Losing your text messages on the 10.1 MR? You're not alone

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jul 2013 08:38 am EDT

Update: We reached out to BlackBerry and were told “A small number of customers have reported an issue with their SMS message history after updating to BlackBerry 10.1 MR. We are currently investigating the issue.”

The OS 10.1 MR seems to be running smoothly for most users who have been able to update, however there looks to be a glaring issue for many when it comes to text messages.

After updating to the new software, reports are flying in that text messages are disappearing on their own or the entire SMS history is being deleted. 

While it's not effecting all users, there are quite a few who took to the CrackBerry forums to vent their frustration. Most of the reports are stating that the messages are disappearing and while some say they are showing up again eventually, in most cases they haven't reappeared. 

Others are even saying that they can't send any text messages but that seems to only be a small set of users.

So if you're been able to install the OS 10.1 MR we want to know if you're having SMS issues as well? Or any other big issues for that matter. Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Losing your text messages on the 10.1 MR? You're not alone



BlackBerry should use it's BBM app to handle all SMS, MMS and get rid of that useless text app already!! I believe BBOS7 used to be able to integrate SMS into BBM right?

No, SMS texts aren't integrated in to BBM on BBOS. SMS texts are stored in a separate database on the phone.

In the Messages list you can see texts and BBM messages in the same list if you want to but that's just the same as how you can see them that way in the Hub if you want to.

Posted via CB10

You could add text contacts to your bbm contacts list. Kept everything neat so you rarely had to leave bbm to text someone without a BlackBerry.

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I managed to keep all my sms moving from BlackBerry device to the next one back from my first BB the 8700. Now they are gone - way to go BlackBerry. I hate this company we go from disappointment to another one.

Get use to it apple has these issues, google, windows. All companies disappoint. good luck finding one that will cater to you.

No kidding. Hating a company because there was a 'bug' in their software? That's just laughable. Maybe Dave79 should invest in a good flip phone sans smart capabilities?

youd almost have a point, that is if restoring a backup fixed the issue, sadly it doesn't and texts STILL don't show after a restore.

So yea, blame still lies with BlackBerry.

I have heard complaints about it but not sure why. Link back up, retores, transfer data to my phone, transfers data from my phone, syncs and everything without any issue. So no clue about the complaints. Too bad no one can fess up and take the blame for not doing what logic inplies. BACK UP BEFORE UPDATING!!!

I'm not sure how to explain to you but the issue is that the restore doesnt bring the SMS back!!!!! Is it so hard to understand?!?

Is it hard to understand that you messed up? You didnt select sms data to be backed up (if everything else retores and there no error msg the file isnt corrupted). So of course it wont be there when you restore it.

You are not idiot at all, the idiots are at blackberry. They are rushing to fix things and they mess up other things. The reason why the text are not restoring is not because of the database, it is already there on the phone, the app simply is not showing them. BBRY are not doing thenselves a favour with these screw ups, more users are leaving to other platforms. And for those who say that these same issues are happening with iPhone or others, I think they have never owned an iPhone.

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Lol if true why weren't all phones affected?

If you say apple doesn't have these issues then why do the dozen or so people I know with Apple phones not want install os updates because of the bs? And all them wait a year or two after their contracts expire to get one because of the d'y or it tes transfer all the data with all the problems they have with them.

So perhaps you can offer up an explanation to my mother as to why all her contacts miraculously disappeared a week ago from her iPad? Or explain the recent iOS Exchange bug that took forever to fix? Or perhaps the dev store that went down recently as a result of security?

Give me a break. The iPhone and Apple are riddled with their own issues.

Great reasoning. If you are selling lots of phones, you're entitled to have a lot of bugs/issues/problems.

I could rhyme off 1,000 things I hate about my own personal iPad and iMac, but it's irrelevant. Why? FACT: Software will always contain bugs and require bug fixes.

Really wish media would run stories on these other company's issues too. Would make BlackBerry appear more normal and not just an outlier for having issues.

I never said that. They made a mistake killing the PB they made a mistake reducing bridge functionality, they made marketing mistakes with BB10, and I can go on. When people blame others for their own mistakes that's a different story.

8 yrs. Of sms's not properly backed up and you're blaming others for it.

