Lose track of time with Runaway Trains for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Runaway Trains for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By DJ Reyes on 17 Mar 2012 01:14 pm EDT

One of the most addicting games I have on my BlackBerry device is Xploding Boxes by Ebscer, so addicting that I also got it for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Ebscer have now released a new game that is just as addicting -- Runaway Trains for the PlayBook. It's a simple concept but you can find yourself getting carried away and losing 'track' of time.

The Review

Developer: Ebscer Version (at time of review): 1.0.0
File Size: 317 KB
OS Requirements: Tablet 1.0.6 or higher
Cost: 25 levels free ($2.99 to upgrade) Website: http://www.pepper.pk

Runaway Trains comes with the first 25 levels for free. After that you can get the rest of the levels through the in-app upgrade feature. Runaway Trains is a strategy game where you need to route the trains to the correct station, while at the same time avoiding a collision with other trains. With any puzzle game, each level gets harder and harder with more tracks and trains added to the mix.

Runaway Trains Level 4

The levels unlock 5 at a time. So, although you have the 25 levels free, you'll have to complete the first 5 in order to unlock the next set of 5. Although, since 5 levels are available at a time, if you find one quite difficult it is possible to skip that level. So long as it's not the level just before the next set of 5.

Runaway Trains level selection

I have found Runaway Trains more challenging than Ebscer's previous offering of Xploding Boxes and I quite like that about this. I enjoy the challenging puzzle games. Game play is simple. Just tap the track intersection to toggle between the different paths to get the train to the correct station. As levels progress the tracks get harder and the trains come more frequently that it can become a real challenge to make sure the trains get to their correct stations. I have had quite a few collisions already and there have been lots of times where the trains have crashed as I've not changed the path in time. It can be both challenging and frustrating at the same time.

Runaway Trains options

Along the top of the screen you have options for 'How to Play', Homescreen for level selection, About, Restart level and the option to upgrade to get the rest of the levels.

Overall, the app is very addicting and challenging. I like the fact that you get 25 levels free. It's enough to get you going and with Runaway Trains the levels are challenging enough from the get go that it would keep you busy for a while anyway. And the option is always there if you want to upgrade or not. I have already find myself stuck on a level but it makes me even more determined to complete it.

Runaway Trains 'You Have Lost'

Runaway Trains Level 15

Runaway Trains
by Ebscer

The Good

Addicting and challenging game that will keep your mind going for a while.

The Bad

I don't really know that there is anything bad with Runaways trains.


I have found myself already emmersed in to Runaway Trains, just like I have with Ebscer's previous game. It is a simple looking game without any fancy graphics but the game play will keep you coming for more.

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Lose track of time with Runaway Trains for the BlackBerry PlayBook


If it's like the Apple iPod version, after you beat the main set, they have harder levels that I did not beat. Very addicting game and was late many a times for work cuz I was figuring out how to beat these darn levels lol I'm totally gonna download it on my PlayBook now

Slicking back my hair, sticking a big stogie in my mouth, and calling myself "Gomez!"

Oh, wait... I guess I won't finish levels if I channel Gomez Addams while playing... ;-)

ya got this on my PB when CB mentioned it earlier. fun as all heck...so ive been told by my fiance because she has stole my PB to play games on it

This game is almost identical to the hugely popular Trainyard game on the IOS. I wonder who copied whom?

Yeh I'm pretty sure this developer copied Matt Rix. http://www.trainyard.ca/

It's sad to see this especially the app being featured here when its clearly just copy of Matts game.

(I maybe a bit biased since Matt is one of my friends)