Loopt Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm

By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2009 09:20 am EST

Not too long ago Loopt dropped a big update and released for the Bold 9700 and Curve 85xx devices. We got word that the app is also now available for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 in BlackBerry App World. The free app has been updated to show off the capabilities of the touchscreen devices.

If you're a BlackBerry Storm owner, now you can take advantage of all of the features that Loopt has to offer. You can discover nearby places and events by perusing detailed information from Zagat, Citysearch and the Loopt community. Or you can see where your friends are on maps and view their latest updates listed in real-time. You can also Check In to instantly share updates with friends across your favorite social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Best of all, Loopt on the BlackBerry Storm runs in the background, which allows you to update your location in real-time while you are on the move, even when the Loopt application is not running in the foreground.  

To download the latest version for any device, simply head over to loopt.com on your mobile browser.

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Loopt Now Available for the BlackBerry Storm


I may be doing something wrong... If you were born prior to 1959, you can not register your correct birthdate. :( I played around and entered a bithdate in the future and now am prevented from registering with the statement that I am not eligible to register. Too much trouble for the very few benefits this app offers IMO. Merry Christmas!

Still free for BlackBerry, but even if your BB has GPSand the required data plan (like USCC) you can only use it on certain carriers.

Loopt needs to get away from carrier restrictions when it comes to smartphones.

No matter what I do, I can not download this from the website or app world. Doesn't even show up. What am I doing wrong? I have searched.

before you download be sure to chk and see if your wireless carrier will charge you. The app is free but to use it on verizon is about 4dollars.

Here are some tips from Loopt based on the comments:

1) Using the Add Friends feature, you can check your contact list to see which contacts are already on Loopt and link to Facebook and see which of your Facebook friends are using Loopt.

2) If you’re unable to download Loopt via www.loopt.com on your BlackBerry browser, you may not have a supported BlackBerry model, OS version, or you are outside the US. For a full listed of supported devices and carriers, visit www.loopt.com/phones

3) There is no charge for Loopt on BlackBerry. The monthly fee on Verizon only applies to users who aren’t using a BlackBerry or Android device.