Yeah, I think I have to agree with BB-04 on this one. 8 years of SMS, and only one back up? SMS isn't that important to me, but regardless I still have a couple of old backups saved from pre BB10. This helped me when transition from pre BB10 to BB10 caused the loss of my Password Keeper data. Worked out well as I was wanting to move to keepass anyway, was able to load the PWK data to an old BB then manually transfer to keepass (which is so way beyond Password Keeper). Point is, if data is important, back it up at various intervals, and keep some of the older back ups ... 'just in case'.

Why shouldn't he blame BBRY for it? I am too is upset that I lost all my text messages. I am backing me phone regularly and still I cannot bring the messages back. As I said before, the messages are there on the phone they are just not being displayed for some reason. When I change the conversation style the phone take few minutes to come back to the blank screen of no text messages which means to me that the phone is working on the database. But for some reason it is not showing it.

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I don't think Dave79 is in the wrong here. I don't think you can uncheck text messages from the backup at BB Link, and Dave79 I don't think your text messages are gone too, it's just not populating back in the new OS, some people was able to somehow force the OS to repopulate the texts and fine afterwards. But for now, no clear way how. Keep faith.

I gave up as I need some data and restore an older back up from two months ago - the sms are being restored for the most parts but the numbers dont show the name saved in the address book. Triend multiple reboots and all that. Also left the phone untouched for hours.. it's screwed what ever you look at it

Hey Dave79, I totally get your frustration... I could not believe I my switch to the Z10 from a 9810 would not bring my 6 years of accumulated inbox mail. I obsessed over cleaning out the junk on a daily basis and often was able to find important info I needed from years back from my device waaay faster thank searching my gmail inbox because of all the noise mail.

Edit: new slogan for BB10... "BB10 10 times the apps and 10 percent less addictive!"

I'm kinda over the loss, I can get to the info using browser on my device... and generally speaking, I'm not as addicted to the device as I used to be - not sure if thats a good thing, but that's the difference I've noticed with BB10.

@Dave I get what you're saying. The problem with the numbers and names from contacts, at least for me, was that Link is stupid. It restored my SMS with the phone numbers starting +1 and then the number, which is NOT how my contacts are stored, and it's not smart enough to recognize a number with a country code is the same as my contact phone number. As for it not displaying your SMS database in the hub (I suspect your messages were there and just not visible instead of gone), have you tried the 30 sec power button press? Usually, this solves all sorts of wonkiness issues for me. With the device plugged in, I'll hold down the power button until the battery charge logo pops up (usually 30 to 45 seconds). Not all OS versions I have loaded had the battery charge indicator, so you may have to go by time. Anyways, let go of the button and then press it once to start the device back up. This always fixes my slow-to-respond problems (like the settings menu) so I suspect it does a pretty fair amount of 'resetting'. Afterwards, it always takes a while to rebuild my Hub, so give it a shot and see if it helps.

Everything is fine with my messages.
No problem on this end.

I do a back up every other month just to be on the safe side.

I think that BlackBerry advises you to do a back up before installing the up dated OS.

So you don't back up your files? Thats your fault then. I have had mishaps intalling official builds before back up your whole phone then restore.

That's non of your business - the issue here is that BlackBerry screw up my personal data. If you play angry birds and text you exgf trying to get some cool but some people rely on thier phone for more important business and they keep important information on it.

Ignore them, Dave. CrackBerry posters attack anyone who points out or questions something....

Love my ATT BlackBerry Z10.

Posted via CB10

So you consider Dave's initial comment of, "way to go BlackBerry. I hate this company we go from disappointment to another one." to be non-aggressive? Who was the initial attacker? Don't you think it's a bit extreme to say "I hate this company" because he loses 8 years worth of SMS messages? If he's so fed up, why has he been with BlackBerry for that long? Clearly he's made the chose to stay with them for a reason.

And let's be honest here. Software has bugs. All companies have them and they require fixes. Did Dave lose all his contacts? Is he missing all of his BBM contacts? Or all his applications that he has to reinstall? Or did it wipe out all his e-mail? Or perhaps wipe his media card? In the grand scheme of things, losing your text messages is a problem, but it's minor. No one here is happy about this 'bug', but it's not the end of the world. He's making such a big deal over this, but why (seriously) does someone need 8 years worth of text messages?

Shake your head Dylan. And Dave. And tomoham.

