get another. Of course that would be after a fit of rage and maybe some crying, lol.

I prefer the free GPS apps. I don't want to buy an app and I absolutely do not want to use the VZ navigator. I'd prefer not to give money to Verizon if I don't have to. I actually ordered the freedom 2000 keychain a couple weeks back from this website. I haven't had a chance to use it that much, but it is very small and does the job. The only downside, my opinion, is the length of battery life. It is fine if I am doing long trips because I can plug it in the entire time, but running around all day with it on is not the best for doing an all day tracking... But, I guess I don't need to really track myself sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

My favorite program so far is Nav4All. I haven't had much of a chance to use it, but it is nice to have a voice tell you when to turn rather than always looking at your screen.

BBmaps would be great if they had voice navigation, and obviously Gmaps.
amAze GPS just runs very slow. I would like to use this program, but it doesn't run well, so I end up getting frustrated and going to another GPS app.
I have BB tracker... but it hasn't worked yet.
GPSed is fine, but I should probably play with it more often...

I need more GPS apps to play with!!!

I haven't been fortunate :):) enough to track down my BB with GPS.

It would be kinda hard if I was using the Keychain GPS because my phone and keys most likely would not be together.
Verizon always has to mess things up.

CrackBerry rocks!

I have never lost my blackberry but there was one time i was on my way to work and i had thought i lost it. i went to work late because i back tracked my way home looking for it. my phone was inside the couch and i searched all over the house for an hour and finally found it.

if i lost my bb i would have to get a new bb!

I don't have a gps enabled BB (8300) but if i lost mine, i'd have to replace it as its required for work, but this time id take the advantage to upgrade to a gps curve and also send it out for a custom paint job! Since i have a working one now for work i cant give it up for 3-4 weeks just for a paint refresh, but if i was waiting on a new one, why not!?

I use Google Maps regularly to find restaurants, ATMs, and stores. Very easy to use and a "must have," in my opinion.

I use my GPS with google maps and love it. I have found myself from time to time calling my blackberry to find is as I run out the door for children's doctor's appointments, Mommy's group and all the other activities that keep my life moving.

I've been playing around with Infospace Find It! and Google Maps since I got my Blackberry last week. This is my first GPS device and I've yet to decide which I like better. Both are great for finding local stores and restaurants. I do like playing with Google's satellite view. It's great for getting a more realistic idea of an area. :)

Have used the GPS in my 8820 in the middle of no where in Chanchmayo, Peru and Sierra Nevada in Colombia - its great, even for location and elevation. We were constantly looking at it on the road from Lima.

I use Nav4All as my primary point to point nav program and its not a bad choice, though sometimes I feel there is a better way than the recommended routes offered. Can't complain about the price, at least until 2010.

BB: 8320 with a Navibe GB735 Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Favorite software: BB Maps & Nav4All but I'm looking for better.
How often do I use GPS: about 1 a week

I actually did lose my BB one time during an arrest of a guy. After the fight on the ground with this guy, I got up from the ground and went to call one of my buddies and I noticed my phone was missing from my pocket. Well I work in a housing development and decided to have my partner call my phone. He did and WELL WELL WELL, I hear my ringtone "Bad Boys Bad Boys!!" coming from the pocket of a person in the crowd. Yeah I got my phone back and that dude caught a theft charge. Two collars made that night!!

What a tough man you are. Did it ever cross your mind that he wanted to return your phone. Cops, cant stand them.

I am a blackberry user and an airline pilot and I would really hate to loose my phone in an airport in another state. I would love the software so that I could email my phone and someone could pick it up and call the number and i could get my phone back.

this is great. even tells u were the phone is at.. i use my gps w/ TELENAV.. i need this, im in delivering business in Los angeles. and i which i had a BB sooner. now i dont have trouble finding addresses.. i love this toy...can u imagine if i lost BB back to Thomas map guides

If my head wasn't screwed on quite so tight, it would be lost rite along w/ my Pearl! lol I do have GPS on my BB & a usually use Google Maps any time I'm lost or need directions. I swear, one day I"m gonna have to put an alarm on my Pearl, cuz the lil guy's always gettin' left behind places.

