The Lost Komodo - Help the baby Komodo in this beautiful game for BlackBerry PlayBook

The Lost Komodo
By Michelle Haag on 16 Sep 2011 10:25 am EDT

A baby Komodo got lost on a deserted island, far away from his family. He needs to survive in the wild all by himself - finding his meal, avoiding the predators , avoiding dangerous traps, evolve and hunt the ex-predators - then finally make his way home, to the Komodo National Park.

The Lost Komodo is a beautifully illustrated game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You are the tiny green Komodo lost on the island all alone. Tilt your PlayBook to control his path and eat prey to help him grow. Health and shield power-ups will help him along the way, as well as extra time and bonus coins. As you progress through the levels the little Komodo grows and and his story is told. The illustrations in the game are vivid and colorful, reminiscent of water color paintings. You can grab this game FREE for your PlayBook and help the tiny Komodo on his quest for home. Check out a few screenshots after the break, and download at the link below.

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The Lost Komodo

The Lost Komodo

The Lost Komodo
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The Lost Komodo - Help the baby Komodo in this beautiful game for BlackBerry PlayBook


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It's wonderful having a nice game app like this for my 4 year old. Still waiting for "enterprise" usability for the Playbook.

I got my money back on mine and haven't yet made a purchase. But I'm looking at Win7 tablets as Android and iPad don't fit the bill and QNX Playbook looks to be dieing.

First "Professional Grade" Tablet.

And this is the sort of application that is causing a buzz.

My oh my........ what exactly is going on with RIM?

6 comments, 3 of which have nothing to do with the original post, you consider this a buzz? My o my what a boring world you live in.