Would you feel it's a "minor" issue if you lost the last text message a loved one sent you before they died? That's not what happened here, but it could easily happen to somebody. Don't trivialize other people's problems just because it's not your problem...

Give me a break! Dave claims to have backed them up already - therefore, he still has them. And if they are truly that important (i.e. from a dead loved one), I'd imagine they've already been exported to some other format (i.e. a Word document) and preserved accordingly. Your comment is laughable.

The point is that backups are intended for loss/theft/failure of a device, not for OTA upgrades. Add the fact that the backup STILL DOESN'T FIX THE PROBLEM and it's not unreasonable for him to be upset. If this was happening to Apple users, none of you would be so apologetic and that's a fact

green_ember, backups are first and foremost needed for upgrades. Every time you upgrade software, you are ALWAYS instructed to backup your stuff first. I work in IT and it's fact - we do it all the time.

Regarding Apple, I guess you failed to read my comment above. "So perhaps you can offer up an explanation to my mother as to why all her contacts miraculously disappeared a week ago from her iPad?"

I could go on and on about how Apple pi$$e$ me off with the stuff they break, but I accept the fact that software development breaks stuff no matter how much QA you do. It's a fact.

lol, no kidding, but hey, too each their own. I don't knock Dave79 for that, but yes, he should have backed up a few times over the years, and kept those backups even when doing newer ones, if it's so important.


They do not restore!!!!!!

Stop being like troublemaker Rub3n5 and attack other users...Everyone deserve their rights to speak here and if your mother didn't teach u properly, at least behave yourself.

8 years of SMS kept only on your phone? Your SMS history is important enough that you actually transferred it to your Q/Z10 without backing it up? The loss of that data has to be the most ridiculous thing I have seen BlackBerry blamed for on these forums yet.

I have multiple backups how many times do I have to say it...I thoughts crackberry users were slightly intelligent but I have to reconsider my thoughts..

8 years of SMS is that not a bit sad? Boy if I keep mine a week that is too long, go get a life, (sorry too many whiners on the forum for my liking). FYI all my SMS are all there and bbm and email, I love blackberry just for the record.

+ 1000,

8 years of SMS on a phone? WOW! .I don't believe it at all. Come on guys, we are being trolled.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

I am one of those who cannot receive or send texts anymore. No texts in, No texts out!!! Of course blackberry had nothing to do with this. So who do I blame? Myself for buying another blackberry when I knew I'd be a guinea pig for them

Posted via CB10

I lost all my texts after the update! Very frustrating.

Why can't BlackBerry backup my text messages to the server?

Posted via CB10

Should anyone question why Dave keeps all his SMS? No.. that's his own business! The number of years he keeps them should not be of any relevance to anyone except for himself... Whether he has 8 years of SMS or a total of 8, fact is he can't access them and I understand the inconvenience and frustration... I'm with you on this one... However, hating BlackBerry for this bug...? Hmm... a slight nuance would be in place..

I do think however... that your SMS is still in there (as I understand from the back up discussion above - some don't read through all the comments before commenting btw, that's why you had to deal with the same comment a couple of times) and BlackBerry has to find a way for them to show up again in the Hub... If they don't... well that's f*ck*d *p... But I would wait it out for a couple of days and keep contacting BlackBerry for regular updates on the progress of debugging the hell out of 10.1 M.R.

Good luck man...

From the Z...

Happens after an update if your device builds a new index. It takes up to three days

Posted via CB10

Yes... 50% in 3hrs.. I've never complained about battery before until today. Had Z10 since launch

Posted via CB10

Rogers update. No lost SMS and no issues sending SMS. Battery drained a bit quick for an hour or so but is smooth and stable now.

+1 no problems after the 10.1 MR update. All my texts are still on my phone. Phone is running a lot more smoother now. That sucks ppl lost texts and etc.

Posted via CB10

Same here. No issues. Texts work fine, nothing missing. Happy Boy!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Have had no issues at all on either z10 both work great and love the new features.

I have friends who have had bad updates with Apple too, it's not like this has only ever happened to BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I've got friends that don't even take updates from Apple anymore because they've gotten to many bad updates from them

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I am on Rogers, lost my entire Sms history. They haven't returned.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

Me too. Can send and receive texts but all old text messages are not there. On Rogers.

