Looking for new apps? How about three camera apps for your BlackBerry PlayBook?

Looking for new apps? How about three camera apps for your BlackBerry PlayBook?
By DJ Reyes on 8 Nov 2012 11:04 am EST

It's always nice to discover new apps and almost daily, I'll visit App World via my BlackBerry Smartphone and PlayBook to check out interesting apps. Today, I've got three apps tell you about, all for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

They are all camera related. As you know, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a convenient size for carrying around and even taking pictures of video footage with. i do it quite regularly. These three apps may assist you in different ways when using your camera.

Silent Camera for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Just as the name suggests, this apps lets you take pictures on your PlayBook in silence for those times the camera shutter is just to noisy.


  • Save the Picture without shutter sound
  • Zoom in and out before taking the picture
  • Save to the Camera folder
  • Picture is saved in JPG fromat
  • Easy to use 

Silent Camera for BlackBerry PlayBook is $0.99. It also requires PlayBook OS 2.1.

Purchase Silent Camera for the BlackBerry PlayBook 

Camera Burst

Again, pretty self-explantory, take a burst of shots in one go. Perfect for shooting moving objects or when taking pictures at sporting events. I certainly would've liked a few months ago when attending TaekwonDo championships.


  • Native BlackBerry® PlayBookTM application runs very fast
  • Supports Rear and Front cameras
  • Image Stabilization
  • Take multiple pictures in a single shot - 3, 5, 10 or 15 shots
  • Take pictures at full camera resolution
  • Turn on and off shutter sound
  • Save pictures to the Camera folder
  • Easy to use 

Camera Burst is available in App World for $0.99, requires PlayBook OS 2.1

Purchase Camera Burst from BlackBerry App World 

Time Stamp Pictures

I remember owning camera that would put a time stamp on the photo so you could have clear remembrance of when the picture was taken. If you miss that feature, then this app lets you do just that. If you weren't too keen on putting a data/time stamp, perhaps you'd want to a logo on your picture instead. Well, Time Stamp Pictures lets you do that too.

  • Native BlackBerry® PlayBookTM application
  • Supports JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats
  • Saves to JPG format
  • NO size limit
  • Option to include time with the date when stamping datetime
  • Stamp logo to the picture
  • Stamp directly to the original picture
  • Stamp datetime using current datetime or from the date the picture was taken
  • Selectable position save the stamp eg: top left, bottom right corner  

Time Stamp Pictures is available for $0.99 and requires PlayBook OS 2.0 

Purchase Time Stamp Pictures for the BlackBerry PlayBook 

Reader comments

Looking for new apps? How about three camera apps for your BlackBerry PlayBook?


They sound cool.. Will definitely try out the Native apps first, got to support those who go all in and do native apps!


and what I'm first, that is definitely a first! :)

Re: Silent Camera :: I could be wrong here, but if you turn down the volume you don't hear the shutter sound? At least that is the case on my PB.

100% correct, That's what I always do. Same thing with the video.Turn volume down so don't get the beep when you start and stop. having volume down does not effect the microphone recording.

Thanks DJ Reyes for mentioning my Apps :)

And don't forget Camera Timer too. You can set to take pictures infinitely and then create a time lapse video using all the frames with a desktop app.

Camera Timer http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/13864596

Also check out Hidden Camera and Hidden Video here

Hidden Camera http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/17843112

Hidden Video http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/17843125

BTW, have some cool BB10 camera apps in the works.

For a moment there, I thought one of the apps was keeping the darts game score by recognising where they'd landed. There's an app idea for you.. although you might not want the PB that close to the dart board ;-)

Edit: Just realized my comment was out to lunch. As you were.

That said, I've purchased a number of Toysoft apps, and they are very well done. Good developer.

Regarding Time Stamp, I bought the app but as usual you have to be psychic to figure out what format a logo has to be in and where it can be uploaded from. Documents? Photos? Is some kind of basic Help or Instructions document too much to ask for? I'm getting really angry with paying money for apps that just expect you to figure out how to use them by trial and error, and being left to sink or swim.

Hey Developers - I have been looking for a solution for naming pictures. Kind of like Time Stamp but instead I put a name such as Florida Vacation when I start taking photos and all subsequent photos are named Florida Vacation 1.jpg ...Florida Vacation 2.jpg etc. rather than the silly img2102890120.jpg. This would be a good solution for all digital camera's as you could easily sort and find photos by the name of them rather than having to preview them to see what the subject/series was. Please Help!

isn't really possible to name if you take the picture with the builtin camera. You can't hook into the camera app like BBOS apps.

If your write a stand-alone native camera app, you can save your photos wherever you wish and with whatever names you want. the OS doesn't enforce the imgXXXXXX.jpg numbering scheme.

Go bug microsoft about that one. If the skype source code was available, we would ALREADY have that application.