Lookout for BlackBerry Smartphones Beta Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 13 Apr 2010 09:03 am EDT

Lookout for BlackBerry

With the growing number of BlackBerry users and application downloads, the risk for lost data, a lost device and mobile security grows larger. There are tons of apps available that allow remote backup and similar features, but Lookout hopes to bring some more to the table. The new app is currently in beta, and in addition to remote backup and a "phone finder", it also protects your device from malware, viruses and hackers. While the later may not be a huge threat currently, the possibility is always there are the technology grows. With Lookout you can schedule backups of your contacts and photos that can be restored to the current device or new device, as well as a remote wipe feature should your device be lost or stolen. With the mobile security feature, every app you download and install will be scanned for viruses and malware to keep you safe. If you're curious to see what Lookout has to offer, you can jump in on the free beta by heading to mylookout.com/registration.

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Lookout for BlackBerry Smartphones Beta Now Available


but I disabled the backup feature since I have Verizon Backup and DM software on my laptop. The virus scan and malware detection capabilities seems pretty promising, as well as the GPS phone location options. It's kind of funny though the this option is on the phone since I doubt the thief will alert anyone that he/she has a stolen phone. ;)

29.99 for the app and 99.99 a year? Almost like they are giving it away!!!! Extra dripping sarcasim added for effect.....

I downloaded the application. Install went pretty smooth. The registration process was simple. Ran the virus scan guess my Tour is virus free. Went ahead and did a back-up where I ran into a problem with backing up contacts I believe that VZW's back up assistant caused a problem. Used the Locate option which was pretty accurate. Whatever you do think before you opt with the scream option because its very loud and trust me the only option the thief will have is to pull the battery from the device. Another nice option like safeguard is you can Nuke the phone if retrieval does not look promissing with the optio to back up the data off the missing/stolen phone first so you can replace it when you get your replacement.

I did everything with this app, too. But, have not yet been successful with backup and when I ran the scream, a button came on the phone screen, which allowed me to simply press the pearl to make it stop? That's no good! If a thief has my phone all he has to do is press the ball and say it's a silly ringtone.

just installed it and seems to run fine on my Storm 1 using 5.0.419 os. Only thing i noticed is that it only backs up 1 email address and phone number for each contact. if that gets fixed this will be a great app! either way i recommend it after all its only a beta version.

Seems to be an insurgence of these types of Apps. Including one promised from RIM. A little competition is a good thing, maybe keep the prices reasonable. Until the dust settles, I'll stick with BuddyGuard, Google Sync, and be careful on what I install on my phone.


Seems like a grate app, if only it will stay free, it lacks the option to remotely lock the phone

Giving it a try the download was flawless, no viruses LOL. And the backup seems to be working guess we will see how it goes.

I installed the application without any problems whatsoever but when I wanted to register the app I noticed it doesn't support BIS APN

Okay quick update the backup data is not working every time it starts to back up the phone eventually crashes and either reboots itself or I have to do a battery pull to reboot it. I think I'm about to uninstall this app.

looks cool tried it out not bacd the backup did not work
some sort of network prob

gui is nice.

so we will see. I downgraded to the 4.7 on my Tour and so far so good. I do use the DM but to have this on my Tour and if it works will be great.

Well, I got the app for my Bold 9000. However, the only thing that seems to be working on it, was the install, the registration and the Anti-Virus part. Nothing found, of course!

I did a battery pull prior to app installation, (to check memory). Memory was at 28.3...after app install and another battery pull, memory was down to 20.7!!!

I'm on the third time of trying to do a Data Backup - but keep getting the message, after several minutes, that "Data Backup Failed".

I've been trying to "Locate" my phone from the website - but after 6 times (of waiting more than 2 minutes each time), I'm about to give it up. I keep getting the message "We were unable to retrieve your devices current location. Click Locate again to retry."

I have my GPS Services on. I'm in a fairly large city, so "coverage/satellites" shouldn't be an issue...and my other app "Phone Basics" (free from BB App World) can find my phone without any problems (every time!! even in the basement of a three story building!)

Soooo....to end this review/ramble - I am now un-installing this NON-WORKING app! Thanx for the effort, but not worth it!

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for trying out the software--we really appreciate your feedback. We're aware of the issue causing backup problems for some of you and we will have a fix in place shortly.

We're working hard to make a great product and we would definitely like to hear about any suggestions you have to make Lookout better.



I've had SmrtGuard for a while...and for now, will still keep SmrtGuard.

* Antivirus is slow and not useful. It scanned things like my Task app...
* Backup, this NEEDS WORK. This only does contact...but eve that was lacking. Please at least backup all the fields in the contact. I loved SmrtGuard b/c it even backs up my contact pic in addition to ALL of the fields in my contacts.
* Location...FIRST, don't use SMS...i hate that. But on top of that, it didn't find my BB.

TOO LATE in the game to be rolling out beta w/ all these holes...Why don't you guys download SmrtGuard and give that a try before reinvent the wheel.

I downloaded and installed. I then tried to verify my email address and their site was very slow. Once my email was verified I tried making my phone scream. I got an SMS message and nothing happened.

I tried locating my phone, I received another SMS message and yet nothing happened.

They attempt to control your phone through SMS messages.

Everything that I wanted didn't work with my phone so i deleted the program and my account.

Far more inhouse testing is needed before launching a beta.

I installed it, virus check complete (no issues of course) when it came to the back up it told me I had over 600 photos (not) and the back up failed (twice). I unchecked photos from being back up up and tried again, complete with no issues. So, it counts everything on your memory card/phone memory as photos..all media..it can not back that up.

So, uncheck photos and back up will be a breeze

Yeah. It really doesn't seem to want to back up photos. Even if I do it separately like you're saying with the contacts. That's running backup from the phone and from the website. Bug found?

I downloaded MoJack for $9.99 from Blackberry App World. Does everything except location find and viral/malware(which I don't really see the point of either. It's a full release product (not in beta) and good enough for what I need and I don't have to keep paying a recurring fee. The company that makes it is Tyfish.

I cannot say enough about this app, its FREEEEE and I have been using it since it was called Flexilis on my WM device. do not pay for something that should be free

I just installed Lookout on my Blackberry Curve today. The program seems to be running fine, however, I keep getting a notice that pops and says something about security settings and needs to be restarted. How can I prevent this from happening?

I installed this app on my g/f old curve 8330 and my old 8330 also , both phones mysteriously began crashing, the icons were on the screen the cursor would move freely but we were unable to open any of the apps,SMS and emails would arrive but couldn't be opened, phone calls would go thru, but we couldn't answer the phone, then the phones will start working again for a few hours and crashed again this became cyclical until the phones completely stopped working. We both got Storm2 and I reinstalled the apps on these units too, her phone started acting out days after, same issues as with the old 8330,so she got it replaced and I removed the app from mine just to be on the safe side. The VZ techie told us that they had had several issues with the Lookout App anti-virus causing the Blackberries to have a meltdown. Im just sharing this cause I don't want anyone else to experience this problems, I loved the app, just wondering if anyone is just running the other features minus the AV and are problem free.