Hey this sounds like some great software,now will i blink and jump around and buzz like crazy if the phone is left at home and i get lost????????

This would be great for my spouse who always misplaces it. Now there would not be any excuse, and we wouldn't have to spend so much time looking for it when we are in a rush to go out! LOL

Keep on Crackin',

- CB

Only $5? If I don't win it I'll def be picking this up. $5 to track your phone in event of getting lost? That's AWESOME! I just got my Pearl and just started using Google Maps ... it's amazing! Thanks!

I work for at&t I lost my phone once it sucked. It was only for like an hour but it felt like forever. Any BB user would know the feeling. I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I entered the last comm i forgot to say I have GPS I have the curve 8310, best phone I have ever had end of story. I use the gps to go to work and all around my job has me on the road a lot so its really handy. So really I would be lost without it lol. PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a pearl 8100 and there was one night i was at a bar and it got stolen off the table i was sitting at. i talked i starting loking everywhere for it, talking to some of the people there to see if they had seen it, and just trying to find it. i ended up not geting it back and had to buy a new one. it was not a fun experience, and maybe with this program i would have been able to find it before it made its way out of the bar.

I could really use this. I am constantly on the road and I am always pulling my phone out and placing it somewhere.

I love my BB and I really love Google Maps. I am not sure how accurate it is for most people but mine is accurate within 3 meters. I get step by step directions all the time. My job requires me to meet with customers wherever and whenever.

It would really suck if I ever lost me BB.

I went to my boy friends work the other day. and on my way out I got into a conversation with his co-worker because I care for her kids. I got them all bucked in and was heading down the road. Because I am a big crackberry I went to make sure I had it. GONE!!! could not find it anywhere. At a stop light I looked all over my car. I was nowhere. Starting to worry that it fell out of my hand or my lap when I got out maybe I drove over it. Then it hit me. I put it on top of my car when I bucked the kids in. Lost forever right. Nope my awsome Boyfriend bought me a rubber type case for it and saved my "life" it was still there. didn't move an inch. So if I could do something that retarded who knows what I will do next time. this program may save me from major problums to come. Awsome Program. Awsome web site CB.com is the best.

My new Blackberry is phone #1 for 2008 (after having lost 3 in 2007!) and I can't see a better way to know where it's gone when and if it goes!

Has it always been a giveaway? If so, I didn't notice before and just left a random comment... consider this second attempt my giveaway entry please.

I do have a GPS-enabled Berry and I mostly use a combo of Google Maps/Blackberry Maps because both programs are better at different things. I use Google Maps more often for local lookups and then I usually switch to Blackberry Maps for driving directions if I need them. Although, I notice Google Maps picks up the GPS signal more quickly than any other program.

Also, I like Earthcomber because I think it's unique and very useful for finding entertaining things to do or good restaurants nearby... too bad the software seems a bit glitchy occasionally.

I us the GPS all the time on my 8310 for Geocaching. I use Geocache Navigator from Trimble. i also use Google Maps for finding my way around in unfamiliar areas.

I us the GPS all the time on my 8310 for Geocaching. I use Geocache Navigator from Trimble. i also use Google Maps for finding my way around in unfamiliar areas.

This would come in handy if I ever lost my berry in the wilderness while geocaching.

Had to post again since the last time I could not login....weird.

I have a Pearl 8130 with Verizon, I wonder if this App will work since Verizon likes to cripple cool functions like GPS.

Great app for finding your misplaced or lost phone. Even works in the holster which is nice because I've misplaced my Pearl a couple of times while in the holster. Since it goes onto the vibrate profile in that state, it was very difficult to locate the phone.

I downloaded the trial and only found one problem. My Pearl issued to me by my work and is forced to lock down after a few minutes of idle. Berry Locater will ring/flash/vibrate as advertised but cannot be silenced unless the Pearl's unlock code is provided or the battery is pulled. Not too good if you lost the phone and used the email body feature to inform the finder about the reward you will offer for its return.

Otherwise, a useful app with a small memory footprint and a big advantage.