Posted via Z10

+1 I've had nothing but great things to say after the new update. Smoother overall experience and I'm loving the new gestures. Even all my album artwork is now loading through the music app - which was a big downer on the old OS.

Posted via CB10

For me after this MR update, not only texts are gone but battery life is worse. Without a single use and even on G2 battery is lasting less than 10hrs.
Thanks for keep moving back word BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Hey CB folks, yes Im part of that whole hot mess of an update that was just released. There should be another update, probably to fix that issues. I got the update haven't done it yet due to the last update which effed up my phone and now it's in repair.
Hope the latest update did make the fixes.

.4181 is what messed up my phone. After 48 hrs battery is draining a but faster, no text messages and Internet is crazy slow. I have full bars LTE and Facebook takes 25 seconds to load.

Posted via CB10

Common guys, it's not like text messages are really important now a-days. It's just a minor glitch, get over it.

SMH... BB can't even do messaging right anymore.

Thats what I say, but if you need to respond to some of the messages it would be a drag.
SMS : Yo watcha doing now Bro ....
SMS: Babe your free ....
SMS: Facebook is up $1.46 do you want me to fill your sell order ...
SMS: My Open House is not booked for Sunday , now what ......

Sms is important to me, may not be to others. But its a big problem. I communicate with some customers via Sms for first contact and contact details. Huge fail on BlackBerry if they aren't able to restore them and I hugely doubt they will.

Posted via cb10 on my gorgeous white Z10

That would be if blackberry could get the contacts app working.. I have at least 30 contacts that my contact list cannot find. The rest are doubled up or auto linking to other contacts. Its a mess!

Posted via CB10

I updated via Link and had no issues with SMS messages disappearing. Could be an OTA update issue only?

I updated via link and lost my texts. I can text people though and my battery life has actually improved a bit. OS is much smoother. The drawback of losing texts (I did it late at night so no reason for important texts to come that I haven't already answered) is outweighed by the nice maintenance update that made everything better. I'm not the kind of person that needs to keep years of text messages so not a big deal for me.

I didn't lose my messages with Telus but I was prompted for a gmail password on a gmail login page.

Did anyone notice the UI got even smoother? Like butter!

Z10 is the best phone PERIOD!

Posted via CB10

I'm with Telus too. No issues whatsoever...if anything I find it a bit smoother as well.
Thanks BlackBerry and Telus!

Posted via CB10

Same here. Telus and no SMS problem. But I can't say it is smoother. Maybe a bit, but nothing like 10.0. Or.. I wonder if it has anything to do with what is installed on the phone, e.g. Android apps.

Posted via CB10

I used the Sachup update method as I wasn't getting the update. All appears to be running smooth for me. No SMS issues at all. Have all my previous text messages in tact and I can send and receive fine.

Posted via CB10

Koodo and all my texts message history was wiped. Very frustrating! Also for about an hour after the update I could not send messages, they just resulted in a 'network out of order ' error for each one.

Posted via CB10

10.1 MR also changed how the hub works on my Z10 (CB username no longer current). I imagine it has something to do with the security policy here at work, but now I have a personal hub and a work hub (along with personal and work spaces). The biggest downside is that notifications do not show up for the hub that is not active... if I leave my personal hub active, i will receive zero work alerts etc. not cool.

For all those that lost SMS, did you restart the phone or do a battery pull during or right after installation?

It might take up to several hours to re index the text messages. If you interrupt it,, you might corrupt the re indexing.

Posted via CB10

err, that makes no sense. firstly no I didn't battery pull, but also why would it take several hours to index AFTER telling me that the update had completed successfully? surely if it hasn't finished indexing, then saying complete is a lie.

much like people whose phone hung on the 100% for hours on end, it simply doesn't show whats going on as 100% means done, not still doing.

That is not entirely correct. Your music files are likely still indexing after a "completed" upgrade. But I'm curious to know if ANYONE has been able to restore their texts after losing them.

I didn't receive the MR but I did lose my texts when I upgraded to 10.1. I was able to restore by resetting the hub using the swipe sequence and resetting the phone. It probably would have worked just using the swipes and waiting. But this could be a different issue.

I didn't lose any text messages either. Running nice and smooth for me. I'm on Rogers network.

The only I got when I first installed, was a password prompt for each of my email accounts, that's it. So far running beautifully and love the new extra features as well.

