Looking for an old school arcade shooter? Check out Tyrian

Looking for an old school arcade shooter? Check out Tyrian
By DJ Reyes on 7 Oct 2013 06:12 am EDT

Classic arcade games have some appeal to me. I grew up playing some but I have to admit, I hadn't heard of Tyrian until it was shown to me. It's very old school and quite fun to play too. Tyrian is a vertical scrolling shooter game and is very arcade like in it's graphics. Forget the Hi-Res graphics, this is old school. 

There are two modes of play within Tyrian - Full game and Arcade. With Arcade mode, you can't purchase any system upgrades, like rear guns or sidekicks. Instead you get these by collecting power-ups when you destroy enemy spaceships. Your weapon selection is also a bit limited. In the Full game, it is exactly that. You're playing the full story mode, with plots and hints. You will be able to upgrade your ship using the coins you collect during game play. Ship upgrades include rear guns, multi-directional cannons, bombs and more. There are sidekicks that can be purchased too to give you some extra help.

It's a fun game to play. I haven't started the full game yet. I enjoy just playing the arcade mode. Perhaps, one day I'll start the full game but the arcade mode is fun enough for me.

Tyrian features:

  • 4 Full episodes to play, 15 unique levels with tons of enemie
  • Arcade & Story Modes
  • Ship upgrades, sophisticated weapon upgrade system with hundreds of combinations to chose from
  • Storyline
  • Lots of action, hidden levels, secret game modes and mini-games are guaranteed to bring hours of fun
  • 30+ music soundtracks by Alexander Brandon with a Jukebox
  • Easter eggs
  • Configurable touch screen controls for best gaming experience
  • No ads or in-app purchases

Tyrian is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Z10 and Z30 and is free. I have heard from the developer that a user of the game on the PlayBook successfully used a Bluetooth keyboard for controls. The onscreen controls could perhaps be cosmetically nicer to look at but I guess that's what you get for old school. These onscreen controls can also be adjusted and placed where your prefer too. If it came to the Q10 and Q5, being able to use the keyboard as controls would be awesome.

More information / Download Tyrian for BlackBerry

Reader comments

Looking for an old school arcade shooter? Check out Tyrian


Wow, I remember playing this game many many moons ago on my PC. I wish a lot more games like this comes to BB.

Let's stop fooling around with games we don't know and get some real classic gaming!

Street Fighter (turbo, Champion Editions) - SNES
Super Contra - Nintendo
Top Gear - SNES
Mario Cart - SNES
River Raid - Atari
Missile Command - Atari

List goes on and on.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Super Contra would be AWESOME! To this day, I can still remember the unlimited life cheat code....Mortal Combat would be cool too!

Posted via CB10

I remember when this game came out back in the 90's. It reminded me of Raptor, which was the best of these types of games at the time. This is a great port on the Playbook. Controls are easy and it's fun. Seeing as I don't get my sector strike fix anymore (switched from z10 to q10), this fills a gap :)

You should have expected and I am sure you were warned the q10 would have less games due to its odd screen size

Posted via CB10

I remember spending countless hours of my life playing this on PC. I downloaded it on my PlayBook a long time ago. The controls make it almost unplayable in my opinion. It did bring back good memories for a few minutes though. Haven't tried it with my blue tooth keyboard.

Posted via CB10

yes, I know I would not be able to multitask like that.
Play through a camera and at the same time say meaningful sentences.