Oh my gosh the time when my 8300 was off and I left it at home and was headed for the shore I had a fit. I insisted the my old lady went through the house till she found it and called me back.

I tried the demo,, it doesnt do jack bone but sends a regular email. I searched for more info, found nothing!
but from the hype i would loto have a product such as that.

This sounds like an application I can not live without. I was always worried about having a phone that was worth more than $100 because I am always misplacing my phone. Luckly the few times I have left my BERRY behind someone was smart enough to dial the last number I called, which happen to be my husband.

My phone is GPS enabled and my favorite GPS application is BlackBerry Maps. This application is great if you are walking in the city and need to find an address, or if you are driving and your husband refuses to pull over and ask for directions :)

Don't want to lose my BERRY!

I thought I lost my BB one day and about lost my mind. I use it for everything especially an address book and e-mail away from my desk. Business almost came to a stand still. Lucky for me it slid between the seats in my truck. only found it when my wife called and i heard it over the radio. As soon as I found it I kissed it and told it I would never loose it again...

Because I lost my old phone and if I ever lost my pearl I would freak. I can't live without texting and checking my email like every other minute. I used the google maps feature all the time especially when I don't know what the name of the road I'm on when I'm going to a friends house. I lost my cell phone so many times having this application would put my parents at ease. Please I hope I win.

Newer BB 8130 owner here...and loving every moment of quality time spent with it! ;)

I'm a big fan of Google Maps. Perfect for my at least weekly use.

btw...this new app looks absolutely fabulous.


Lovely red 8310 owner here. I absolutely LOVE Google Maps, it has saved me from so many times of getting lost... not only that, but I use it all the time to check out how bad the traffic is on the freeways!

The Sprint 8130 is like my first child, I can not live without it. As far as GPS goes, I use the sprint navigator almost every day. I try to cut around traffic during rush hours, and it is great for shortcuts that i did not even know existed! I think i spend more time on GPS than i do on the phone!!! I thought i lost my pearl, but before i broke out in tears, i managed to wrangle it out from under my couch!!

I use the GPS on my new 8800 multiple times a week. Primarily I use Google Maps as the application. The Berry Locator app sound pretty nice.

Well my BB isn't GPS enabled thanks to the good people at Verizon. If I am going to be freaking out b/c I lost my phone at least I can bring others down with me by annoying them with the constant ringing and buzzing.

I've a 8800 and use google maps every weekend traveling with my family, "my location" is a little of in méxico, but close enough to find my way.

I can really only seeing this work if you actually leave your BB somewhere. However, I'm pretty sure it's not going to be able to tell you that it's under the bed or in the couch!

I don't think I would actually use a product like this at all...

Hola! I'm a curve user (8310) and use Google Maps all the time .. very handy! Berry Locator would be a perfect complement to an engineer that would sooner leave his head at home if it weren't sewn on :-)

I love playing with the GPS on my Curve. I'm always using either Google Maps (if I want to see the traffic conditions) or TeleNav (for step by step instructions), even when I don't need it. I just drive around watching my location move around on the map in Google Maps or seeing how how fast I'm going in TeleNav... I know... I'm pathetic :(
So if I lost my phone, not only would I be missing my info but I wouldn't be able to play with the GPS anymore! Count me in!


God, if I ever lost my Blackberry, I'd be left in the dark ages! I have no one's address or phone number memorized, I use Google Maps religiously to find my way around, I really can't think of losing my Blackberry. It'd be like losing my thumb. So much of my functionality would be lost!!

Although my BB does not have GPS, my previous BB was left in my gym on 12/31/07; when I realized what had happened (a year later :) I called the gym, called the phone company and NOBODY was able to help me find it !!!!!!!!! If I had this Berry Locator I would have felt like Magnum P.I. roaming to the person who took it and "steal" it back!

I have been using the trial version of Berry Locator and think it is an amazing software. It would be amazing if I owned Berry Locator.


I just got my blackberry in December...and I don't know how I ever managed without one! There are SOOO many cool functions. I can't believe they made a 'phone locater' program!!! I can't tell you how many times I've lost my phone...I definitely need this application!