Now waiting patiently for 10.2.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10

Also on rogers and update was flawless everything is there. In fact I've not had any of the issues posted on the forums except for one.

The only issue I have is rogers stupid app not show me how much data I've used.

Posted via CB10

I'm having the same problem with the Rogers app. Won't show me how much data I'm using. It say 0 all the time. Even on their website when I log in it says 0. But my wife's z10 Rogers app shows her data. I called Rogers and even they don't know what's going on. They are currently looking into the issue.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10

I agree man. These are the types of things that are really inexcusable. The concept of mobile computing is to have all your information available to you at any given moment through any device. If they're going to ever make it back to anything remotely close to the top, they simply can not keep taking 1 step forward and four steps back.

This happened to me. All I did was remove the battery and SIM card, waiting 2 minutes, put it back in and worked good as new.

I'm on Rogers and experienced no problems. I just had to re-enter my Gmail password for the hub as it looks like it uses a different method to sync up with Google.

Posted via CB10

No problem with text messages. Fast battery drain after MR10.1 but seems ok after additional reset.
(Vodafone Germany)

This happens to me ever once in a while. About three times a week. The entire history comes back after about a minute if I go back to the Hub or home screen. I figured it was a bug decided to live with it because I am on a leak.

I am on the death star network.

But the question is, how long did that last? For me, it only worked right after a reboot, but it would stop working again several hours, maybe at most a day later. Then, after another cold boot, it would again work for several hours or maybe a day.

No loss of messages, needed to input Gmail password, but nothing else I have noticed has gone wrong. Bell.ca

Posted via CB10

Yeap! All my texts are dissappear. At least my Q 10 is still with me. That's all I need...for now :)

Posted via CB10

All SMS history gone. Battery drain is faster. Frankly speaking I was much more happier with previous version. 10.1MR is pain in the *** for me.
Z10STL100-2/ Germany

----------Z10STL100-2/ Germany

Can't speak to the SMS as I updated with the leak a while back, and used the sachup method no issues.

As for the battery drain as folks have said it does that for the first little while after an update, just because the phone looks off doesn't mean it is, it's working hard in the background re indexing and organizing the databases for the phone it gets better as time goes on

From the Zed of Rockivy

I have a great paid App called " Hide Files " which works great, leaves no History etc etc.
But after I downloaded the new 10.1 MR , I opened the " Hide Files " APP, I opened the folder and could not open the video's and files whats so ever. Then I deleted the app, then re-installed the app and BANG all my videos and files were gone in the App.
What I was told , I need to unhide first then do a back-up of your phone, then install any new OS. Thank God I had almost everything backed up in BB-Link.

Hi: I had the same problem with my Q10 on Bell. Was on the phone with Bell tech support for 45 minutes then transferred to 2 different BlackBerry personnel till 11:00 pm last night ( I started @ 9:30 am ). We had to try to push a Reload of the OS into the device while it reboots. We got it though ( Tks Aaron @ BB in Hfx ). Now I'm trying to install .4181 again this morning. Good luck.

On Rogers, had exact same issue...stuck on blue logo boot screen. Had a recent backup, so did a security wipe. It got stuck on security wipe screen too. After repeated reboots, finally got it to show factory settings, then did a restore to recent backup. Total time, 5 hours that I'll never get back. BlackBerry is wearing thin on me right about now...

Posted via CB10

My Bell update is working fine. No issues at all. Text messages are there, no battery drain. It sat at 100% for a while during the update but I was patient and let the process run its course. I've noticed some folks with issues pulled the battery or played around with the device before the update worked its way through. Impatience sometimes hurts the device. Some people blame the phone when it is clearly user error.

Posted via CB10

Yes all my text history were removed, which is a bummer, but SMS and MMS seems to be working better.
I noticed my ability to open and Play Youtube was not smooth, maybe its a cookie issue, seems to be a better now.

Z10 with Rogers. Updated OTA and the texts disappeared at first and now I'm unable to send or view received texts.

Posted via CB10

Updated 3 Z10s (2 Telus, 1 Rogers) and no issues with SMS or battery life. Loving the simple password with numbers only now.

Rogers MR

I think the long re-boot time might of confused many when they installed the MR. I just left it alone and it took about 25 minutes to reboot. But all my text messages were gone.

