Looks like it is the women who are getting things done when it comes to using a BlackBerry

By James Richardson on 10 Aug 2012 09:21 am EDT

Some interesting BlackBerry facts have risen thanks to The Guardian. It seems that they have teamed up with OgilvyAction and conducted some research which seems to prove that here in the UK it is the women that are more likely to choose BlackBerry as their smartphone platform of choice. Based on research of 1000 people the results show that 56% of women own a smartphone, as opposed to 51% of men. The percentage of those ladies choosing BlackBerry is also greater, at 21%. The chaps on 'Team Men' only came out at 15% I am sorry to say.

The women are also using their smartphones these days for more. One in six have purchased things on their phone where as with the men it was only one in nine. It seems that the ladies think that using a smartphone is easier than sitting down at a desktop computer.

When it comes to using apps the research has shown that although women prefer to shop using a mobile website instead of a specific application they are still making the most of the apps available to them. The research has shown the following app info:

  • Health - 9% of women use heath apps a lot vs 4% of men.
  • Entertainment - 28% of women use entertainment mobile apps a lot vs 15% of men.
  • Social networking - 48% of women use social apps a lot vs 26% men.
  • Lifestyle - 17% of women use lifestyle apps frequently vs just 8% of men.
  • Gaming - 37% of women use gaming apps regularly vs 26% of men.

So the question is why are the ladies choosing BlackBerry more than the men? There could be dozens of possible answers but we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Could it be that they are just more efficient than us men folk and find the BlackBerry the best tool for productivity? From the app figures it would appear that way. 

Source: The Guardian

Reader comments

Looks like it is the women who are getting things done when it comes to using a BlackBerry


Women are just more social beings than men, genetically advantaged in communication - like BlackBerry DNA :)

Well I admit I have a feminine side but those stats were just for the uk, so I'm not so sure that would hold up here in the U.S. I will say that I use my BB for everything work, play, social, entertainment and media.

Oh and I still use it as a phone.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Its seems that mostly women, teenage girls and chavs use BlackBerrys smartphones here in the UK.
I always find it a bit embarrassing when my phone goes off and all the kids around me check their 'Berrys. It makes me look as if I'm having a mid life crisis. It never used to be like this but I don't mind really because all the curves these types buy has made BlackBerry the No.1 smartphone brand in the UK so should help ensure their survival.


Women's nails are a very important aspect to their overall appearance and one can't type with ease on a small touch screen with lovely long manicured(and beautifully painted) nails!!!!

And yes, I'm a woman!


BB very quick and responsive for social networking. I find it particularly good for Twitter, which I launch via the side key.

Teenage girls and BBM. Needs no explanation.

The smaller Curve BBs are nice and small for a smartphone and fit easily into the inside pocket of a bag or a jeans/jacket pocket. The name cannot be said for huge phones like the Samsung's etc. I rarely see other women with these.

Me, I maintain an iPhone 4S and a Curve BB. I like the size of the Curve and keyboards FTW! Also, I find when switching between 2G and 3G coverage the BB is brilliant but the iPhone often loses data coverage.

Pretty clear: Men do earn more money so they can afford better (and therefore more expensive) phones.

Similar to the us, in school I am one of the only guys in my school with a bb, but a load of girls have curves and the older bolds,

My wife uses a 9900 and has tried every single one of my phones, even the iphone 4, SGS2, Lumia 900, and more all touch screen phones. She only wants her 9900. Her reason for this is that she can't type on the touchscreen with her nails so all she wants is her BB.

I don't believe it to be only in uk. In canada too...I,m a woman and I do nearly everything with my BB or my playbook....so not surprising by these stats.

This research isn't worth the paper it was written on.

That doesn't mean I'm against RIM or BlackBerry - I have a PlayBook and a Torch 9810.

I just thought I'd get that in there before the psychoberryfanboygeeks awake....

Ejit research for the sake of marketing can certainly be given the time of day, but jumping to a conclusion like the one at the top is this post, from that 'research' is just silly.