I love GoogleMaps. I travel a lot and it has made such a difference! I feel more comfortable in new areas, and the freedom of being able to find anything at a moment's notice is incredible!! Running errands and finding addresses has never been so easy...I probably use this application every day!

I don't have a GPS BB. I opted for the 8320 with Wi-Fi instead. I love that Google Maps now has the location beta feature and hope that this software will be able to do the same sort of thing. I haven't ever lost my BB as it is always firmly attached to myself snuggly tucked away in a pocket. I have my BB set to lock and have the owner information displayed, so hopefully someone would contact me and claim the reward, since the BB is basically useless to anyone else. I think that this software is great for anyone who frequently misplaces things around the house and know that it would be awesome if I ever did lose track of my bb.

i have nav4all and the pay service telenav, the latter definately has brighter maps but nav4all isnt bad at all and they both have voice prompts for their software which is good when youre driving so that you dont have to look down and drive.I have used them both on a limited basis and theyre about dead even right now in comparison,also nav4all is free.

The two GPS applications that I can not live with out would be Sprint navigation and On Demand. I was house hunting and used Sprint Nav to locate every property. I also use On Demand to find the phone numbers of businesses and it uses gps to to find the closest location to me.

A friend needed my van to take her grandchildren to participate in a play and asked if I would take all of them. After, we decided to eat pizza and none of us could remember the restaurants location. (show-off time) I pulled my berry from my pocket and typed in the name of the pizza place and showed her the map with our location and the location of the restaurant; she was speechless,(priceless). On my Calendar, I had an appointment to look at a condo with the address and mapped it. I am sooo happy with my 8130 and all the things it can do and all the things it will do in the future. GPS is the way to go, find and be found.

I have an ATT BB 8820 which means I have GPS. I was lost in Fort Worth and used Google Maps to find my way. I had mapquest paper directions, but they were not accurate. I used Google maps, following the blue dot along the map until I got to where I was going.

I also use my GPS to place "meatspace" coordinates in my email, so whenever I GMAIL from my BB 8820 I can let people know where I am.

This program looks very promising.

This is my 2nd blackberry, the first one i own was left in a taxi cab. It was really late, i would say about 4am, i hailed a cab to get home. About half way home, I emailed a couple of people saying i'll make it home safely rather shortly. I was so exhausted that night i fell asleep in the cab shortly after the email. Once arrived in front of my apartment the taxi driver woke me up. I paid him and tipped him nicely. I made it home and was about to get ready for bed.I went over my normal routine before sleeping and the last step was to charge the blackberry. I looked all over for it and it was GONE!!! I grab the home phone and called instantly. A man picked up similar, his voice was similar to the taxi cab driver's and he refused to return my phone. I offered to give him 100$ and i would come. He declined and hung up. He never picked up again. I emailed him $250 and no reply. Constantly calling the man, trying to remember numbers on the taxi or anything for that matter. I was far too exhaust to remember anything. Following morning i made one final call before canceling the line, He picked up to my surprise and started to laugh and say "give up rich man". I called tmobile canceled the line ordered a 2nd blackberry and now here i am. I would love this program so i can be able to track the driver down with the cops.

Turtle @ crackberry.com

Recently switched from the Treo to the Blackberry Pearl. I am a GoogleMaps junkie when traveling. Haven't lost my BB yet and would probably crumble if I did - having Berry Locator would be great!

I got my Curve around Thanksgiving time (New Crackberry addict). I love the GPS feature. I've used everything from the built in Blackberry maps, MSN, GPSed, Google Maps, And Tracker. I love it! Now this is just one more GPS program I need to checkout.

I have an 8800 through ATT and my two favorite GPS applications are definitely Google Maps, and Berry411. I use these two applications at least 5 times a week while searching for food, movies, or directions. If only yelp had a BB application with built in GPS, I'd be in heaven.

the bomb. I use it all the time on my 8830WE. I love the Telenav, I use it for getting to new places all the time. It makes it som much easier than driving 2 miles an hour looking at street signs.