Mine disappeared for a while, and I couldn't reply or send messages. I restarted the phone a couple of times, to no avail. After waiting for about a half hour, my text messages all reappeared and suddenly I was able to compose and reply to messages again.

Posted via CB10

All my text messages are gone as well. Just did a test and sent one to myself and it went through and is now showing up.

Posted via CB10

I lost all my text messages but I can still send new ones out. Very frustrating to lose the history rhough!

Posted via CB10

Worked fine for me. However a Co worker lost the ability to play you tube videos and Google maps stopped working.

Posted via CB10

No issues with the update. Text msg still present . Wonder if it has to do with side loaded apps. I only have three side loaded apps...medscape, epocrates and flipboard

Posted via CB10

Did the MR update OTA on Rogers. Just checked my text messages and everything seems to be fine, albeit with a little lag when loading up the SMS history.

I have Z10 STL100-4 in Verizon. I used OTA to update to 10.1. I have had no SMS issues or any other issues, save one small one.

ISSUE: the small issue I had is that after updating to 10.1, my apps (MLB At Bat, Blaq, etc) could not access the web over the Verizon network. I did a battery pull and this was resolved.

IMPROVEMENTS: so far, I've noticed the following:
-ability to adjust notifications volume with physical volume buttons
-improved text selection and cursor placement
-louder volume when playing media on speaker
-remember app shows current days' TODOs in active frames screen
-when swiping down from top you can preselect what tapping the notifications icon does

I guess so far, I am one of the lucky ones, or maybe part of the majority who have not had issues? I have not noticed any issue with battery life, but I just updated less than 24 hours ago.

Via Z10 & CB10

Sadly, no. With the old BlackBerry desktop you could pick and choose items to restore, like just your txt msgs. I tried that with link. And the only option I had was to restore everything. Unfortunately this did not help.

Posted via CB10

Txt are gone. I did the update OTA. There was another update via BlackBerry Link, but that didn't make any thing come back. Looks like all that info is gone. Not impressed "RIM". Yeah I'm calling you out! :mad:

Posted via CB10

All appears fine with my Z10. No complaints from my spouse (yet?) on her Q10. Both on Virgin Canada.

Posted via CB10

This is rather unacceptable for BlackBerry, I know it's a maintenance update, but somehow it's doing the opposite for a lot of you who's installed it. I get that the white calendar is an issue, but a subjective one at most. Yet to release something that makes people's text message dissappear is unheard of. Text are important to some of us and BlackBerry users are forgiving and protective of BlackBerry, but don't push it eh?

All SMS history has been lost, however that's not a big deal(Canada, Koodo). Anything I think I may need long term, I backup.

Apart from that, everything seems to have gone smoothly.

Posted via CB10 from my Z(ed)10

I have the z10. I lost all of the text history from my boss. I tried to text him today and it wouldn't even show the message I sent. It may not have sent at all. Other than that, I have lost no other messages.

Posted via CB10

I can't previous emails as well... anything received before the uptade doesn't show in the hub!

What the hell?

Posted via CB10

I have a Z (on Telus) and texts wouldn't show up in the Hub after the update. But all I did was re-start the device and everything was there. As for the battery drain, the phone is re-populating Hub and pulling in all account details again, so there's bound to be drain. Chill out people. These are not problems that aren't easily fixable.

My SMS messages are all gone. When I got a text from my gf this morning, the history all came back.

On my Z10 somewhere in the GTA.

Got the update on Telus. The Hub took a long time to reestablish and I had to re-login to Google and my work email. After that, the device seems to be working even better: slightly better battery, browser faster and more responsive and everything smoother overall...Watch everything go sideways now that I've said this ;-)

Posted via CB10

Same here. Everything working fine but the Hub took several minutes to start just after the update. Since then everything's back as before, though not much smoother.

Posted via CB10

My wife and I both have the Z10 on Rogers. I lost all my text messages, and she has been having no issues at all.

Posted via CB10

Yeah my z10 notified me that the update os so I let it upgrade and I just noticed it cleared my inbox also.. Lucky enough there wasn't anything over important but still a silly error to be making for such a big nation wide company..

Posted via CB10

Stupids at BB,
Still cannot get multiple alarms. Do they really care what end users want? No doubt not another of my penny goes to this idiotic company.

Posted via CB10

Multiple alarms come in 10.2. It has already been confirmed and tested from the leaks a while ago. This company cares.

Posted via CB10

Yes, and there is a thread on here where you can get the 10.2 alarm clock with unlimited multiple alarms that you can side load the.bar file have been using since it came out works well

From the Zed of Rockivy

All is good for me. Text history took a long time to appear but all is good now. On Telus. Z10

Posted via CB10

Lost text but can still send on Rogers. Doesn't matter though because I use BBM, whatsapp and fb to msg people

Posted via CB10

No problems here with my unlocked Q10 on Congstar/TMobile Germany. The reboot took a while and I had to reenter a couple email passwords, but that was it, no lost messages :)

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Hey I lost all my messages too, however, I still haven't updated my phone with the MR update as it's not yet available.. Maybe it's not just for those who got the update?!?

Posted via CB10

Yup, true to form (re: previous post) Just noticed this morning that my texts disappeared after this morning's reboot. How is it possible they just disappear after I've had the update for over a day and a half?

Posted via CB10

A restart should fix both the receiving and sending sms part. If you installed the maintenance release yesterday, make sure that you restart your phone once or twice. Than you should have everything ok. Also for the laggy hub : it takes time for the phone to rebuild all the indexes, which will cost you performance and battery but when it's finished it should be better than before.

Posted via CB10

Got my Telus update

Nothing lost, no real change in battery life,
In fact I don't see a change in anything yet

What is new in this update

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All text history gone, z10 Telus update, when it rains it pours, I was hoping after the update it would run smoother and faster with any issues corrected but in true BlackBerry fashion it has issues.

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I am on Telus with both a Z and Q10. No issues updating, and installation was smooth. But I did lose some of my texts on my Q10. Not all of them, but just a random selection of them. Strangest thing. No big deal, but quite odd. I feel bad for the folks that lost them all or are having other issues. Keep Calm and BlackBerry On

No problem with Text Messages - all survived the update and I can send new messages also without any problems.
The only thing I had to do after the update was to re-enter all passwords for all accounts.
Now my sync to iCloud works much better as before: entering Calendar events on Z10 and they appear immediately on my Mac and vice versa.
So over all I'm happy with the 10.1 MR1
I also like that Sheets now coming in from right instead of bottom.

After updating my phone to latest software, I lost all text history. But it her than that my phone runs great,

Love Z10

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Haven't updated my Q10 yet, but my wife's Z10 is having terrible issues with the new update. She lost all of her text messages and is unable to send a text message without going to the contact book and sending from there. The HUB is also extremely laggy compared to the way it was before. Hope there is a fix soon.

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Text messages came back on Z10 after removing the battery for 10 minutes and then booting up the device again. HUB is still laggy, but other than that, all of the text message issues are fixed with the hard reset.

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Everything smooth so far with my business used Z10. I don't dare to update my private Q10 though. System runs good on the Q10, I don't want to temper with it with an update.

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Downloaded last night on the Bell network. I've been sending texts to various people. No problems. Phone is running very smooth. I actually thought my phone booted up quicker...but since I rarely have to do that anymore, I could be mistaken. Using a Q10.

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Ya all my texts are gone too but no big deal, the rest of the OS is fine. It truly could've been worse than lost text msgs

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Typical Blackberry....how can BlackBerry win back the market when they are always giving their customers half baked OS. looks like they don't care about the end user....very frustrated

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All SMS threads were deleted but still able to send and receive. Other than that, I haven't noticed any other issues save for a little less battery life. But I'll give it a few more days.

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Mine has been great :) had a great improvement on my battery about 20%. Text are fine and the new email gesture works great. Hope everything gets fixes for all of you

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All sms gone :( I hope they are still somewhere. BlackBerry please find a way to restore!

Everything else went well so far!

Others issues with this MR:

Personal accounts loosing their password, recreated on multiple devices and on different accounts.

Some of our rogers devices are prompting for a 6mb update to 4181 even though they already successfully installed 4181. Seems to be a continously loop.

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Messages all good. Find the phone faster and smooth.. however I have lost the ability to share a photo to FB from the camera app. Can only go into FB and share from there.
Still Lovin the Z10

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Now we know why BlackBerry releases updates in the US last, it just doesn't want to upset our American cousins, let everyone else try it first.

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