GPS Tracker to let my family follow me while running!
NAVTEQ and GoogleMaps a must to not getting lost while cycling!

OK, I just got my Blackberry like three days ago, specifically because of the GPS function and TeleNav- well, that and the fact it cost me like 1/4 of what an iPhone would. And it has a keyboard. And all my friends have Berries, too, and I was jealous.

I am constantly losing my cellphones, and would get way too much use out of Berry Locator! Plus, if my dear hubby thinks I got lost while pedaling my way through the countryside, he can find me! Right down to the ditch I may have fallen into. The only way the Locator could be better is if it could tell me specifically which room or bag I left it in. Before I run the batteries down with the text thingy. Did I mention that I lose my cellphones a lot?

Please, please, please- no one needs Berry Locator like a ridiculously clumsy, highly forgetful cyclist. Who may or may not be a blonde. Not that being a blonde has anything to do with my losing cellphones. Or being clumsy. I'm just saying.

I'll be your best friend forever (cuz I just know that will help my case!).

Because I have already lost my blackberry. Thank goodness for having a name and phone number showing on the phone. I lost it at B&N and they were able to find me with the name. What a nightmare. Having the locator would be even better bc I still had to retrace my steps for the whole day and it was a busy one. I went back to 6 different places before hitting B&N.

I have not fully lose my BlackBerry but have come close several times. I honestly fee like half a man (no pun intended) when i don't have it one me.

I am an independent real estate consultant and many of my jobs are sollicited nad accepted using SMS/email and thorug hte web. about a wek ago my blackberry service was out for a day and I lost over $100 in missed jobs.

As a new Pearl owner, I have to say that I love my BB. My favorite program is Telnav because it is so easy to use. I find myself using it as often as possible. I think this new berry locator software is a fantastic idea. I personally would be totally lost if I were to misplace my BB.

I don't have GPS but I use a separate puck with my 8300. One thing that everyone knows about me is that I have a bad memory for the items that don't pertain particularly to work, like Birthdays, Holidays, and Family Events. The reason why I haven't lost my blackberry yet is because I know that all of those important dates are stored in my calendar with annoying alarms and alerts. If I forget my blackberry at home in the charger for one day, I'm a complete wreck. Kids don't get picked up from school and birthdays don't get celebrated. I'm looking at Berry Locater like it's insurance. Without it, I may lose my sanity if I lose my Blackberry...or worse, my family!

With my 8310 I utilize GPS 3 to 4 times per week. With Telenav I am able to find the quickest route to work and home because of the Traffic Optimization utility.

I use google maps when I am in a pinch and on the road. Pretty helpful for me, considering I get lost in a parking lot!

By far the best GPS application is Google Maps. Its a two in one package whick offers the obvious GPS function, as well as a Google Earth. I use it pretty often to get around the city. Although I can also use it for fun, either to check out the pyramids in Egypt, as well as the Great Wall of China. Very cool tool.


- My fav app for GPS is google map, i use it pretty much everyday. It loads fast and easy to search for nearby shops and locations.

I use my GPS quite often. My sister owns a catoring business and I deliver for her when she needs me to so my GPS comes in handy. My favorite applications are the traffic checker, really helps in case of accidents and gives you an alternate route and the turn by turn voice.

Tried the trial period and looks like a great program. Sometimes doesn't manage to pick up the GPS reading though.
Best GPS program for where I live in Chile is defintely Google Maps, no others have the same level of detail and Google Maps does it all if you learn how to use it completely. Here it is very common to find that all of the back streets don't have street signs as they are normally on people's houses and get removed or covered up when people add on to their homes (very common here given the very small starter homes most people buy). WIth my Blackberry 8310 and Google Maps, I no longer need to go around asking complete strangers where a given street is. I use this function on average at least once a week and is the best thing ever when our teenage son asks me to go pick him up from a friends house. All I need is the address and can find him in Google Maps with complete navigation instructions.

I dot travel all that much but when i do i like to go out for a few days if not weeks at a time and when that happens and im on the gmaps dont cover it so i use the native gps application.